September 02, 2011

Mail of the Week (August 29 - September 2)

My prize from Karen's 200th Post Giveaway: I was absolutely thrilled to win this amazingly generous giveaway! The main prize was two MAC lipsticks of my choice, but Karen also included some of her favorite products!

  • MAC Glaze Lipstick in Hue (soft pale pink)
  • MAC Cremesheen Lipstick in Shy Girl (creamy neutral coral beige)
  • Barry M Nail Paint in Vivid Purple
  • Barry M Nail Paint in Peach Melba
  • GOSH Nail Lacquer in Holographic
  • Essence Colour & Go Quick Drying Nail Polish

Hue (top), Shy Girl (bottom)

Thank you so much Karen, I'm totally over the moon!

Erotica books from Greenleaf Book Group: I was sent two books from Craig Odanovich: The Black Widow Trainer and Captured Prey. I've been really into erotica books lately - not, it's not porn! - so I was happy to receive the opportunity to read and review these two books.

The Black Widow Trainer ($11.66 at Amazon.com)
Join the Black Widow Trainer in her sultry world of steamy, heart-pounding adventure. 
Bored with tedium of her passionless marriage, Misty's life explodes after a weekend of mind-blowing sex with the man of her dreams. Exploring the physical limits of her newfound desire, she combines the lure of her honed, disciplined body with cunning business acumen and redefines herself as the Black Widow Trainer, a high-price personal trainer/escort. 
Negotiating an open relationship with her husband is the easiest part of her career move. Adjusting to the whims and demands of her well-heeled and imaginative clients, however, requires Misty to expand the limits of her sensual being. 
The genre-busting novel features a cast of original, gritty characters, including an Alaskan sea captain, a pint-size satyr, and a genderbending woman, Misty's fantastic sexcapades in exotic locations around the world are hot enough to fire up anyone's sex life.

Captured Prey ($11.66 at Amazon.com)
After enjoying a brief but sultry respite in Argentina with her best friend Gabriella, Misty--the high-price personal trainer with a unique, controversial clause in her contract--embarks to the United States to meet her next trainee. What she finds under the hot Texas sun shocks and captivates her, and she ends up caught in a wrenching dilemma that causes her to choose between love and career. 
As she sorts out her feelings for an intriguingly handsome cowboy and his conniving, cowardly employer, Misty's sexual appetite and lust for adventure take her from honky-tonks to bustling Copacabana Beach festivals--and land her in the crosshairs of a scheming DC politician hell-bent on taking down an opponent in an upcoming election. 
Captured Prey is populated with a new set of impossible-to-forget characters, plus some key favorites from the first book. As always, Misty's blend of wiliness, sensuality, and wide-eyed innocence helps her charm everyone she meets. Surprises await at every turn in this seductive, action-packed follow-up.

Coupon from Save.ca for a free Kinder Surprise Egg

Samples of Zanta 150 Maximum Strength and a $2.50 mail-in rebate from LivingWell.ca

♥Up All Night - Blink-182


  1. Those are awesome prices. The lippies are really pretty especially Hue. :)

  2. Lovely MAC lipsticks. :)
    Congrats on winning them all.

    Mmm.. kinder surprise chocolates, I love them so much. My dad use to buy my brother and I 1 each everytime we go to the supermarkets. :} x

  3. How do you manage to get soo many giveaways ? :)

  4. @Pammy: Can you believe I haven't even tried it yet LOL?!

    @Passing fancy: I must be amazingly lucky really! =D

  5. shy girl is one of my faves by mac lipstick :) and peach melba is gorgeous, i also bought it recently

  6. Woww great products Gaby!!! Lucky girl :D

  7. WOW you love blink too! i love their new song, im a massive fan <3

  8. awesome prizes hun! you are so lucky. you always win!

  9. Congrats on the win you lucky girl!!
    I could use that Zantac-my stomach has been acting up recently lol!

  10. I'm so glad they finally got to you, I was scared for a while, especially since I put the stamp on the wrong side of the package and only noticed when I went to the post office! Enjoy and keep your eye out for some great giveaways at the end of the month on the blog, we're turning 1 so we have some great prizes coming up!

  11. Congrats on winning giveaway!! I adore MAC Shy girl and Im dreaming about it quite long time.. I need to buy it:)
    Have a nice weekend!

  12. Oh come on, it's mild porn :P Admit it already! Hahahahah :)))
    Lovely things that Karen sent you!

  13. wow! you got some amazing stuff this week. the gosh polish looks so good! i wish they sold that brand here.


  14. Yay for the up all night!! =D it Was just as good in person and Tom is that freaking hot!!!
    Great win! All those colors are very nice!!

  15. Wow awesome mail. Congrats on winning Karen's giveaway. I really really wish Barry M would come to the U.S. love their polish.

  16. Congrats on winning the giveaway. That's a lot of prizes. The MAC lipsticks are so pretty :)

  17. Congrats on winning the giveaway. That's a lot of prizes. The MAC lipsticks are so pretty :)

  18. @Evelien : I'm still not sure if Shy Girl really suits my skintone, maybe I just need to get used to it? And Peach Melba definitely looks gorgeous, especially with a tan! I'm in LOVE <3

    @Karen: I didn't even notice the stamp being on the wrong side of the package, I was soooooo excited to have won, thank you soooo much again hun! =D

    @Y : Ssshhhh! It's a secret! =P

    @ Kalmo : I wish Barry M would come to Canada too!

  19. Great prizes you won!! I so want to pick up Hue lipstick from MAC now:)