May 30, 2011

Voda Swim Envy Push Up String Bikini

1 to 2 Cup Sizes Bigger!  
  • Looks just like a regular bikini
  • Gives breasts amazing cleavage, lift and support
  • Very low water absorbency
  • No sagging when wet
  • No under wiring
  • Patent pending    
Be Envied and let that amazing cleavage you have always desired! 
Voda Swim's patent pending Envy Push Up® bikini top is a marvel of engineering and design. It is made to maximize the subtle curves of a smaller bosom, creating a natural looking cleavage, and making breasts look up to two cup sizes larger. There's no stiff padding and no underwire but there is more going on than meets the eye. 
A unique material that doesn't absorb a lot of water helps the Envy Push Up® bikini top retain it's extraordinary fit even when wet. Other bikini tops loose shape, swell up like airline flotation devices, and look like sagging water balloons after the briefest immersion in water. 
The Envy Push Up® bikini top is also designed for action, and Voda Swim urges its wearers to do more than sunbathe. Voda Swim promises that women will get their share of admiring glances whether they're surfing, swimming or sailing.

I wouldn't say I'm complexed by my average breast size (I wear A and B cups, depending on the model of bras), but I do wear padded and push-up bras often. I think it just makes my boobs look prettier, and it's always nice to show a little cleavage.

I've never been concerned by the look of my breasts in a swimsuit, but when I first heard about padded bikinis, of course I was curious... and sceptical. When I was kindly given the opportunity to try Voda Swim Envy Push Up Bikini, I jumped at the chance without hesitation!

Pearl Envy Push Up® String Bikini
Crave sexy? Skin is in with this sexy string bikini! Voda Swim's original and still #1 Most Popular bikini style.

  • End caps are 14K gold plated and chlorine and salt water resistant
  • Body: nylon/spandex, lining: polyester/spandex
  • Fully lined
  • Top: ties at neck and back
  • Bottom: low coverage, classic cut or Brazilian cut
  • Made in USA

I chose their original String Bikini, but Voda Swim also carries lots of other styles such as One Piece, Tankini and Monokini.

The bikini came wrapped in a pretty purple silk paper

Here's a comparison of the claims from the Voda Swim website, along with my results:

Claims from the website

My results

As you can see, the results are pretty amazing! I still can't believe it!

There's something I must say though, I think I should have ordered a slightly larger size, but looking at their fit guide, I wasn't sure if Small or Medium would suit better as I wear almost all of those bra sizes. Well, as it's a swimsuit, I thought it would be better too small than too large, so I ordered it in Small, but sometimes I feel my boobs are a little squeezed in the cups. Nothing major, it's my mistake anyway, but I just thought I would warn you if you plan to order a Voda Swim swimsuit.

The end caps are 14K gold plated, which adds a touch of luxury to the bikini. They are also chlorine and salt water resistant.

However, I have only one bad thing to say about this swimsuit...

I found three little defects, one on each cup and another one on the bottom of the swimsuit. They aren't that apparent, but still, for $110.00, I guess I wasn't expecting that. The good thing is that Voda Swim immediately offered me an exchange for that! Talk about great customer service (:

Overall, I'm amazingly pleased with this bikini and I would recommend it to everyone! I'm pretty impressed at how well it gives a natural lift without stiff padding or uncomfortable underwire. Shh, it's a secret, but I even wear it as a push-up bra sometimes =P

Available colors:

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Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for consideration to review. I was not paid for this review,  I am not affiliated with this company and the fact that the product was free absolutely does not influence my opinion. 


  1. Dommage qu'il n'y ait pas de taille-kini et de taille + :(

  2. It looks so naturally done as a push up. Wow, does it enhance!

  3. Interesting! I have been looking online for a bikini like this and now I will check out their site!
    Nice you got try it before spending over a hundred bucks and we hear an honest review :)

  4. Great review & thanks for sharing. I need to purchase a few bikinis and I'll make sure to put this on my wish list. :)

  5. !! you looked amazing in a regular bikini.. but in the voda one.. wow..lol.. i don't have much of a chest and i'm going on holiday soon.. i need to get myself one of those~~ xx

  6. Wow, this is awesome Gaby. Looks like something I need. Dang you have a nice body.

  7. My god !! Jle Veux !!! :D

  8. You look great! Wow. As for the defects,I'm surprised seeing as how it cost over 100 dollars.

  9. C'est un beau bikini et j'avoue qu'il y a une difference entre le normal et lui!

    Je vais attendre le giveaway et tenter ma chance!

