May 27, 2011

Mail of the Week (May 23 - 27)

My prize from Mary's giveaway : I was lucky enough to win Mary's giveaway! Here's what she included in my package:

  • MAC purse with original box
  • Juvena of Switzerland Day Cream sample
  • Secret Scent Expressions Antiperspirant in Ooh-La-La Lavender
  • Secret Scent Expressions Body Splash in Ooh-La-La Lavender
  • Clinique Lipstick in Pink Spice
  • Clinique High Impact Mascara sample size
  • Sally Hansen Crease Shadow Brush (I never knew Sally Hansen had makeup brushes?!)
  • Lancôme High Resolution Collaser- 5X intense collagen anti-wrinkle serum 15mL
  • Lancôme Renergie eye anti-wrinkle and firming eye creme .14 oz
  • Lancôme Renergie Double performance treatment anti-wrinkle-Firming Creme 15g

Thank you Mary!!

My prize from Em's Easter giveaway : Look at all these cute products! I'm excited as I never got the chance to try Eyeko products! Here's what I won:

  • Claire's Make-Up Bag (how cute is it?)
  • Claire's Humming Adjustable Bird Ring (OMG! I swear I'll be wearing it every day, it's just so pretty!)
  • Max Factor Diamond Hard 3-in-1 - Crushed Berry
  • Eyeko Posh Polish
  • Eyeko Vintage Polish
  • Eyeko Big Eyes Mascara
  • Eyeko Liptastic Glossy Lip Pen - Hot Lips
  • Sleek Mini Lip Gloss - In Your Dreams
  • LUSH Happy Easter Gift - Hippy Chick Bath Bomb, Fluff Egg Bath Bomb, Avobath Bath Bomb, Easter Knot Wrap (this bundle made the whole package smell delicious!)
  • Marks & Spencer Speckled Eggs

Thank you so much for this great giveaway Em! =D

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♥ Mr Saxobeat - Alexandra Stan


  1. Chanceuse t'as gagné des beaux prix :)

  2. Tu me diras ce que tu penses du Liptastik et du mascara Big Eyes, moi jaime vraiment trop le rouge a levres!

  3. Those are awesome giveaways you won!!

  4. Those giveaway prizes look great - congratulations on winning! I love Clinque's High Impact lipstick, one of the few long-lasting ones that I don't find drying. x

  5. Such a lucky girl, congrats on the wins..you got some great stuff! Love that Lancome moisturizer :)


    you always win givewaway! wow! :)

  7. Congrats! I LOVE the bag it came in, soooo cute!

  8. Aww, you're such a lucky girl winning two different giveaways! Everything looks awesome :)


  9. SUCH nice giveaway prizes!

  10. You're so lucky darling!! Everything looks great :]

  11. J'aimerais savoir si le pinceau de Sally Hansen va bien, et moi aussi je ne savais pas que ça existait! :)

  12. Congratulations! Wow, did you just win like everything?!

  13. @Chloé: Oui je suis vraiment excitée surtout pour les produits Eyeko que je n'ai jamais eula chance d'essayer, et pour les bath bombs de LUSH qui scentent trooooop bon!

    @Ms Bubu: Je n'ai pas encore essayé le Lipstastik, je l'ai seulement swatché sur ma main, mais il a l'air vraiment trop neon pour mon goût... on verra! Et je suis curieuse pour le mascara, j'ai jamais vu un packaging pareil avant!

    @MaviDeniz @Y : Yes, I'm especially excited for the Eyeko products as I've never got a chance to try them before, and I can't wait to use the LUSH bath bombs as well, they smell great!

    @LilyLipstick : Thank you Lily, I'm very happy! At first sight, the lipstick shade seems a little dark for me, but I have only quickly swatched it on my hand, so I still have to properly try it. Glad you like it!

    @Jennifer : Thanks Jenn! =D

    @Justine (Productrater): Yey! I'm excited to go pick it up (:

    @Tracy D: Thanks! I think I've tried a similar moisturizer from Lancôme before, but the package was purple. You can't go wrong with Lancôme!

    @Chiara : I know, I have no idea how I do it? And all my life, I always said I wasn't lucky LOL!

    @Vintage Makeup: Me too, and I have nothing similar. I think I will use it as my travel makeup bag (:

    @Huda Kaake @SiSi Sparkles: Yes, I'm excited!!

    @Makeupbook: Parfait, je te reviens là-dessus (:

    @Alyse: I'm super lucky! No idea how I do it though?

  14. O my gosh Gabby that is wonderful :) congratulations that looks really cool and fun to try out!! I hope you like them all :)
    You must have some good luck :)

  15. Salut Gaby!!
    Ça se pourrait-il que dans chaque mail of the week, tu reçois toujours au moins un giveaway? T'as trop de chance!! Mais j'avoue que moi je ne me force même pas à participer.. lol

    Pis Mr Saxobeat est pas pire. Ça a fini par me pogner tellement qu'elle passait à la radio!

  16. Congrats! Giveaway's are really fun :)

  17. What do you thnk of the Lancome cream? I got a sample of it a couple months ago, I like that it's spf 15 cause I can wear it in the sun=)
    Hope you're having a good weekend, Gaby! Haven't talked to you in awhile, hope you're well <3

  18. Yay for mail!:D

    Congratulations on winning those awesome giveaways!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  19. congrats on the giveaways :)
    great post!! x

  20. Congrats on winning, you got some awesome prizes there!

  21. @TEA aka MonsterGirl: I know, I'm really super lucky! =D

    @Valili : Non quand même pas dans chaque mail ahahah mais je suis vraiment très chanceuse, mais c'est sûr que je participe à beaucoup de giveaways quand même, ça tombe pas du ciel =P

    @Beauty By Rosh x: Thanks! Yes they are (:

    @Kim's Vanity: I haven't tried this Lancôme cream yet but I have tried the one in the purple packaging, and if I remember well, this one has SPF as well. Yes I'm not really on Blogger these days because of my summer classes, I miss reading all of your posts! Your new hair color looks truly amazing though (:

    @Marie @Radiant.MakeUp @Cherry: Thank you!!

  22. You're adorable-beautiful blog!

    x, Jesa

  23. oh wow so many goodies! lucky you, have fun with them xoxo

  24. Les oeufs de chez Lush!!! Haha, chanceuse, t'as gagné de belles choses :D

  25. it looks like some awesome products~~~you should do a review soon~~~


  26. So glad you liked your prize!
    Much Love

  27. @Jesa: Thanks hun!

    @The Beautifier: Thanks, I will (:

    @Mara : Oui, LUSH! je suis très chanceuse hihi (=

    @Jessy: I will!

    @Em Wampach: Of course I like it hun, you've included so many great stuff! Thank you so much again! =D