June 01, 2011

Review: Beautisol Need I Glow More? Face Self-Tanner for Normal-Dry-Sensitive Skin

Need I Glow More?™ is the first ever skin-type-specific face self-tanning lotion. Our Normal-Dry-Sensitive formulation is for those with dry or sensitive skin. 
What it does:
  • Moisturizes, hydrates, and revives the skin
  • Delivers a natural-looking, golden-brown tan within hours
  • Provides instant color so you look bronzed and picture-perfect immediately, all while your long-lasting tan processes underneath 
Features & benefits:
  • Created specifically for normal to dry or sensitive skin types
  • Infused with soothing ingredients to hydrate the skin
  • Formulated with ChroNOline (Caprooyl Tetrapeptide-3), an anti-aging peptide, to help minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Lightweight formula prevents the skin from feeling heavy or greasy
  • Pure Scent odor-eliminating technology reduces processing odor
  • Guide color allows you to see exactly where you have applied the product and where you may have missed, reducing streaking and application mishaps
  • Paraben-free, propylene gycol-free, sodium laurel/laureth sulfate-free, and cruelty-free (PETA certified)

I'm a newbie when it comes to self-tanners, but I must admit I'm getting tired of my paleness. Even when I spend the entire day outside, I hardly tan! That's why I jumped at the opportunity to try this self-tanning lotion.

I was sent a sample of the Face Self-Tanner for Normal-Dry-Sensitive Skin:

How cute is the packaging?

If you order the 1.5 fl. oz. self-tanner, here's what you will receive:
  • 1.5 fl. oz. Face Self-Tanning Lotion For Normal-Dry-Sensitive Skin Types
  • FREE Application Guide

I must say I really appreciated the help of the application guide, as I didn't have a clear idea on how you were supposed to apply self-tan.

Looking at the little lady on the card, I was afraid to look like an Ompa Loopa, but I went at it anyway.

I must say the guide color didn't reassure me either, but I should have known better (heck, that's why it's called a guide color)! The texture is very light, almost like a gel, and it's super quickly absorbed into the skin, delivering an instant and gorgeous golden-brown color. You really don't need to use a big quantity of product!

I am extremely pleased with the results! I didn't apply the lotion on my neck on purpose so you could easily see the difference of color. Please note that the "after" picture was taken after a few hours, when the tan was fully developped.

The results on my arm after about 1 hour (between the lines)

I think the tan is very natural-looking, even on my super pale skin. I've always been a little fraid of self-tanners because I thought they would come out way too dark on my skin, but now I'm reassured.

Another reason why I never properly experimented with self-tan is because I couldn't imagine going a day without moisturizer! Call me crazy, but when you have dry skin like I do (prone to eczema, on top of that), moisturizer is not a luxury. With Beautisol Face Self-Tanning Lotion formulated for dry skin, I could actually feel my skin being moisturized and smoother.

I know from reading lots of beauty blogs that a big deal-breaker when it comes to self-tanners is the scent, but Beautisol Need I Glow More? Face Self-Tanner has a subtle smell in the tube that quickly goes away when applied on the skin.

Overall, I can honestly say that I'm amazed by this product! I don't fear self-tanners anymore, and I'll be sure to keep you updated with my experiments (:

You can buy the full size Beautisol Need I Glow More? Face Self-Tanner for Normal-Dry-Sensitive Skin (1.5 fl. oz.) for $26.00 here.

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for consideration to review. I was not paid for this review,  I am not affiliated with this company and the fact that the product was free absolutely does not influence my opinion.


  1. Ça fait super beau ! Très Naturel !! :)

  2. C'est cool que tu aies eu une bonne expérience! Moi je suis tjrs en train dexpériementer, la derniere shot étant assez désastreuse!

  3. Wow it gives you a really pretty tan!

  4. im a self tanner nood as well!!!! i was looking one for my body but this is cool too!!

  5. I'm amazed at how wonderful it looks on you! I must check it out :]

  6. Great review! I love that it gave you such a great natural looking tan. =)

  7. Great review!


  8. I loved this stuff too! I want to order it now but I think I'll wait until the postal strike has passed. :)

  9. oooh it makes you look healthier..i wonder if i should make bronzer a habit of mine..since i look fatter in photos these days..haha

    you should try the new stiletto! the brush looks weird, but it seriously works..especially on the outer corners of the eyes!

  10. this looks good to try!!

    u look good in tan! :)

  11. That stuff looks great! You can actually really see the difference in the two pictures, and it looks really natural. As well if the smell isn't bad then that's even better, they usually are the deal breaker for me!
    I will for sure check this product out :)

  12. @Chloé : Oui, je suis vraiment contente! Je croyais tellement que ça allait être trop foncé!

    @Ms Bubu : Oh non! Qu'est-ce que tu as utilisé la dernière fois?

    @Nivedita: Absolutely (:

    @Vintage Makeup : Thank you!

    @ThisIsAlx: I don't really care if a self-tanner is labelled for face or body, I use it where I want. It works just as well (:

    @SiSi Sparkles : You should totally! Being so plae, I'm absolutely amazed =D

    @Linh: Thank you! I'm super happy with it (=

    @ t : Thanks, I'm glad you like it!

    @Tracy@Beauty Reflections : Oh yes, that strike sucks! Hope it won't last long x=

    @miemiemie: Yes, I love it! But bronzer is great too (:

    @Chiara: Aww thanks! Yes you should totally try it!

    @TEA aka MonsterGirl : I don't really care about the smell but this seems to be a big deal-breaker for a lot of bloggers. I'm amazed at this product!

  13. Wow it looks like it actually works. I love the little packaging too. You are GLOWING!!

  14. Cela te va super bien! J'adore!

  15. I love the colour on this, looks quite deep! xx

  16. @KrispyTinCan: Awww thank you, I'm pretty pleased with the results (: Yes the packaging is great to stash in your handbag!

    @Mara: Merci!

    @UrbanMermaid: It's definitely deep for me, but I LOVE it! I think it looks pretty natural (:

  17. I can definitely see the difference of colour between your face and neck Gaby - that's great that you actually did that for the sake of this review. And I'm glad you got results you liked :)
    I absolutely do not like the smell of self tanner - the bad scent starts to set in after several hours - like if I apply the self tanner before bedtime, in the morning I can smell that bad self tanner scent. Some are worst than others but they all have them no matter how subtle (at least the brands I have tried).
    I don't use self tanners much anymore because I find that they fade in chunks on me LOL Yes as crazy as it sounds it doesn't fade evenly on me - it's so rare that it does fade evenly and it's not like it has to do with a particular brand. But I do tan rather easily - it's just the tan lines I dislike :S

  18. how long does the 1.5 oz bottle last

  19. @Anonymous : I'm actually not sure because I did not use it continuously as I like to play around with different products at a time. You really need only a small amount of product each time though!