October 15, 2010

Mail of the week (October 11 - 15)

 Coupons from Save.ca

Columbia Coral Fleece Throw from CSN Stores: This is soooo soft and warm! I love it! Plus, it's pink LOL.

 November 2010 issue of Glamour: Look at her makeup! And that dress... isn't it gorgeous?

Am invit to attend Marcelle Fall 2010 Warehouse Sale: Who's going? And when? Let me know!

Coupons from WebSaver.ca


  1. Great coupons! That Columbia throw looks warm.

  2. cool! je pense que je vais a la vente d'entrepot de marcelle, si jai le temps. je ne sais pas quand.. xD

  3. Taylor's dress looks gorgeous!
    & the throw looks all cosy :)

  4. The Girlie Blog: It is! And it's soooo soft ^^

    @petitechouxx: Tu me diras quand tu penses y aller, moi je ne suis pas sûre de quand j'irais non plus...

    @..R Msy A..: The throw is amazing (=

  5. i gotta get that fleece throw and glamour mag! :D

    <3, Mimi

  6. @Mimi: The throw is amazing, so soft and warm! And I got is just in time for winter hehe! I haven't read Glamour yet, but I can't wait!

  7. You get a lot of great freebies! :)

  8. Taylor's lace dress looks so pretty! I love lace.
    And yes, her makeup looks nice but she's really beautiful naturally and I actually prefer her with less makeup. Funny I say that and I wear a ton of makeup huh? LOL
    The Columbia Fleece throw looks super super soft. I have a similar fleece throw too and I love it. Especially if I'm on the couch or sitting at my desk - it's nice to wrap myself in it :)