  10. ahaha j'en veux un! sérieusement, je porte du A-B moi aussi, mais en bikini c'est horrible, j'ai l'air maigre.. bref, j'aime tes reviews :)

  11. Hey,

    I know you used to follow my old blog - Nude Obsession, but I have changed name and think I may have lost you as a follower!  I’d be ever so grateful if you could refollow or perhaps unfollow/refollow on my new name - http://urban-belle.blogspot.com/
    Didn’t realise it would cause such havoc!
    Thanks 

  12. Omg that is amazing. I live in Hawaii and hit the beach every now and then so this is completely genius. I don't really have boobs. Btw, not to sound creepy or anything, but you look great! Love the blog. :)


  13. @JosianneL1507 : Oui il y a des tankinis, cependant la taille X-Large n'est pas disponible sur tous les modèles, seulement dans le String Bikini style (celui de ma review) dans les couleurs suivantes: Midnight, Turquoise, Coral, Teal, Lavender, Wild Side

    @Alyse : It's simply amazing, isn't it? =D

    @TEA aka MonsterGirl: I don't think I have heard of push up bikinis before, but this one sure didn't disappoint!

    @StealMyHeartLove : It's amazing! Be sure to use the 10% off coupon =P

    @kalai : And I used to think I didn't have much of a chest, but after seeing the results... I was blewn away!

    @Chloé : Il est vraiment fou!!!

    @Miss Tapia: I was also surprised, even though it's not a big deal, but for more than $100, I guess I expect it to be perfect.

    @ Ms Bubu: Oui, le giveaway! Je suis aussi excitée ahah

    @Makeupbook : Et bien si tu trouves que tu as l'air horrible (je suis sûre que c'est pas vrai d'ailleurs!) tu devrais penser à investir dans celui-là! Il coûte vraiment cher je trouve mais... wow!

    @Urban Belle: Thanks for letting me know hun, I'll be sure to follow! Changing my blog's name has been the biggest mistake I've ever done though x=

    @JC! :): You don't sound creepy, who doesn't like compliments? Thank you, and you should definitely check it out! And don't forget the 10% =P

  14. Wow the difference afterwards is amazing! Not to sound like a total creeper, but your boobs look really good in the after picture lol. I have a padded push up bikini from Victoria Secret's swim line, but it didn't really do much for me. But then again I don't have much to push up in the first place LOL

  15. Wow Gaby you look amazing..push up bikini top or not!

  16. Moi je préfère les maillots qui ont du soutien style soutien-gorge. Je me suis acheté un haut à 12 $ au CPC et il fait l'effet push-up, mais naturellement sans trop d'artificiel :)

  17. I'm looking for a review of a bikini from the Victoria Secret swim line (or even better, a comparison between the VS and the Voda push-up bikinis). If anyone knows one please post a link, thanks! :)

  18. Ohh mon dieu j'en veux un! Je me suis acheter un bikini "push-up" a la vie en rose mais le push-up ne tient pas.. J'ai hate de tenter ma chance dans ton giveaway! :D

  19. too bad for the little defect -_-, but the result when worn is insane! for that price i'd wear it as push up bra too lol

  20. Wow, great results! I'd be a bit peeved if I bought it at that price and it had defects though.

  21. OMG that is awesome!! Me want! Hahaha
    I hope the giveaway will be open international XD

  22. Hello, my dear Gaby! How are your doing? Long time no see! I have been piled with work, haha, fortunately holidays are around the corner.
    let me say I am pretty amazed at the results, what a beautiful effect indeed! I might order one myself.

  23. Je ne crois pas garder un bébé, parce que j'ai déjà 2 chiens et je vais Garder Globule avant! C'est beaucoup 3 chiens, mais si je trouve personne pour la prendre je vais la garder! Les bébés si je ne réussi pas à les vendre je vais les donner au pire!

    & merci :) J'avais le goût de rendre mon blog plus estival! :)

  24. Wow, me semble que moi qui a une petite poitrine aurait besoin de ça!

    Pis pour les ongles, c'était pas trop long à faire. C'est juste le temps de séchage. Faudrait que j'investis dans un top coat qui sèche vite, ça l'aiderais beaucoup je crois. hehe Je pense acheter le Sally Hansen que tu as mentionné dans un de tes blogs précédents.

