September 06, 2010

August in pictures


  1. hello, merci bcp pr ton passage dans mon blog, ca fais plaisir :)
    Je deviens aussi membre de ton blog :) et pour info, mes nouvelles photo seront ligne jeudi alors à bientot jspr xoxo

  2. @Elisabeth-Modèle: Je passerai jeudi, merci!

  3. thank you for your comment sweetie, i hope you are having a good day :)

    The hello kitty nail polish is super cute, i love purple :)


  4. Great pics!
    You have an award on my blog. You can see it here:

  5. Lovely pictures Gaby, you are so pretty. I definitely share your love for nightclubs and cocktails!

  6. Fab pictures. Your yellow dress is gorgeous. x

  7. Looks like a fun time. What a pretty mustard-colored dress! And that wedding cake looks too yummy!

  8. The mousepad is so cute! you look great in yellow! :-D

  9. looks like you had a fantastic month! you look stunning in that gorgeous yellow dress :) that wedding cake is beautiful! xo

  10. Hi Gaby :)
    I was going to say the same thing as everyone else - you had such an awesome month with your friend's wedding, parties, lounging in the sun and prepping for school with a new laptop :)
    Ahhhhh where did you and your friends go in the limo?! You look hot in your halter top and mini shorts!! LOL - Sara's expression in that picture in the limo with you guys is priceless ;) Good times!

    I love how you do your makeup Gaby when you go out...it's simple yet looks so pretty. I NEED to work on that because when I go to Asia later this year, I've already been warned that some of the rural areas I go to, nobody there wears makeup...and I don't want to look crazy like the weirdo from Canada with half a pound of makeup on LOL.

  11. i loveeeee these posts <3
    and great pics
    i totally fell in love with the pic u in the lemo with ur hands in the air <3 haha looks like so much fun =D

  12. I love that little yellow dress!! you look beautiful!

  13. Merci beaucoup pour ton commentaire Gaby ! ♥.

  14. wow...i enjoyed to see your beautiful pictures..you are looking sooooooo cute in the yellow dress...lovely

  15. oooh le beau mariage :) elle est super jolie ta petite robe jaune!
    & en passant j'ai du nouveau sur mon blog tu viendra voir, j'ai même fait un vlog aussi viens me laisser tes commentaires :)
    A la prochaine! xox

  16. Tu as l'air de tetre amusee en Aout!
    Merci d'avoir participe a mon giveaway! J'me disais bien que tu y participerais!

    On verra pour les eyeshadows mark!

  17. @Christine: My pleasure (=

    @Becky: Thank you for this award!

    @Kinsey Michaels: Thank you! I'm totally addicted to nightclubs and alcohol =D

    @LilyLipstick: Thanks!

    @The Girlie Blog: Thank you! And yes, it was yummy ^^

    @Keirasluckycharm: Thanks!

    @mi: It was! Thank you!

    @Princess Feef: I'm glad you like those posts! I believe I look pretty funny in this pictur ein the limo LOL but, oh well xD

    @ShaGlam: Thank you! ^^

    @Audrey Marianne: Ça me fait plaisitr!

    @Iyah: Thanks!

    @Rakhshanda: Thank you!

    @beautyxvale: Merci de me tenir au courant de tes news! Je passerai bientôt!

    @Ms Bubu: Oui je me suis amusée! Les mois à venir risquent d'être pas mal plus plates par contre )=

  18. looks like youve had a lot of fun! <3

  19. Coucouuuu Gaby, je viens une fois de plus te prévenir que des nouvelles photos shooting sont en ligne, tu px dès à présent venir me donner tes impressions si cela ne te dérange pas biensur alors à bientot jspr xoxo

  20. You look so pretty in your little yellow dress!

  21. WOw~!! That looks like massive fun! love all the photos and you look gorgeous!

    Thank you for commenting on my blog by the way! Am your new follower ;)

  22. Nice pictures, LOVE the yellow dress! :)

    ♥: http://walkingintheairr.blogspot.com

  23. @julianne.: I did! (=

    @Elisabeth-Modèle: Merci! Je passerai voir!

    @Eugenia: Thank you =D

    @Dolce♥Bunny: Aww thanks! yes it was fun =D Thanks for the follow!

    @roadrunner: Thank you! I love it, too!

  24. Hello Gaby,

    Thanks for joining my giveaway. I like the yellow dress. It's so bright and such a pretty yellow ^^


  25. Merci infiniment pr tes compliements Gaby ! T'es adorable, ca m'as grave touché jte promet :)

    ps: prochain shoot prévu pour ce mercredi , et oui je ne m'en lasse pas mdr