April 14, 2011

L'Oréal Sublime Mousse by Healthy Look in 30 Pure Darkest Brown

Sublime Mousse by healthy Look is a permanent conditioning hair color that provides beautiful, natural-looking color without the drips. The luscious mousse is as easy to apply as shampoo - no more parting or separating. Lively, shiny color with perfect gray coverage, it's hair color to fall in love with!

You must all have heard of mousse hair dyess, as they seem to be all the rage by now. I must admit I was curious, but I probably wouldn't have bought one of those hair colors myself. When I got a coupon to try a L'Oréal Sublime Mousse for free from L'Oréal Facebook fan page, I thought, why not?

I picked up the darkest brown available, 30 Pure Darkest Brown.

 The instructions on the side of the box

The box contains:

  • Liquid-to-Mousse Colorant
  • Liquid-to-Mousse Developer
  • Healthy Shine Conditioner
  • Foaming Pump
  • Colourist Gloves

The first thing that disappointed me is the bottle (even though I was warned, thanks to Mélanie). I'm used to an applicator which allows you to part and separate your hair, ensuring that you cover every hinch of your head. However, all you get here is a pump, and you have to dispense the mousse into the palm of your hand and then spread it on your hair, just like a shampoo.

I have read many reviews on this hair dye and most of the complaints seem to be about the mousse itself. I personally have nothing to say against it, as it has a nice consistency, it doesn't drip everywhere, it doesn't stain (if you happen to get some on your forehead, it's very easy to remove) and it's quick, easy and non-messy to wash. I think it's important to rotate the bottle instead of shaking it, as told in the instructions. Maybe this is why the mousse was liquid for other some of you.

At some point, I wasn't sure if I was doing it right because they say to massage hair in a circular motion until it's completely saturated in mousse, but I never got a luxurious mousse in my hair. Can you see even a hint of mousse in the picture above? I can't.

Also, my roots didn't seem to change color immediately, and this made me worry, especially because I picked the darkest brown available. However, when I washed the dye, my roots were covered, but still not as dark as I was expecting.

Overall, I think mousse hair color might be great for beginner, but I don't think I like it enough to repurchase it. I'll stick to the original applicator bottle for now.


  1. J'étais vraiment curieuse à propos de cette teinture :) Je crois que je vais l'essayer :)

  2. I bought this brand and the Clairol brand of mousse dye to try. I ended up using the Clairol which I liked. Mousse dye's are hard to get use to if you're not familiar with it, it looks like you did a good job. I bought the L'oreal one in black, maybe in a few weeks I'll test it once my current dye starts to fade. Thanks for the review!

  3. looking at the "after" photo, it doesn't look dark brown to me, at all. though, it does look lovely on you!

  4. Moi aussi j'ai commander le coupon mais je ne l'ai pas encore reçu !! :( J'ai hâte de l'essayé!

  5. I think the after picture is amazing. I don't know if it's the product or your hair is just lovely. Looks really nice, I wish my hair was like that

  6. quite shocked that this was suspose to be Pure Darkest Brown! hopefully you will find the best colour for your hair soon! :) xxx

  7. You have gorgeous hair!! Yeah, I have too much grey for this. I leave my hair to a professional now.

  8. I also got a coupon for a free Sublime Mousse to try, so I'm pretty happy to see your result. I was expecting something darker from the name of the color, but it still look nice.

  9. @JosianneL1507: Je suis bien contente d'avoir pu l'essayer mais je suis aussi contente de ne pas avoir eu à payer pour. La couleur n'est pas aussi foncée que j'aurais voulue, malgré que j'ai pris la plus foncée )=

    @Diane: Oh I kept hearing bad things about the Clairol mousse, I'm glad you like it. I'm not sure I will try it though. I don't think mousse hair dyes are hard to use, in fact, I think they are easier to use than regular ones as there's no parting involved. Maybe I should have tried it in black though -_-

    @dani@callitbeauty : Well I must say this isn't the best picture, it wasn't sunny outside but still I wanted to take a picture in natural light to show the actual result. It is dark in real life, but not as much as I was expecting it to be.

