October 13, 2010

September in pictures


  1. Loving this post, it's like a flashback of all your entries last month.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. Oh my!! So many things!! I'm guessing September was a pretty awesome month for you! I looove those leopard shoes up top! And that cute pink bird cage necklace! :3

  3. Love the leopard print flats!
    & you look great with that new hairstyle!

  4. Fab pics as always! Love the glittery nails and the new haircut :) x

  5. @Marie: Thanks!

    @l-article: Yes it was (=

    @Becky: Thanks!

    @petitechouyxx: Oui ahah!

    @LilyLipstick: Thank you!

  6. Olalala j'ai trop craqué sur la photo avec le sac rouge il est magnifique ! Et puis gros coup de coeur pr ton vernis à ongles aussi j'adore... Et ta nouvelle coupe de cheuveux te va à ravir.<3

    A très vite Gaby, nouveau post sur mon blog :)

  7. i love this post its such a good idea. i'll do one one these :) you won soo many giveaways! congrats lucky girl!

  8. @Elisabeth-Modèle: J'adore mon sac aussi ^^¸Et pour ce qui est de ma nouvelle coupe de cheveux... je l'ai déjà abandonné ahah elle me fatiguait trop!

    @Donna ♥ Baby: I'm glad you like it (=

  9. Cool idea! :) I love the pic with the cat in front of the mirror lol, so cute and funny! :) You look good with bangs! ;)

    New follower here btw, would you mind checking out mine too? :)

  10. i love these posts ,, great pics hun ,,
    and aww is that ur mom with the cat ??
    the huge cookie cake <3 wow
    id eat it all =s

  11. Im using Live Clean shampoo too - I love it:)

  12. @Stavroula @drugstoreandbargainlover : Isn't she the cutest? Sadly, we had to give her to a friend as I have allergies and my father hates animals -_- Thanks for following, I'm definitely checking out your blog!

    @Princes Feef: Thank you! Yes it's my mom with the cat ^^

    @Supergirl: I'm glad you love it! I haven't tried it yet.

  13. Awww that's too bad, because she's amazing!! My parents hate animals inside the house! Hehe thanks! :)

  14. I love your leopard print flats :) So cute and I think it'd be great to pair with leggings or skinny jeans.
    OMG did you get bangs Gaby? Where have I been?! How do you like your bangs?
    Wow, look at your exam schedule - so many back to back. But I know you're very intelligent and hard working as you always get excellent grades :)