February 11, 2011

Mail of the Week (February 7 - 12)

88 Color Earth Tone EyeShadow Professional Palette from KKCenterHK: I was given the opportunity to review more products from this website, and I was curious about this palette, as I'm a fan of neutral shades. I was so excited to try it that I have already took some pictures of the swatches. Stay tuned for my review!

 Coupons from P&G brandSaver

Google AdWords $100 Thank You Gift Card: To thank me for using AdSense and Google Analytics (which I don't use anymore), Google sent me this $100 AdWord gift card. The last time I received this card, I gave it away because it seemed too complicated to use, but this time, I'll give it a try.

 March 2010 issue of Glamour

Vichy Normaderm 7-Day Challenge samples: Some times ago, I ordered my samples from Vichy Normaderm Facebook page, but something went wrong and I thought I would never receive them. I'm glad I got them! They included 7 samples, but it's been three days since I've started using this moisturizer and I'm still at the first one. "Like" them on Facebook and then click the "Challenge" tab to order your free samples.

 March 2010 issue of Cosmopolitan

My prize from Libbeh's giveaway: I won the 3rd prize, which consists of a Bundle Monster nail stamping plate (BM10), but Libbeh also included lovely goodies:
  • Bundle Monster nail stamping plate (BM10)
  • samples of Sephora Colorful Mono Eyeshadows
  • super cute Piyo stickers
  • sample of Kate Somerville Skin Health Expertise CytoCell Dermal Energizing Treatment
  • mini nail file

Yey, my first Konad plate! Thank you Libbeh! =D


  1. La palette est superbe!!! J'ai hâte de voir des swatches! :)
    & les collants sont beaucoup trop mignons!

  2. Great mail!
    I need a 88 Color Earth Tone Eye Shadow Professional Palette in my life. I can't wait to read my new Cosmo issue as well. :)

  3. Thanks for the info about VICHY! I love their stuff. I also received that google add sense in the mail but couldn't figure out how to use it and they wanted my credit card info--no thanks!

  4. that palette is gorgeous! i have a similar one from coastal scents :)

  5. Gaby looking forward to hearing more about that beautiful palette!

  6. Wow that palette looks really good - I'm a big fan of neutral shades. With so many different colors, that palette will definitely last you a good while :)

  7. @luckiebeauty: J'étais tellement excitée à l'idée de recevoir cette palette, moi qui est une grande fan des couleurs neutres! J,ai déjà pris des photos des swatches mais je n'ai pas encore créé de "vrais" looks avec elle.

    @StealMyHeartLovee: Every girl needs one hehe! And yes, Cosmo rocks =D

    @Mary Elizabeth : I don't think I have tried anything from them before, I'm curious to see the results of this moisturizer (= Yes I agree about AdWords, I think I will just throw it away this time too.

    @Jenny: Yes I noticed it is really semilar to the one from Coastal Scent and Sedona Lace... even the ingredients are almost the same!

    @Tracy D: I have already taken pictures of the swatches, I just need to do a proper look with it and sit down to write a review (=

    @Rinny: I almost only wear neutrals so I'm definitely happy (=

  8. Hooray! Glad you got your prizes! Sorry it took me a bit long to send it to you, but I'm very happy that you received them safely! I hope to see cute manicures soon! :-]


    I have the same palette - I like a lot of the colors, but think they could have gotten away w/ having only 5-6 of the white eyeshadows instead a 1/4 of the palette! All the other colors are pretty though!

  9. ahhh! I can't wait for the review on the palette!

  10. Love reading Glamour and Cosmo! 88 shadows - wow! That's a good mail day!

  11. Hi Gaby! I love seeing your mail for the week ^_^ it's always really interesting.

    Kisses, Melanie

  12. I'd love to get my hands on an 88 palette, they always look great quality!

  13. You got some great things there! The 88 palette looks gorge! Neutral eyeshadows are the way forward! xx

  14. jai un palette comme ca mais de costal scent le 88 color warm.

    jai hate de voir les swatches!

  15. @libbeh ♥ : Thank you so much! I was contemplating getting some Konad stuff but I wasn't sure I would have the patience for this... now I need to get myself a stamp! And you are totally right about the palette, what am I supposed yto do with so many white eyshadows? I would have prefered much more brown, gold or copper eyeshadows. And most of the whites are rubbish anyway x=

    @Shayla: I have already took pictures of the swatches, I just need to find the time to do a proprer look with it now!

    @The Girlie Blog: Glamour and Cosmo are my favorite magazines(=

    @Beauty meets Kawaii : Hi Melanie! I'm glad you like those posts, I'm always excited to publish them (=

    @Cherries In The Snow: Actually, at first sight, I wasn't sure about the quality of this one, and some eyeshadows are really crumbly and chalky, but there's some great ones as well.

    @DesignerSpray: Totally! Now I won't need another neutral palette ever hehe!

    @petitechouxx : Celle que j'ai reçu ressemble beaucoup à celles de Coastal Scents et Sedona Lace. Même les ingrédients sont presque identiques, c'est bizarre!

    @Hannah- Ramblings of a Cosmetic Junkie : Some shadows are better than others, and I think there's too much white, but it's still great (=

  16. Ahh, this Piyo stickers are adorable I want them! When I think of your blog I always think of your mail of the week posts, heh :) xo

  17. ooo cant wait til you review your palette! i dont have one of those yet but decidin weather to go to coastal secents or ebay or even the place u got yours! as i duno if there the same or not lol xxx

  18. Congrats! great palette and love the cover with Diane on it! XOXO

  19. Yay for your first konad plate! Have you given it a try yet?
    That's good that Vichy gave you a 7 day trial sample. I think most products giving out samples should do something similar to that because one sample use is not enough most of the time and then the idea of the sample cream is sort of pointless.
    Wow that neutral eyeshadow palette is huge! So many colours too and they look gorgeous!