August 06, 2010

Clairol Nice 'N Easy 123 Natural Soft Black + NOTW: Avon Nailwear Pro in Urban Grey

It was about time I dye my hair! Look at those roots:

I decided to try Clairol Nice 'N Easy in 123 Natural Soft Black because I'm tired of my brown hair fading so fast (that's why I skip a month between each dye in the summer), and I also wanted to get rid of that stubborn red stuck on the under layers of my hair. And looking at the model on the box, I figured out that this soft black was going to be more brown than black:

So here are the "before and after" pictures:



Tadaah!! Black hair! Now I'm not sure if I should be happy about this... but I like it! I've been tempted to go back to black hair for some times now because it's so much more easy to care for black hair than for any other color. Black doesn't fade, turns red (?!) or anything, and you don't even need to use hair products formulated for colored hair.


This week, I have Avon Nailwear Pro in Urban Grey on my nails:

with flash

without flash

It's a creamy light grey with very little shimmers that aren't really noticeable. Yesterday, one of my guy friend asked me what was that color on my nails, and when I answered it was a pale grey, he was like "But it looks like the nails of a dead person!"... -_-' LOL.

I've been lusting over Sally Hansen in Wet Cement for some times now, but I've been told it won't be available in Canada, so I jumped on the first grey nail polish I saw, which happened to be Urban Grey from Avon.


Urban Grey is one of the new Avon summer shades, along with Vintage Blue and Luxe Lavender.

However, don't be fooled by the awful swatches in the brochure:

Urban Grey appears silver, but it's not! I've always hated the swatches in their brochure because they are absolutely not accurate -_-


  1. Yeah, you're right...I still have problem with those red-looking ends of my hair (after dying it brown). Now Im waiting for my natural dirty blonde to grow out.
    Btw, your hair looks gorgeous after dying :)


  2. gorgeos! i love black hair. mine fades so fast though. I'm naturally a medium brown and i think i died my hair jet black 2 months ago. although i do swim a lot. i'm wanting to go a dirty blonde now. any tips for that???

    great hair pic..you shhould make a video swooshing it around LOLOL♥


  3. I think your new hair color is perfect for fall and winter. It looks healthier.:D

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    & Life According to Marie.

  4. your hair looks great :)
    i love how hair looks just after been coloured like marie said looks loads healthier :)

  5. Hi Gaby!
    I remember having the same problem with Avon too - their catelog swatches were quite off :\ Thanks for letting us know!
    I really like the Avon Urban Grey nail polish. I only have one grey nail polish and it's more grey than yours - it was from the MAC Hello Kitty collection. My boyfriend hates that colour. Whenever I ask him if he likes my new nail colour he usually says, "it's okay, better than that grey one" LOL. Guys are so funny aren't they? ;)
    The soft brown does appear quite black on you but I really like it especially since it really compliments your skintone and light coloured eyes :) Ever since I got professional highlights for more than a year, black hair colour doesn't last in my hair very long...after the first month my hair starts turning various medium-dark brown shadoes and some red a bit too!

  6. your hair looks really nice :)

    Love the nail varnish such a nice colour xx

  7. i love your hair Gaby ,,, black looks super on you ,,

    i like black also ,, because my natural hair is super dark ,,

    but my bottom layers are rewined from the black henna =( ,,,

    so am dying to color my hair brown ,, but cant ,, cuz am growing my hair and i dont wanna chop it off ,, ughh ,,

    and lovely nail polish

  8. I didn't know your hair was naturally light! I'm so used to seeing it dark lol. I like it dark! looks really good!


  9. @Kasia_B: It's so annoying! I hope I really got rid of it X=

    @Anya: The first time I dyed my hair it was black, and it was love at first sight LOL. But then I got bored and I got curious about other colors so I tried burgundy, and then red stripes, and then brown, and blah blah blah. But bleaching the black totally scraped my hair, that's why I didn't want to go black again, and why I went for a soft black. The best tip I could give you for going dirty blonde is to go see a hairdresser, because bleaching at home is almost always a disaster x=

    @Marie: Thank you (=

    @Laura's Blog: I know, it stranges how my hair looks so shiny and healthy right after I color it! I guess I'm lucky? (=

    @Jade: Thank you!

    @Princess Feef: Yes, I understand, I tried to take a break from hair color during the summer but I discovered a wonderful hair mask that totally healed it (=

    @Chelsea: Yes, I prefer dark hair on me, too! Thanks (=

  10. So true about the nail polish swatches. I recently preordered a brown shade for the fall. It looked nice a rich and creamy (no shimmer), what do I get a shimmer loaded icky brown. Sigh.

  11. Nice change? Are you naturally blonde?

    It's funny because I'm Chinese and I'm supposed to have black hair but your new colour seems to be darker than mine! LOL


  12. Hey ma belle, jolie couleur de cheveux :) Ce vernis est trop beau mais c'est vrai que sur la photo de la brochure Avon je n'aurais pas cru qu'il soit comme ça mais plutot nacré.

  13. love the hair color!! and the nail color is very pretty!!

  14. love your hair color!!! Were the same Gaby. I don't have a lot of time to spend on my hair too. I don't know how other girls do it lol. I don't mind spending a lot of time on my makeup but i don't really care for my hair.

    thanks for participating in my mini giveaway!

  15. @Jill-O: That is so stupid! I've been fooled too many times, too )=

    @~Lisa: I'm naturally dark blonde/light brown, but I really hate this color on me. The first days after I've dyed my hair, it always appear darker, but it will fades.

    @Julie: Merci! Mais oui, c'est tellement ridicule les swatches de Avon! Et je me suis fait avoir tellement souvent en plus )=

  16. i love grey nails! and pastels :) your hair looks amazing x

  17. @Lorien BeautyLove: Thanks!!

  18. i love your nails, i'm a total sucker for pale/pastel colours on nails :)

  19. You can sport black hair, lucky you....if I mess up my hair dye and go to dark, I look like a witch !!! I skipped the dye this month but my greys begin to show ARG and as you said I hate when Brown is turning orange , it's dreadful !

    Have a nice week

    Caro xxx

  20. Joli tes cheveux noirs!
    Les derniers clin d'œil m'avais déçu dernièrement.. mais celui la on dirait que tout me plait alors au faite ce mois ci j'étais loin d'être déçue il vaut la peine ! :)

  21. Your hair looks completely professional! Beautiful! :)


  22. @perfectionishuman: Thank you! I'm totally falling in love with pastels, too!

    @MUA: I would do my hair black all the time if i could, but it's so damagain >.<

  23. Its funny bc I just tried that color after using a semi-permanent for the last 8 months.. then I scrolled down and saw the avon nail polish, and I literally had just put on the vintage blue, which also does not look anything like the color swatch. Random random day..