March 02, 2011

Just Dance 2 and a Few Other Bits

I got spoiled by my mother once again! She always thinks of us (my brothers and me) when she goes shopping. Like me, she likes to browse the sales and go bargain hunting, and she always find something that will make me happy.

Original Gourmet Valentine's Hand Decorated Cookie: Isn't this lips shaped cookie adorable? When I saw all of the icing, I thought it would be incredibly sweet, but it wasn't. It was tasty, though!

Fern Green Tea Scented Candle: I love scented candles (who doesn't?) but the only ones I have smell of Vanilla Cookie, so I thought this one would be a great change to the usual sweet scented candles. The smell is not as strong as my other ones, but it still perfumes my whole room (and my room is the whole basement). It's very relaxing, I love it. Oh and the vase is so pretty!

Elmer Assorted Chocolates: I'm not a fan of "fancy" chocolates (I prefer the good old Aero chocolate bar), but these were yummy!

Cosmetic Cotton Rounds: I prefer to use cotton pads to remove eye makeup as I have sensitive skin. They are always so inexpensive at Wal-Mart, and even more at the dollar store.

I went to the grocery store with my boyfriend yesterday because I needed tea, and we left with a few other goodies.

Nescafé Rich French Vanilla Flavoured Instant Coffee: I've been wanting to try it for some times now as I'm a fan of the original Nescafé Instant Coffee, and I grabbed it as it was on sale. It smells delicious and the taste is more subtle than what I was expecting, but you can still taste a hint of vanilla sweetness.

Nutella: Do I really have to explain myself on this one? I like to wait for a sale to grab it as it can get quite pricey.

Sara Lee Strawberry Original Cream Cheesecake: I saw it on sale (3 for $10.00) and I don't think I have ever tasted some before, so my boyfriend bought me one as I looooove cheesecake.

Salada Prior Park Economy Pack (100 tea bags): Salada is my favorite tea brand, and I like to purchase this economy pack instead of paying for the fancy box.

And my boyfriend got me Just Dance 2! It was on sale for $17 at Wal-Mart... yes, only $17! I've been contemplating getting it for some times but after browsing videos on YouTube, I was afraid it wouldn't be enough of a workout for me, but boy, I was wrong! Let me tell you that after six songs in a row in Just Sweat mode, you need to take a shower! This game is very demanding if you do it seriously (I'm still not sure how the sensor evaluates your moves, but it's easy to cheat), and it's very fun to play with someone else! I can't wait to have a Just Dance 2 party with friends =D

Off to drink some french vanilla coffee and eat some delicious strawberry cheesecake (=


  1. Moi ausi j'adoreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee le gâteau au fromage <3 C'est tellement trop bon ♥

  2. that cheesecake looks so yummy!!!!

  3. I love Just Dance 2 but I am really, really bad at it!
    and Nutella, food of heaven! xx

  4. J'adore cheescake, I could eat it every day if I thought I wouldn't put weight on! Hope you liked yours!

  5. I love the Just Dance games! I've got both but the UK version is different because I don't have the same songs on mine. It's so fun though and like a proper workout! x

  6. How sweet of your mom!:D

    The strawberry cheesecake, of course, made me hungry.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  7. @JosianneL1507 : Ahahah ton commentaire vient de faire ma journée! Oui c'est tellement bon mais tellement cher... et gras... pourquoi les meilleures choses ne sont jamais bonnes pour la santé? =P

    @±Cherry Pullinger: I'm quickly becoming addicted LOL!

    @Jenny : It is =D

    @Ellie : I wouldn't say I'm really good either, my best score is something around 10000+. But it's so fun, who cares about the score? =P

    @LOOK! FLYING MONKEYS! : I totally agree! The best things in life are always the worst for your health )=

    @Tass : Oh I didn't know there was different versions of the game. Now I'm curious about the one you have! And yes, it's actually a workout!

  8. les jeux de dance me font aussi suer O.O deja quatre ou cinq musiques apres, jai des crampes O.O

  9. awww how sweet of your mom! :)

    and aww just dance :D i love that game, i find the second one a lot different from the first one haha. i'm complete rubbish at the second one!

  10. I've been wanting to try the just dance2 but i never seem to get my hands on it..have u use the first one. I totaly love it

  11. I LOVE Just Dance 2! You def. work up a sweat! :)

  12. Miam, ca ma lair bon tout ca!

  13. the cheesecake is making me jealous :)
    gorgeous post!! x

  14. @petitechouxx : Ahahah ouais, c'est vraiment plus demandant que ce que je pensais!

    @christine : She always spoils us (= I didn't play to the first sequel but this one is really cool!

    @bettzy93 : When I saw it on sale for only $17, I knew I had to have it! I was reluctant to pau $60 for it... but now I have it, yey! I have never tried the first one though, but the sequel is supposed to be more complete.

    @LipGlossGossip : Absolutely!

    @Ms Bubu : C'est effectivement très bon hihi! Surtout le cheesecake (=

    @..R May A.. : Hmmm it's definitely yummy! Glad you liked this post (=

  15. MIAM MIAM!!! 90211 haha i love to say that :) Nutella, french vanilla, cheecakes! wow you won't be starving huh! hihi ... all those carbs will be burnt down with just dance 2! I tried this game with friends and they loved it! it's so much fun and it's some good exercice! So this is a perfect match. plus for 17$ thats tolly a bargain! Your boyfriend seems like a nice person! haha love your posts, ill be sure to tune in soon for more lovely posts of yours :D