    Et mes cheveux, j'ai déjà essayé de couper moi-même une fois pis c'était pas super.. Il y a juste le toupet que je coupe moi-même.

  25. Oh wow! That really seems to work well! I'm a pretty petite girl, so this would be awesome to have. I'll definitely be entering your giveaway. :)

  26. @Rinny: Oh yes I think I remember you told me that the Victoria's Secret push up bikini didn't work for you. Funny because I have a friend who don't know if she sould get one from Voda Swim of Victoria's Secret, as the swimsuits from Victoria's Secret are much less pricey.

    @Tracy D: Awww thanks Tracy!!

    @Marie: Ah moi je déteste ça pour mourir les hauts de maillot comme ça, je déteste avoir l'impression de porter une brassière ahah! Mais bon, si ça marche! Et je sais pas c'est quoi CPC?

    @LittoMokaa: C'est don bin plate qu'il y en aille autant de push up qui ne tiennent pas! Ça coûte tellement cher en plus!

    @Donna: Ahahah yeyyy!

    @ Bailey : Yes I just wanted to warn my readers but I'm not complaining as I got it for free anyway.

    @Fifi : Awww I'm sorry Fifi, I didn't make that rule but it's only open to Canada and US ):

    @Catanya : Hi Catanya! Thanks for dropping by! Yes I've been busy with chool, I'm taking 3 courses this summers, it sucks! The holidays will start at the end of June for me, can't wait! If you order a swuimsuit, be sure to let me know (:

    @Valili: C'est cher, mais si tu as l'argent pour, ça vaut vraiment la peine! Pour le top coat de Sally Hansen, il sèche vraiment très vite, mais il ne protège pas ma manicure pendant 10 jours, loin de là! Très décevant pour ça. Mais il y en a beaucoup qui ont l'air de l'aimer, donc je sais pas!

  27. oh my! that is awesome :) you look great doll. wish it was available here. nothing beats a great bikini - you look good and you feel good!

    have fun at the beach!

    much love,

  28. i've seen a few reviews of this bikini and im so impressed with the results. I always stay away from triangle tops b/c i don't feel like they do much for my boobs, but this bikini looks like it really does what it claims.

  29. woooooow absolutely amazzzzing!!!! lol your boobs looks beautiful!! im definitely going to save up for this!! eeeep!

  30. Oh mon dieu j'en veux un! :O est-ce que ça se vend seulement en ligne :O?

  31. @Autumn Rush : It's definitely awesome!

    @ThePinkMargarita : Are you sure it's not available where you live? You cana lways order online!

    @MaviDeniz: I totally agree with you! I find triangle tops sexier than halter tops, but I ten to wea halter tops more because they give me a slightly bigger cleavage. But I'm absolutely amazing by this bikini!

    @ -mztoots-: Aw thank you hehe! Yes you should definitely try it (:

    @FanshionBeauty: Il y a deux locations au Canada, j'ai mis le lien à la fin de la review, mais sinon tu peux commander en ligne, le shipping est gratuit!

  32. OMG Holy Crap I need this bikini LOL I'm so flat chested it's not even funny. I really can't believe how much of a difference it makes on you Gaby! You look fantastic in your regular yellow bikini but in the Voda one you obviously can't compare.
    By the way I love the stars tattoo on your tummy - it's super cute and sexy!
    And that's a good point you brought up on the sizing a bit. The small looks good on you though.
    That's good that you pointed out the defects to us as you said, $110 is quite a bit and I would consider that a splurge on a bikini.
    I'm totally entering your giveaway and have it on my sidebar link already :) Yay!

  33. Wow..awesome review. Thank you so much. I've been wanting to try these but was a little bit hesitant because of the price but I definitely will try it now after seeing your pictures. Thank you again!

  34. Looks great!! Really disappointed about the pulling in the three spots though. But the great customer service does make up for it!

  35. i bought a tankini last year.did not do much for me.im a 32a.it barley added a bit of omph.in order to get mabe half an omph i had to tighten the ties, alot.so much so that it was very uncomfortable.does not work for everyone.oh well back to the drawing board in seach of a swimsuit.

  36. I think the difference between the two bikinis is amazing. You can really see a dramatic change from one picture to the other. I'll have to look for something like this next spring. Thanks for sharing!

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