March 16, 2011

Garnier Belle Color ColorEase Cream in 30 Dark Brown

Truly natural-looking colour is just a shampoo away with Belle Color. No-drip cream, enriched with jojoba and wheat germ oils, works in just 20 minutes. It covers up to 100% of grey—but your natural contrasts and highlights still shine through. Belle Color’s cream conditioner is enhanced with peach and other fruit extracts to keep hair looking beautiful.

After the disaster of my second attemp with red hair color, I was eager for my blonde roots to show to be able to dye my hair brown again. I had this box of hair dye in my stash for some times now (I only bought it because it was on sale for around $3), and honestly, I haven't had the best experience with it in the past. It's OK, but the color tends to fade quite fast, and it's not as dark as I would like a dark brown to be.

 Can you honestly see a difference between the three results? It's really hard to tell!

What I like from this hair dye is that it's a cream and so it won't drip everywhere and make a mess. It's also very easy to clean if you end up with stains on your face (which always happen with me).

I don't like that the conditioner comes in a one use pounch. It makes it messy to use, and I like to use the conditioner at least once a week after dying my hair. I must say the conditioner is creamy and smells great (very fruity) and it left my hair soft.

I'm pretty pleased with the results. These pictures were taken in natural light next to a window, so you can still see a hint of red, but it's mostly gone. Yey!

Available shades: 


  1. I'm so glad you showed the results in the natural light, it shows how the color will look when your not looking in a mirror under artifical light. nice work :)

  2. aw that looks lovely! glad ya pleased with the results for this one :) been followin up on your other box dyes ) x xx

  3. that looks really good! I've never seen that range over here.

  4. Ah ben jsuis contente que taime ta couleur! En fin de semaine je vais me teindre les cheveux avec la mousse Nice n Easy! Ca fait vraiment un bout que jai pas fait de teinture dans mes cheveux, j'ai hate de voir!

  5. @Sammiebbz *: I'm glad it turned out great this time, too! Can't go wrong with brown I gues (=

    @Prettyinthedesert: I don't think it's a very known range, but it's bvery inexpensive.

    @Ms Bubu : Ah oui? Quelle couleur tu vas te teindre? Je suis curieuse à propos de ces colorations mousses, mais je suis sceptique aussi. Il me semble que les reviews sont plus négatives que positives. Pourtant Nice 'N Easy est ma sorte de coloration préférée. J'ai reçu un coupon pour une coloration mousse de L'Oréal gratuite aujourd'hui, je viens d'aller la chercher, et c'est sûrement la prochaine au banc d'essai.

    @The Girlie Blog : I'm glad it turned out great this time (=

  6. so funny, i'm just coming back from dying my bestfriends hair - hers was revlon's dark brown! but i've seen this brand in my stores...!

  7. The result is definitely great :) Lovely blog <3

  8. @miss mindy : I like to take pictures in natural light as much as I can, that way, the color of the product is always more true.

    @lovevictoriaa : Really? I have tried Revlon in Dark Brown once (it's not available in Quebec as far as I know) and quite liked it.

    @Pela : Thank you =D

    @MakeupbyThess : I will have to try it then!

  9. Nice colour! I like to dye my own hair too. What a shame that the conditioner was in a sachet - I hate that too because there's usually too much but it's hard to save it for another wash if it's in a pouch.

  10. Hi Gaby! I've seen these before and wondered if they were any good. The results look great!

    Kisses, Melanie

  11. @Ling's Beauty Blog : There wasn't too much conditioner in the sachet, actuallt, it's not really thick so I used it all up, but still, a pouch makes it messy to use, and kind of cheap z=

    @Beauty meets Kawaii : I think I have used this hair dye only once before, and I thought it faded pretty quickly. But you do get a nice dark brown anyway.