September 07, 2010

"Hug a Vegetarian Day" is September 24!

Start the countdown! "Hug a Vegetarian" Day is Friday, September 24. Are you ready to hug it up?

This year, the vegetarian hug-fest will be bigger, better, and more huggable than ever before—so be sure to RSVP to our Facebook event now!

We have tons of surprises lined up throughout the month (hint: they'll make you SoSoHappy), and to get you all ready for the big day, we want to send you a FREE action pack full of stuff to give out to your friends—including our brand-new, ridiculously cute stickers (check them out on the right!) AND our awesome "Save 100 Animals" leaflets. Everyone will want to snag a sticker and leaflet from you!

This offer is only available to U.S. and Canadian residents.
From Peta2.com


  1. oh mon dieu.. être végetarienne je crois que je serais incapable! jsuis bien trop carnivore :( haha mais par contre je serai ''game'' pour une journée :)

  2. si tu as de la misère avec l'application de ton eyeliner celui de maybelline te plairai surement, parce que c'était mon cas avant je fesais presque une rebellion contre les eyeliner jusqu'au jour ou je découvre celui là !!:) Puis le wet n' wild sa me dit quelque chose de nom mais je n'ai jamais vu.. tu sais ou ils vendent cette marque ?!

  3. haaa oui c'est sa c'est au wal-mart que j'ai vu sa!!! msemblais que sa me disais quelque chose ;) mais j'ai jamais oser les essayer jtrouvais qu'ils fesaient un peu ''cheapette''.. en fait je sais pas si c'est le cas mais c'est l'impression que j'avais!

  4. thanks for following! cute blog!

  5. Hi!
    I just wanted to let you know that you are the winner of my Un-birthday giveaway!!!

    If you can email me at iknowallthewords at hotmail dot com with your full name and mailing address I can get your prize in the mail.



  6. So cute - Hug a vegetarian day! I know a couple vegetarians to hug :-) I myself eat meat rarely! :-) so am open for a hug! lol! I have not been to your blog for a long time and as I can see many blogs are realted to protecting environment or animals good job!

  7. Woua Gaby! Felicitations pour le Giveaway de Bailey! Chanceuse!

  8. Hi Gaby :)
    Congratulations on winning Baily's giveaway :)
    That's great that you're spreading awareness of Hug a Vegetarian Day. I'll have to go out that night and walk around the city to see if I notice anyone with the stickers or other people hugging others :)
    The purple dress I had on at the club is from Sirens. I'm pretty sure even after tax it was less than $30 or just about there. I bought it like over a year ago and I've worn it so many times :) I know you like Sirens too so I'm sure you could find some dresses for clubbing there that are well priced.
    I don't think you have lines around your eyes Gaby - you're too young LOL. But like yourself I use an eye cream every night too. I have no clue if it's working but I don't want to take the risk and stop using it just in case I wake up looking worse LOL
    That's so cool that your friends rented a limo for Yanick's birthday :) Holy!!! Yanick and a couple of friends got sick BEFORE the club?!!! Wow, what time did you guys start drinking?! You sure know how to party hard ;)

  9. @beautyxvale: Bah tu pourrais toujours essayer pour une journée, ça peut juste être bon pour la santé (=

    @kawaiikao: Thanks!

    @Bailey: OMG THANK YOU VERY MUCH! You totally made my day! =D

    @Galina: I'm not a vegetarian myself but I try to cut meal completely off my diet.

    @Ms Bubu: Merci! J'en reviens pas comment le prix est trop écoeurant! AAAHH!!! =DDD