December 03, 2010

Mail of the week (November 29 - December 3)

My Zoompass BzzKit from BzzAgent: Never heard about Zoompass

Zoompass is a unique mobile payment service that offers a new way for you to send, receive, and request money quickly and securely, using a mobile device operating on the Bell, Fido, PC Mobile, Rogers, Solo Mobile, TELUS or Virgin Mobile network. With a mobile application that can be downloaded onto your mobile phone and synchronized with your phone’s contact list, you can use Zoompass anytime, anywhere while on the go.

Zoompass funds are held in a stored value account that is linked to your personal bank account or credit card, which makes loading your Zoompass account and transferring money simple and convenient. You can also use the optional Zoompass Prepaid MasterCard® card with PayPass™, linked to your Zoompass account, to make purchases in-store and online or withdraw cash from an ATM.

Take the tour to learn more about how Zoompass works.

Zoompass is fast, easy, and secure – designed to free up your time and
make life less complicated.

From Zoompass.com

December issue of Allure: Isn't she gorgeous?

My prize from Julie's giveaway:  I was lucky enough to win one of her prizes (the most amazing, in my opinion!), which consists of a set of NYX products in the shades of my choice!
  • Mega Shine Lipgloss in La La
  • Lipstick in Tea Rose
  • Eyeshadow in Sensual
  • Rouge Cream Blush in Natural
  • Liquid Crystal Liner in Crystal Onyx
  • Doll Eye Mascara Long Lash in Extreme Black
  • Jumbo Eye Pencil in French Fries 

I'm definitely the luckiest girl! I'm very happy to finally get the chance to try some NYX products. I love everything so far!


  1. you always have such fun mail! haha

  2. Congratulations on winning another giveaway Gaby! I swear, you're super lucky as you win a lot of great prizes :) The eyeshadow and lipstick look really pretty and colours I would wear as well.
    Taylor Swift is gorgeous...her skin is perfect and I love her makeup here. I almost didn't recognize her picture when she straightened her hair for one event.

  3. you're right! Taylor is gorgeous.

  4. Congrats on winning the giveaway! :) Great stuff!


  5. @Donna ♥ Baby: Yes, it always makes me so happy ^^

    @Karen: Thanks Karen! I know, I keep on winning... maybe I should stop entering giveaways? =P I agree about Taylor, but straight hair suits her so well!

    @Susanne: I love that she doesn't need a lot of makeup to be beautiful (=

    @Kasia: Thanks!

  6. @LadySophistifunk ☠ : I love them, too!

  7. Congrats on winning! Great goodies! And thanks for posting zoompass. I've never heard of it. Taylor looks beautiful on the cover. Love her!

  8. @Jasmin : Thanks! I've heard of Zoompass a lot on the radio but never really paid attention. I'm not sure if it's something that would be very useful for me, but it's still interesting.

  9. I have yet to read the new allure but you're right she is just beautiful......

    NYX is an amazing brand!!! All my drag queen friends use it, so you know its gotta be good! XP

  10. Gosh.. You just keep winning giveaways. So lucky! Btw, you changed your layout? I can't seem to see the whole photo in your posts. I cn only see like half or 3 quarters of it cos the doll eye mascara n JEP is missing o.0

  11. Hi :)

    Amazing blog you got there! I love it :D
    So that's why I'm a new follower :)

    Maybe you can follow me back and visit my blog and leave some comments? I would like that :)


    Thanks and keep up the good work :)

  12. Taylor is beautiful! I love her hair straight though.

  13. @PeachPixie : I love her! And yes, so far, I love everything I got from NYX!

    @Isabel : Oh yes, I couldn't fix that, so I just reversed to my old layout )=

    @Tessa: Aww thank you, I'm glad you like my blog!

    @AestheticAnonymous: Yes, it suits her so well!

    @Jazzy E (hivennn): Thanks for letting me know about your giveaway!

  14. Congratulations! you are such a lucky girl! gasp i've never won in any of these yet, poor me:-( Hope you do some modelling FOTD's with these:-)

  15. congrates on winning! i love looking at your mail posts, and i deff need to pick up this issue of Allure. I have been so behind on magazines and movies... i just wacthed little miss sunshine and juno for the first time this poast month... gosh I need to update my life. I havent picked up a good magazine in months.

  16. So funny how much we both love Kesha haha! It's such an awesome song though =)
    Taylor Swift IS gorgeous .. and lucky you for winning that loot=) I wish we had NYX in Calgary .. have a great weekend doll <3

  17. @MINAKICHU: Yes, I'm sooo thankful for all of this! And of course I'll do some FOTDs (=

    @Life of a girl called hawaiianpunchelsea: I'm glad you like those posts! Oh and I enjoyed Juno, it was cute ^^

    @Miss*Kimmy: Yes, at first I wasn't sure about her, but after seeing her live, I definitely changed my mind! She's awesome!

  18. New follower :) Very good post!

    Love the nyx stuff you got:)

  19. CUTE BLOG DEAR!!! Check out mine and join the giveaway!!!


  20. @"L" : Thanks!

    @Silvia_C: Thanks for letting me know about your giveaway!