January 18, 2011

Shopping: Wal-Mart

Garnier Belle Color in Dark Brown: This hair dye was on sale for a little less than $5 and I had a $2 off coupon, so I paid less than $3 for it. I don't have high hopes about it as it looks kind of cheap in my opinion, and I think I have already used it in the past.

Holiday Time Vanilla Cookie Candle Set (5 pieces): I have always loved scented candles, so I figured out I would take advantage of the Boxing Day sale at Wal-Mart to get some. I got this set of 5 candles for only $5, and they truly smell amazing! I hate to buy scented candles only to find out later that they smell nothing once lit, but I'm happily surprised by these, especially at this price. As I'm typing this, the smell still lingers in my room, and the candle isn't even lit up!

Clairol Nice 'N Easy in 123 Natural Soft Black: I have used this shade for the first time in August, and I really liked the results as it's more of a very dark brown than black, and it doesn't fade as quickly as other brown shades I've tried. Those were on sale for $5.96 but I had a $3 off coupon on two Clairol hair dyes, so the total was around $9.

Holiday Time Vanilla Cookie Votives (6 pieces): These are actually a gift from my mother. I believe they were $0.75 each? I can't get over the smell.

Maynards Juicy Squirts Sour: My favorite candies, and they were on sale! =D

Johnson's Shea & Cocoa Butter Baby Lotion: I had a coupon from Save.ca for a free Johnson's Baby 266 ml or 444 ml product, so I decided to use it on a lotion, and this one smells yummy, and I love shea and cocoa butter.

 Excuse the neon bra LOL.

g21 short sleeves stripe shirt: I really need new clothes (especially tops) because my old ones all seem to be wether too small or too large, which I don't understand why because I don't put them in the dryer or anything. Anyway, I really love this new clothing line from George called g21, because everything is beautiful and so inexpensive! I got this for only $7.

Leopard print umbrella: I was definitely due for an update because my old one was broken and it was becoming dangerous to poke someone in the eye with it LOL! As soon as I saw this one, I knew I had to have it! It's medium size, which means it's more portable than the original size umbrellas. It costed only around $8, and it has a lifetime limited guarantee.

Flex Frame Fusion Wiper: My current ones are rubbish and totally useless against snow! Those look interesting with the Ultimate X Water Repellent Technology, and they were only $19 (but I think the cashier made a mistake because I bought a 19" and a 24" and they are not supposed to be the same price).


  1. Aah, faut trop que tu fasses un reviez pour la lotion de bébé!! JE veux savoir si ça fonctionne bien sur nous meme si cest de la lotion pour bébé!! J'ai une préférence pour le beurre de cacao et karité aussi!

    (En passant c'est val, je suis trop paresseuse de me connecter a mon compte. hehe)

  2. Hi! I love your blog so much and wanted to show my appreciation for your posts! I've awarded you with the Versatile Blogger Award. :)

    Have a wonderful day and keep blogging! Find out more details on your win here, so click please: http://superslickgloss.blogspot.com/2011/01/award-versatile-blogger.html

  3. my hair is that nice and easy shade at the moment hehe! I'm going to strip back to blonde soon though. I LOVE COOKIE sceneted candles too in the uk we dont get a wide choice so I tend to buy yankee candles but thouse ones you good sound amazing :) x

  4. @Val: Oui, je suis déjà en train de travailler sur la review. Ce post est dû depuis un bon bout mais j'avais déjà pas mal d'autres posts de schedulés, fake je le repoussais tout le temps, mais bon, ça fait que j'ai déjà commencer à utiliser la lotion. C'est la première fois que j'utilise un produit pour bébé (à part les baby wipes), et j'ai bien hâte de voir si ça fait des miracles!

    @Madiha: Thanks! It was such a bargain!

    @superslickgloss: Aww thank you so much!

    @Adrienne: Sometimes, I'm tempted to go back to blonde, but I've had too many bad experiences with bleach -_-' Yes I've heard a lot about those Yankee Candles, whcih are not available here in Quebec, but we do have a nice choice of scented candles, even in dollar stores (=

  5. Hi Gaby!
    I've only recently started to burn scented candles as an alternative to something like Glade plug-ins for my rooms. But as you pointed out, there are so many candles that smell nice but when its lit it either smells nothing like it or there's little fragrance. That's great to know that the Wal-mart vanilla ones are good. I love vanilla! The only candle so far that I'm in love with is a Tommy Bahama one in the scent coconut mango. It smells soooo nice.
    LOL - hopefully the Garnier colour comes out well and not cheap like how it looks :P
    OMG Walmart is amazing for clothes....I got leggings from there for less than $10!! And striped tops always come in handy - they seem to match everything - jeans, jean skirts, sweats :)
    I LOVE your leopard umbrella. I'm always into pretty patterns for umbrellas and I haven't seen anyone carrying around a leopard print one. It reminds me of your nail tutorial you did for Annabelle.

  6. Thank for following my blog!

    That leopard print umbrella has brightened up my morning, so thanks!


  7. @Karen : Yes, I'm not really into the Glade plug-ins as they get expensive quite fast, while scented candles are a cheaper alternative that last longer.

    I got jeggings for Wal-Mart for around $20, they were from the Miley Cyrus and Max Azria line. I'm still amazed at how cheap everything from this line costs!

    I still haven't found the perfect pair of leggings in store, the only one I have, I bought it from eBay, but I need another pair so badly because I wear mine way too much LOL! It's soooo comfy =D

    @LOOK! FLYING MONKEYS! : I'm glad you like the umbrella (=

  8. Good buys!:D

    Those candles are of great value.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  9. @Marie: Yes, they are great for the price (=

  10. J'aime DONC BEN ton blog! Tu le mets à jour très souvent et je suis incapable d'arrêter de faire ''older ports'' AHAH! Merci d'avoir laissée un commentaire sur mon blog car comme ça j'ai connue le tien! ;) Je sens que je vais revenir souvent!

  11. @Alex-Fashion-Beauty : Wow, je suis vraiment contente que tu me dises ça! Des commentaires comme le tien, c'est vraiment encourageant! Merci beaucoup =D Oui, j'essaie de le mettre à jour le plus souvent possible, un de mes buts pour l'année 2011 est de poster tous les jours, mais c'est pas facile avec l'université et tout... J'espère te revoir bien vite (=

  12. wow le parapluie ! trop mignon. Et le gilet. vraiment joli!

  13. @kloé: Merci! Je les adore! =D

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