May 03, 2011

Review: Kiehl's Lip Balm #1


Price: $7 for 0.5 fl. oz. Tube or $7.50 for 0.6 fl. oz. Jar at Kiehls

Temporarily protects and helps relieve chapped or cracked lips. Helps protect lips from the drying effects of wind and cold weather. 

How to use:
Apply liberally, and allow an excess of the balm to be absorbed. 


  • thick texture, reminds me of Vaseline
  • glides on smoothly
  • leaves lips shiny
  • leaves lips smooth
  • subtle and pleasant scent
  • contains SPF 4 sunscreen

  • expensive
  • applicator is not hygienical
  • it's basically the same as using plain old Vaseline

What I think:

The thing I instantly disliked about this product is the applicator: there's none! You have to press the tube to get some product out and then use your finger to apply it on your lips. See for yourself:

This is the average quantity needed to cover your lips.

I don't know, at this price, I guess I was expecting a decent applicator?

I instantly fell in love with the thick but smooth texture (think Vaseline), as my usual lipbalm is Burt's Bees Beeswax Lipbalm, and there's a world of difference between the two of them. While Burt's Bees goes on waxy and "hard", Kiehl's goes on smooth and leaves the lips shiny and soft. My boyfriend instantly noticed something when he kissed me after I had applied Kiehl's lipbalm: 
- Him: "Did you put something on your lips?" 
- Me: "Yes, my new Kiehl's Lipbalm..."
- Him: "Your lips are so soft!"

Overall, I'm very pleased with this lipbalm and I'm considering repurchasing it, but still, petrolatum is the main ingredient, so it's like using plain old Vaseline. Is it worth the price?

Recommend? yes

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  1. this has being my favorite lipbalm for like the past 5 years and counting, i put a huge amount on my lips b4 i go to bed, and my lips are soft and moisturized by the morning~~~~glad you like it too

  2. as much as i wanted this to work for me it never did. :( maybe i should try it again LOL! :D

  3. My sister raves about this, too - I should really try it out someday <3

  4. I have heard so many good things about this balm, but the price keeps me from buying it.

    Sweet As Honey

  5. I'm not a fan of petroleum based lip balms usually!

  6. euh wow... ça sort comme d'un tube de vaseline en plus :/

  7. Je l'adore!!! Il ne quitte plus mon beauty bag :)

  8. What about the applicator doesn't seem hygienic to you?

  9. i've always been curious about kiehl's products! i just might try this one. :)

    <3, Mimi

  10. Looks great, except price =/ i like vaseline like lip products great review!

  11. I LOVE this lip balm! It's on my holy grail of lip balms next to my Yes to Carrots balm! :)

  12. I LOVE this lip balm! It's on my holy grail of lip balms next to my Yes to Carrots balm! :)

  13. Hi Gaby! How've you been?!
    Great review! I've heard of Kiehl's lip balm and many raves about it. I haven't tried it though. You're right - it is a bit pricey but maybe long term it's better than Vaseline? If not, well then Vaseline is a much more affordable option of the two LOL
    I still find my two HG lip balms are the MAC lip conditioner and just the plain mint Blistex lip balm.

  14. HAHA Great review Gaby. It must be worth it if your boyfriend can tell the difference. But then again, if Vaseline is capable of doing the same thing then it's really something to think about.

  15. You had me at the picture.. i LOVE coconut products!

  16. @Jessy : I have tried that before but everytime I do that, no matter with which lipbam, in the morning, my lips are all chaffed and irritated x=

    @sugar sugar : Oh really? It sucks that it didn't work at this price!

    @Amy : It's great!

    @beauty combat : Oui mais c'est un peu cher et comme la Vaseline est l'ingrédient numéro 1, je trouve que ça revient au même qu'utiliser simplement de la Vaseline...

    @Danielle : I totally understand, I was lucky enough to receive this as a gift, I'm very thankful. I would have probably never bought it!

    @Vintage Makeup : I've heard they are not goo for us but oh well, my lips are always so dry, so I use what works for me.

    @Cocovanilla: J'ai jamais eu un tube de Vaseline mais j'en ai vu et c'est vrai que c'est pas mal pareil ahah!

    @BEAUTY MAKEUP : Moi je ne l'utilise pas assez ces temps-ci, j'en ai tout plein d'ouverts que je doit terminer avant.

    @VijiiS : It's not an applicator that you can simply glide on your lips, you have to apply the product with your finger.

    @Mimi : This is the only Kiehl's product I've tried and it makes me want to try everything else!

    @TEA aka MonsterGirl : I love the texture of Vaseline (+

    @Charisse : Oh I have yet to try Yes To Carrots lip balm, this brand is quite hard to find where I live z=

    @Karen Law: Hi Karen! Glad to see you're back! Yes I don't think I will buy it again, I think I'm just in love with the thick texture. I haven't tried MAC lip conditioner but it's troo pricey for me anyway, and I can't use chemical lipbalms, they irritate my lips )=

    @EveryDay Makeup blog: Oh yes totally, as he always tell me that my lips are dry, it's annoying! Yes I'm not sure I will repurchase it, even though it's really good.

    @MakeupbyThess : Well, see the review LOL

    @Eugenia: I don't even like coconut but I agree, the scent is amazing!

  17. The Yes to Carrots lip balm is pretty awesome. I always pick up a new one at Target :P They also sell online and have discount codes every Tuesday

    p.s. love your hair!