October 12, 2010

Revlon ColorSilk in Brown Black 20

Wow, I skipped a month of hair dye without even noticing! Well, when my roots start to show, I always tell myself that it's no big deal and that it can way another week (because I'm so lazy). But you know how fast the days past with school? So I forgot about it... and then, while browsing my older posts, I realized that my last hair dye was on... October 6! I skipped a whole month LOL. And the results are not pretty:

 See that patch of hair near my forehead that is lighter than the rest of my hair? I missed this spot the last time I dyed my hair black LOL.

 It's worst than I thought! Yuck X_X

I realized that I really needed to color my hair when I was taking pictures for my upcoming review of Alberto Weather Resistant Hairspray.

I decided to give Revlon Colorsilk a try. It's not available where I live, but I picked up this box when I was in Wildwood two years ago because it was only around $3.

Onto the results:

This hair dye is ammonia-free and it's claimed to leave your hair in better condition. I can't tell as I always find that my hair looks so siny and healthy right after a coloration.

You can also notice that I'm already bored of my straight bangs (or fringe?)... I've started parting in on the side again LOL. I can't help it, it gets greasy just so quickly and it's so annoying to always have something on my face! Plus, I believe it makes me look younger x=


  1. I like the colour


  2. This color fits you amazingly! You look great!


  3. Lovely colour, really suits you!

  4. Looks nice! Whats your natural hair color? And do you do it yourself or have a friend do it? My roommate dyed my hair at-home a while back and my hair did NOT turn out how it was supposed to. Now I'm scared to do it again

  5. @Becky @Kasia_B @Ess-Jay24: Thank you!

  6. love the color it suits you well.

  7. Thanks for getting that response to me :) I think the dark hair really makes your eyes stand out

  8. Looks good with your blue eyes!

  9. @ShaGlam: No prob! And thank you =D

    @Ms. Givens: Thanks!

  10. I'm sooo jealous cos i'm allergic to hair dye (found that out the hard way!) so i'm stuck with my natural colour :(

    you really suit the new colour - looks great and incredibly shiny!


  11. i didnt color my hair in more than 2 months now ,,
    and it looks really brown in the pictures ,, but because my natural hair is black ,, its ok ,,
    am trying to go dye free because am growing it ,,
    its just annoys me not having a solid color .. u get what i mean ,,
    plus now that i see how ur hair looks gorgeous after u died it ,,, thoughts of coloring my hair going thro my mind =s

    ughhhhhh ,, that damn black henna at the lower part of my hair is annoying me ,, its burned ,, cant color it ,, just leave it to grow n then cut it ,,

    complaining all the time ,, story of my life lol ,, sorry ,,

    u look gorgeous

  12. @All Made Up: Aww that must sucks to be allergic to hair dye )=

    @Princess Feef: I tried to skip a month between each coloring in the summer, and I believe it helped my hair to grow faster. The roots were not pretty, but it was in the summer, so I didn't really care hehe!

  13. You look gorgeous with dark hair Gaby - especially since you have beautiful light coloured eyes.
    Yes, I find that bangs usually takes off a few years :)

  14. I like your natural colour as well. I'm growing out my old henna/dyes and my roots are blonde too, so I feel your pain.