    @Chloé: J'espère bien que tu vas le recevoir, ils ont du recevoir tellement de demandes! C'est le fun qu'ils ait fait ça, même que ça m'étonne un peu de leur part!

    @ana: Oh but that picture isn't the most accurate even thought I wanted to show the result in daylight, but there wasn't no sun so my hair actually looks blue LOL. But thanks, I'm glad my hair doesn't look too damaged!

    @Sammiebbz *: Yes, I was sceptical when I looked at the model on the box, her hair doesn't even look that brown. I was tempted to go for the black one but I'm scared of the damages )=

    @Tracy@Beauty Reflections: Aww thanks, I'm glad it doesn't look too damaged. Yes I've heard this hair dye isn't good for grey hair.

    @Vintage Makeup: It is, but it doesn't work as well as I was expecting z=

    @Cocovanilla: Yes, me too. Maybe I should have used the black one...

  10. Ben c'est pas pire c'est 20$ pour 8 plumes.

  11. Your hair looks really healthy, shiny and soft!

    We in South Africa, haven't caught on with the Mousse trend yet... We're always so behind!

  12. J'ai recu un voucher pour cette coloration, jai pris la couleur 41, Delicate Iced Chocolate (au Canada ca sappelle Iced Dark Brown, beaucoup moins vendeur haha). J'dois avouer que je savais pas trop quelle couleur prendre, j'aurais voulu un rouge "Cheryl Cole", mais la gamme est limitee.

    Alors jai pris Delicate Iced Chocolate juste pour le nom, he oui! je suis facile que ca a faire tomber dans le panneau!

    J'ai pas encore essayer, jai aussi la Clairol a essayer, jvais pouvoir comparer les deux.

  13. Oh well thankyou for the review!! Your hair does look pretty though :)

  14. LOVE it, Gaby. You can pull off any shade!

  15. Oh I wanna try this! Or any of the foam hair colors now...I was red few months back, went back to black, & now its black but the red is coming back, I like it, so I don't want to do anything to it, but I am dying (well not really) to try out the foam stuff...

    Have you seen the one that is called "Fat Foam", I think that's the name...

    xo $ARMIN

  16. @Chloé: OK Merci, j'avais vraiment aucune idée du prix.

    @Laiqah : Awww thanks! But I'm not sure they are that healthy hehe!

    @Ms Bubu : C'est vrai qu'ils n'ont pas beaucoup de choix de couleurs. Je ne pense pas essayer celle de Clairol après ma déception avec celle-là )=

    @Hannah Michelle @Kim's Vanity : Awww thank you!

    @xo $ARMIN: My red is also always coming back and I hate it, it's not a pretty red... I've heard about the Fat Foam that is supposed to be available at Wal-Mart but I haven't seen it in stores yet. It looks interesting though!

  17. J'avais jamais entendu parler de ça :o ça l'air quand même facile d'utilisation! pis j'vais dire comme toi, ça l'air d'avoir quand même teindue mais si on s'attend à se teindre brun très foncé c'est un peu décevant haha! c'est clair que là on voit la différence entre le avant après mais entka... bref j'vais suivre ton conseil et ne pas l'essayé hahaha : ) parce que mes cheveux sont TRÈS foncé alors j'imagine que ça marcherait pas sur ma tête :( bref, j'arrête de te compter ma vie hihi! pour les vernis Revlon ils sont donc ben cher par chez vous :O et je vais dire comme toi, c'est vrai que c'est plate que ça prenne 3 couches pour avoir une couleur opaque mais y'ont beaucoup de belles couleurs alors c'est moins pire : ) hihi!

  18. i really wanted to try this! thanks for the review....now i know to just stick with my regular dye =P

  19. i tryed that same shade and my hair is now BLACK?! did your hair get black too? did it lighten when you war washing it? sorry my bad english

  20. @Anonymous: Actually, I'm very disappointed with this hair dye because I picked the darkest shade available but I was left with light brown hair, and it did lighten when I washed it, ARGH! What what the color of your hair becfore you dyed it?

  21. Wow, c'est la teinture que j'utilise, même couleur, et j'adore! Mais moi toutes les teintures sortent noires sur mes cheveux, même les châtains!