April 13, 2011

Shopping: Groupe Marcelle Spring 2011 Warehouse Sale

At first, I wasn't even sure to go to Marcelle Spring 2011 Warehouse Sale because I didn't really need anything, but I went to pick up some goodies for Halifax so of course, I had to have a nosey for myself as well. I didn't leave with empty hands, but I'm pretty happy that it didn't cost me more than $12, if I'm right. Everything from Annabelle was $1.50 and everything from Marcelle was $2.50, which is pretty amazing. There was also various skincare items at great discount prices. I doubt there's other warehouse sales with prices as nice as this one!

Here's what I got:

Annabelle Kabuki Brush $1.50 If I remember well, this little limited-edition packaging of the Annabelle Mineral Powder Blush was available at Shoppers Drug Mart when their mineral line was launched. As much as I wanted the limited-edition kabuki brush, I didn't want to purchase the package as I already had the blush, so I was super happy to see the pouch with only the kabuki at the sale. It's super cute, soft and very dense, and I'm definitely keeping the pouch!

Marcelle Essentials Purity Soothing Cleansing Water $8-$9 (I can't remember) OMG, I'm totally in love with this stuff. I just realized I didn't even review it yet! It's amazing for sensitive eyes or dry skin (like mine), and it removes even the heaviest makeup in a single swipe! I'm not purchasing any other makeup remover, not even baby oil!

Marcelle Power Volume Mascara $2.50 I've heard great things about it, and well, how could I say no to a $2.50 mascara?
    I can't wait for the Fall Warehouse Sale now!

    And the winner of my hairfreé Hair Brushes Giveaway is...

    Congrats! I just emailed you!


    1. aw im jealous of all these warehouse sales everyone seems to be going to! lol

    2. Great little haul!

      Thanks so much, I'm so happy to have won!

      Dee x

    3. aww i wish there was a makeup warehouse where i lived. i would go crazy! lol.

    4. Thank you so much for helping me out, sorry for being the force to push you to the sale lol. The cleansing water doesn't get enough media exposure while being such an awesome product

    5. You're so lucky you get these warehouse sales!

    6. Ça vaut vraiment la peine d'acheter la bas !!

    7. J'aurais vraiment aimée essayer l'eau micellaire de Marcelle, j'adore les eaux micellaires! :)

      & pour vrai, Hue, c'est le meilleur rouge à lèvre de MAC que j'ai jamais eue! j'aime pas toujours les lipsticks de MAC car ils sont parfois très épais et pas naturels mais celui-là, WOW!

    8. I will have to look for that cleansing water, sounds similar to Bioderma. Such awesome deals Gaby! And congrats to your hair brush winner :)

    9. Ah, faudrait bien que je me décide a y aller aux ventes d'entrepôt de Marcelle/Annabelle! Le mini kabuki a l'air tout cute hihi

    10. great post...lovely blog!

      ps. I would like to invite you to my first giveaway!


    11. @Kaitlynn : This is one of the only warehouse sale I'm able to go, and they have the best deals, so I'm super happy! And it happends twice a year =D

      @FaceFixers : I'm happy you have won! Hope you will like your brushes (=

      @Donna ♥ Baby : It's hard not to go crazy when everything is soooo inexpensive, but I'm pretty proud of myself (=

      @Halifax : Well it's a good thing that you pushed me LOL! I wanted to go but I wasn't sure as I didn't really need anything but I'm glad I found this cute little kabuki brush. Oh and it was more fun than studying =P

      @Hypnotiz3m3 : C'est vraiment bien!

      @Carla : Well it's the only one I'm able to go so I'm happy (=

      @Chloé : Oh oui, vraiment vraiment ahah!

      @Alex-Fashion-Beauty : Je t'en enverrai une à la prochaine vente, c'est vraiment la meilleure chose!

      @Tracy D : It's amazing! This is the only makeup remover I will ever use.

      @Cocovanilla : Ça vaut vraiment la peine si tu n'habites pas trop loin!

      @Deni : Thanks for the giveaway, I'm off to chek it out x

    12. what a steal !!! lucky girl you did good with those prices I would have totally over spent !!!

    13. Lucky girl!! i wish they had sales like this out west. :(

    14. everything for 1.50 and 2.50!? WOW! those are amazing prices!!

    15. At first, I'm like..THERE'S A MARCELLE STORE? lol

      But wow...ridiculously good prices. I want the kabuki brush!! =D

    16. Wow you got such a great deal!!! $1.50 & 2.50. :O

      The Caress Whipped Souffle is a sample bottle. :X

    17. That's so kind of you Gaby to go and pick up stuff mainly for someone else :) You're so thoughtful! And I really do appreciate your offer to pick up stuff for me too.
      Aw, congrats to the winner of the hair brushes. I loved how the base of those brushes popped up though.
      I can't believe you got all that for $12!!! I have a MAC Kabuki brush and um, we won't go there as to how much it cost me! LOL I should use mine more often to make it worth the money. Hmmm I'll have to keep in mind the Marcelle Cleansing Water. Not sure if it would take off my clubbing makeup or something but as long as it doesn't burn my eyes like the Marcelle "sensitive" eye makeup remover....then it sounds good!

    18. so jealous :)
      gorgeous post!! x

    19. amazing blog!!! what about following each other?:D kisses from Poland <3

    20. @Curves ahead makeup : That's why I didn't want to go in the first place now, but I'm not a compulsive buyer after all so I decided to have a nosey, and I did pretty good I think =P

      @Tracy@Beauty Reflections : But you must have some nice things we don't have here?

      @Jenny: Yes, absolutely amazing!

      @~Lisa: LOL no ahah, I wish though! And I'm glad I was able to snag this cute kabuki, I don't have any kabuki brush!

      @Ahleessa : Maybe it's just your bottle then. This is my favorite shower gel (=

      @Karen Law : Oh yes, I couln't care less about MAC LOL. There's so many great things are super low prices around, I don't see the necessity to go to MAC (for me). None of their products appeal to me, except maybe a few of their lipsticks. The Cleansing Water is absolutely amazing! Yes it's a little strange that an eye makeup for sensitive eyes actually stings. I'll use up mine and then never use anything else than the Cleansing Water!

      @..R May A.. : Aww don't be! I'm glad you liked this post (=

      @Nonszalancka: Thanks, I'm glad you like it x

    21. Oh, I need some warehouse sales around here! I think I would just go bonkers ;) It was a pretty decent haul and congrats to the winner :D