March 01, 2011

Barry M

About a month ago, I had the chance to receive some Barry M products to test and review. I had plenty of time to play with them, so now it's time for me to share my thoughts with you!

L-R: Silver over Pearly Mauve, Silver, Pearly Mauve

Fine Glitter Dust in Silver and Dazzle Dust in Pearly Mauve: Both are super pigmented and soft (no chunky glitters!), and they really glides on smoothly. I'm not a big fan of pigments as they tend to be a mess to work with if you're not careful, but these ones are an exception.

Glitter Lashes in Gold: I had no idea that such product existed, but honestly, I think a normal glitter eyeliner could do the trick. Also, I'm not really fond of the applicator as it makes it quite hard to control the amount of product you want to use. They say to apply to tips of lashes, but I just add it on top of my black mascara.
 It doesn't make a big difference until you layer it, but it does add a hint of sparkle.

Metallic Liquid Eyeliner in Pink: Even thought I'm not a fan of pink shades on the eyes, I was surprised by the quality of this eyeliner. It's a pretty light pink with a chrome finish and the fine tip makes it very easy to apply qieht precision.. And once put on the lids, it won't wash off easily! I swatched it on my hand and let it dry (it really does dry super quickly!) and then I tried to wash it off with water by rubbing it, but it just didn't want to come off! Talk about long lasting!

 L-R: Glitter Lashes and Metallic Liquid Eyeliner

Lip Paint in Baby Pink: When I saw the color in the tube, I was like "OMG! It's the perfect light pink!" so I rushed to try it on my lips... and I was totally disappointed. It's a really, really light pastel pink that totally wash me out. I mean, I'm already really pale, but this lipstick definitely doesn't help the cause! I'm sad because I have read on many blogs that the Lip Paints glide softly on the lips and are moisturizing. I guess this one is the exception, though. However, putting a lipgloss on top does help to live it up a bit.

Glossy Tube Super Shiny Lip Gloss in Passion Pink: This lipgloss is pigmented and non-sticky, and it smells like bubblegum, yum! What can I say more? I love it!

L-R: Passion Pink and Baby Pink 

Blusher in  Rose: I can't resist hot pink blushes, especially in the winter! This one may be scary at first, but the texture is extra fine, which makes it easy to layer to control the intensity, and the color is gorgeous. I also like the packaging, which doesn't look cheap for a drugstore case. Oh, and it also contains Vitamin E, which is so unexpected in a blush!



Nail Paint in Mushroom and Grey: These products were the one I was the most excited to try. I keep hearing lots of great things about those nail polishes in the blogosphere, and I'm so glad I finally got to try them for myself! Now I see why they are one of the best seller drugstore nail polishes. You only need 2 coats for a perfectly opaque color that last a complete week without a single chip. The brush is perfect, the texture is creamy the application is streak-free. And come on, is there a prettier shade than Mushroom? I think I'm addicted!

Barry M needs your help to make its way into the Canadian market! Be sure to "like" "Get Barry M into Canada" on Facebook and follow "@BarryMinCanada" on Twitter.

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me for consideration to review. I was not paid for this review,  I am not affiliated with this company and the fact that the products were free absolutely does not influence my opinion.


  1. Absolutely love the lipstick and the nail polish!
    check out my blog

  2. I LOVE Mushroom it is my favourite shade at the moment (and the past few months) but I have A LOT of Lip Paints but not that shade, they are generally really moisturising!

  3. I've been eyeing the nail polish in Mushroom for ages!

  4. T'es tellement chanceuse de pouvoir essayer les produits Barry M ! Ce serait tellement cool qu'ils vendent au Canada !!!

  5. omg gaby, all this stuff looks amazing. i joined that facebook group, i would looooove for barry m to come to canada! did you contact someone to try products?

  6. @Sarah : I've been quite disappointed by this lipstick as I've heard so much rave about them... but I guess it's just this shade. I'm in love with the nail polishes!

    @Gloria: It's also my current favorite shade! Yes I've heard the Lip Paints are great, maybe it's just that shade.

    @Carla: I love it, it's my current favorite shade =D

    @Chloé: C'est ce qu'ils essaient de faire, et c'est pour ça qu'ils ont besoin de soutien (=

    @christine: Actually, they contacted me to help spread the word about Barry M coming to Canada.

  7. Oh wow I want to try Barry M so badly. If they're on their way to Canada maybe the United States is in their plans too! I can only hope!


  8. That's great that you got a chance to try Barry M! The nail polishes are gorgeous. Shame that the lipstick was a bit of a disappointment though. x

  9. That lipstick looked so promising in the tube, but I have to say the swatch & lip photo tells a different story. So disappointing, the lip gloss is gorgeous though :)

  10. The nail polishes look great - I especially like the grey one! I really hope that they do make it into the Canadian market! I think they would do well!


