January 17, 2011

December in Pictures


  1. Wow now your makeup collection must be huge! :))

  2. cute
    i want to try out the nyx cream blush so bad

  3. Gaby..I loved this post! So jealous you can get your hands on NYX and Wet n Wild!
    You looked gorgeous and it seemed you had lots of fun. X

  4. Love all the photos, looks like a fun month! I have those NYX cream blushes on my wish list. I haven't tried them yet believe it or not!

  5. Hi Gaby! I love the pictures you posted with you and your friends :) You all look so happy together and oooo, look at all the booze LOL What's your guy friends doing with the vacuum cleaner in that picture?!
    Oh, that's the lash glue that was sent to you. I have heard of Eye Putti and actually, one sales rep was trying to sell it to me saying it's their top seller for lash glue :S
    The picture of you and your boyfriend is so beautiful - is that from the wedding because I remember that yellow dress from that wedding post ;)
    Oh and for the diet book review, I'll probably read over the book when I receive it and I'll pass on the book to my older sister and see what her opinion is. I'll probably share some of the highlights that I felt were best from the book ;) That'll be the extent of my review. I don't think the review entailed that I should actually put the ideas to use LOL I probably should but I'm not going on any "diet" (that's for sure!)

  6. Hey Sweetie, you have a Blog Award on my blog.


  7. Gaby, I've enjoyed reading your blog last year. Here is an award nomination:

  8. You look gorgeous on all the pictures. Love how you do your makeup. :P

  9. I can't load half of the pics cos of my stupid internet but LOL @ the vacuum cleaner XD lovely pics =)

  10. Love those pics! Jealous of all your make up and you and your man are so cute :)

  11. Mmm! Une buche Vachon! Le temps des fetes me manque deja!

  12. so many cute photos and things! so many presents!

    heres a link to my giveaway:


  13. @Helena (XOXO Parisky) : Yes it is way to huge for me! I'm always giving away to friends and family the stuff I don't use.

    @bettzy93 : It's great, and so pigmented!

    @Mercedes- Ms Purple Make-up : Actually, thoselimited edition Wet N Wild sets weren't available where I live, but I'm happy I won one in a giveaway! (=

    @Tracy@mybestbeautybuys: I haven't tried anything from NYX before winning those goodies in a giveaway. I love the lipstick and the blush!

    @Karen: Aww don't ask about this picture, I don't even remember it, and when my friend put it on Facebook, I was like "WTF is this? Where is my shirt? Why is Fred dancing on the floor? What are Robin and Yan doing with the vaccuum cleaner?" My friends said someone drop a beer on the floor LOL. That night was a crazy night!

    Well I don't know about the lash glue, maybe it's just me, but I can't believe it's their top seller! And I've read positive reviews on it, so... x=

    Yes those framed pictures of my boyfriend and me are from the wedding! The bride was so kind to give them to us, I love them (=

    @JLUVBIRDEE @The Girlie Blog: Thanks! I'm going to check it out!

    @Isabel: Oh I know, I have the same problem at home, I don't even try to open a post loaded with pictures x=

    @ndoodles: Aww thanks!

    @Ms Bubu: Je trouve que c'est tellement la meilleure bûche de Noël ahah!

    @Alex: Yes, I was spoiled! Thanks for letting me know about your giveaway (=

  14. Un mois de décembre bien rempli!!! :)

  15. Love the pictures! You're beautiful!!! And love the makeup pictures.. Drool! haha.

  16. @luckiebeauty : Oui, un mois assez mouvementé ahah!

    @Jasmin: Aww thanks!

  17. Fun pictures, I can tell you had an amazing December!:D

    Loving all the LUSH & NYX products.. and that cake, I don't know what it is but it sure looks delicious.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  18. @Marie: Yes I'm glad I finally got to try some LUSH and NYX products, they are amazing! The cake is a Christmas log (=