February 14, 2011

January in Picture


  1. Lovely photos :)
    Bagels and chocolate spread look tasty!

  2. Gerbils! I love gerbils I have two males myself. The colouring on the first one is lovely. (Have you given them sesame seeds? Mine love them! They're also quite fond of Cheerios)

  3. Great photies,
    your gerbil is too cute!

  4. This post has made me SO hungry. Mmm cookies x

  5. Ah nice pics! Specialy the cake and your gerbil! :)

  6. OMG Gaby! You made me freak out at the sight of the rat!!! They give me the creeps! :O I didn't even watch Ratatouille because of my phobia. lol.

    The sushi looks yummzo! :) Happy Valentines! Have a good one!

  7. Haha, almost all the comments are calling that little guy/girl a different name... Is he/she a gerbil?

  8. All I see is food and it's making me hungry!... lol~ Is that your mother? You're a carbon copy of her. :)

  9. OMG Maintenant j'ai faim pour des nachos pleins d'olives!! yumm! C'est tu un Degus? J'en avais deux quand j'était petite, ils sont tellement cute!! =)

    Andrée xx

  10. Hi! I’ve awarded you The Versatile Blogger Award! You can view the details at http://beautymeetskawaii.blogspot.com

    Kisses, Melanie

  11. Haha! Trop drole le ti gars avec son gateau des Canadiens!

  12. Tu étudie dans quel programme et ou?? Merci :)

  13. @LOOK! FLYING MONKEYS! : Thanks! I'm quite addicted to chocolate spread, but I LOVE Philadelphia, too! xD

    @Hebridean Sprite: Oh I give her almost anything to eat (except chocolate, it's supposed to be toxic for most animals), but I haven't tried Cheerios, thanks for the tip (= I never had more than one gerbil at a time, as I've been told they don't cohabitate very well. Are yours getting along well?

    @Harrriiiet: Thanks (=

    @Tass : The cookies were delicious! ate 3-4 box of these all by myself LOL!

    @Mercedes- Ms Purple Make-up : Thanks, but it's a gerbil and a degu (=

    @Anonymous: Thanks Anonymous =P

    @Toni Tralala : Oh but it's not a rat, it's my gerbil and my brother's degu (= Yes the sushis were yummy!

    @Jennifer Leigh : The little one is a gerbil (she's a "she) and the bigger one is a degu (=

    @Ahleessa : Yes it's my mother, and I do get that a lot =P

    @Straight Up Glam : Ils étaient super bons, et c'est tellement facile et rapide à faire, parfait pour les paresseuse comme moi héhé!

    @Beauty meets Kawaii : Thanks a lot for the award hun! =D

    @Ms Bubu : Oui ahah, c'était son premier anniversaire et sa maman lui a acheté un gâteau à lui tout seul. Mes parents ont aussi fait ça pour mes frères et moi, je ne sais pas si c'est une tradition québécoise ou pas, mais c'est très drôle ahah! Le petit voulait absolument pas y toucher, on a du le beurrer hihi!

    @Chloé: J'étudie en Traduction à l'UdeM (=

  14. Awww your gerbil is so cute Gaby :)
    Wow look at Samuel going crazy with his birthday cake :P So cute though!
    And I remember that girlfriend t-shirt you got for your boyfriend. It made me laugh again! I love it!

  15. cute pics ,, i love these posts u make <3

  16. @Karen: I love her (= Samuel didn't really enjoy the cake though, we had to splatter it all over his face for the picture. Poor baby boy!

    @Princess Feef: I'm glad you like these posts Feef (=