September 08, 2010

OOTD + NOTW: Champagne spillin' from the wall, and I'll be partying 'til hella late

I've seen many bloggers posting their first day of school FOTD and OOTD, but I didn't had time to post mine... so here's what I wore to school today:

tunic: Giant Tiger
black cami: Jean Bleu
cardigan: Giant Tiger
leggings: eBay
necklace: Etsy

And on my nails, it's Superstar Nail Lacquer in Uptown Girl:

with flash

without flash

I got it as a prize from Celly's giveaway. I haven't seen something like this before, it's so pretty!


  1. I like this outfit, Gaby!:D Looks like you are starting to get ready for fall!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. That's a cool outfit. Belt is very nice!

  3. love your top, so petty <3

    thank you for the comment, sigma rocks :)


  4. @Marie: Thanks! Yes it's quickly getting colder here )=

    @The Girlie Blog: Thanks, but the belt is really cheap-looking in real life LOL. It came with the top, but it's removable (even though the top just looks weird without a belt)

    @Christine: Thank you (=

  5. très joli look,simple mais qui fait son effet,j'aime beaucoup

  6. Wow you look fabulous going to school Gaby! And you even woke up early enough to take pictures - oh I always use to wake up late :P
    The first year of University I did take care in what I wore and I think I wore high heels to school everyday religiously...and then I remember a few of my friends saying how dressed up I was going to school. I don't know what happened but by third year I was wearing Roots Hoodies and sweatpants everyday with runners LOL

  7. looking super gr8 gaby =)
    hope u have an awesome year at collage ,, xx

  8. Great outfit!
    I have the same tunic and I was so uninspired and didn't know how to pare it up with different items, so this post definitely helped me! :)

  9. Cuuute! from a distance, your belt looks like a big ribbon! So cute !!

  10. thank you :)


  11. @beautylicieuse: Merci!!

    @Emma: Thanks (=

    @Keirasluckycharm: Thank you!

    @siwing: Aww thanks (=

    @Princess Feef: Thank you! But I'm actually going to university (=

    @Nora-Schu: I'm glad my post have inspired you!

    @Dolce♥Bunny: It actually looks super cheap in real life LOL.

    @Christine: (=

  12. @Elisabeth-Modèle: Il est... spécial, j'ai de la difficulté à décrire la couleur. Mais je suis contente que tu l'aimes (=

  13. wow, gorgeous outfit :) looks great on you :D anyway thank you for following, i'm loving your blog so I'm following back :D xx