  11. Hi Gaby! Wow great swatches and I love so many of the Barry M products you got. I heard so much about this brand from UK bloggers and it would be nice to see in Canada soon. Seems though that many things are linked to Facebook and Twitter and I don't feel like starting up an account on either :S
    I'm really loving the Lip Gloss you got in Passion Pink - maybe if you layer it on top of the Lipstick Baby Pink it would make the lipstick look a bit more wearable? Well the lipstick would look great at a nightclub or something :)
    And I recently bought a glitter mascara from Hard Candy and I do the same - layer it on top of regular black mascara but I only do it on the bottom lashes. You're right though - I'm sure a glitter gel liner would do the same trick and I've tried that too on my lashes ;)

  12. Ah jte comprend tellement pour les blushs roses, Gaby!

    J'ai achete un pigment Barry M, tu te rappelles dans mon haul, mais par apres jme suis rendue compte que la couleur est assez semblable a un autre pigment que j'ai... Au magasin le pigment Barry M avait l'air plus turquoise que bleu. Oh well! J'essaierai p-e un degrade!

  13. I'm from the UK and Barry M is one of my favourite brands, I've never tried the Lipgloss it looks gorgeous from your picture! I will help get Barry M over there for you girls!! You need it! lol x

  14. Oui j'avais un skyrock avant : ) pis merci du commentaire c'est vraiment gentil hihihi! et merci des précisions pour les trucs cover girl :D !
    c'est pas la première fois que j'entend parler de cette marque! t'es chanceuse d'en avoir reçu!! :O y'a plusieurs chose qui ont l'air vraiment intéressant!! les vernis surtout, j'trouve les couleurs trop belle! c'est le genre de couleur que j'aime porter à ce temps ci de l'année ! le gloss aussi a l'air vraiment cool! bref, j'vais les "follower" sur twitter :D

  15. @Anna Elizabeth : Yes, I think they are also considering it. Why not?

    @LilyLipstick : I'm in love with Mushroom, it's amazing! And I was excited to try the lipstick when I saw the gorgeous color in the tube, but it's disappointed. It actually turns my lips white! x=

    @Cherries In The Snow : Me too! They are of such great quality at an amazing price (=

    @Tracy D: Yes, sadly )= But you are right, the lipgloss is super pretty!

    @The Caffeinated Spaz : I love them both, but my favorite has to be Mushroom (= Of course they would do well in Canada =D

    @Karen: I was super happy to be able to test some productsas UK bloggers can't stop raving about them, and now, I totally understand why! But why don't you want to make a Facebook or twitter account? It's fun, and you are right, there's a lot of promotions going on there, it's really worth it. Yes I tried layering the lipgloss on the lipstick and it's more wearable, but still, I'm a little disappointed. I was expecting a super cute baby pink but it turn my lips a chalky white x_X Oh I should try using glitter liner on the bottom lashes! Thanks for the tip (=

    @Ms Bubu : J'adore cette teinte, surtout pour l'hiver! Oui je me rappelle de ton haul. Je ne suis pas vraiment fan des pigments parce que ça s'étale partout, mais je vais essayer de les presser pour les rendre plus facile à utiliser.

    @♥ Stacey's Beauty Blog ♥ : I've heard a lot about from UK beauty bloggers about Barry M, so I was super excited to get to try some products for myself, and I wasn't disappointed! They totally deserve all the hype (= Thanks for the support!

    @j0waaa : Oui, depuis le temps que lea bloggueuse du Royaume-Uni en parlent! J'espère vraiment qu'ils vont se vendre au Canada, ils en valent tellement la peine, et ils sont super pas chers! Les vernis sont superbes et la qualité, j'en reviens pas pour un vernis de pharmacie!

  16. i've always wanted to try barry m! the nail polishes look like they're a really great quality! and i really like the pink that you don't! haha i think it's ao pretty!

  17. @lovevictoriaa : I'm actually amazed by the quality of the nail polishes at this price. The lipstick could be pretty on a different skintone than mine, I guess. It makes me look like a ghost )=

  18. Great review and photos!:D

    Passion Pink and Rose definitely caught my eye!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  19. I lovee the grey colour! its amazing


  20. @Marie: Thanks Marie, I'm glad you liked this post. Yes both are gorgeous (=

    @Aly: I love it, too!

  21. The nail polish colors are amazing! :] Thanks for the reviews on these items!

  22. @SiSi Sparkles: Theymust be my favorite products from Barry M (=

  23. @Welovemake-up ! : Je les adore! Ils sont mes produits préférés de Barry M (=

  24. Lip Paint in Baby Pink looks great!

  25. @Andy Vicious : That's what I thought too, but it actually looks hideous on me x=

  26. S'il veut se faire connaitre, dis-lui qu'il m'envoit des produits, j'vais lui arranger ça! ;D AHAH

  27. t'as des belles lèvres en passant :) hihi