September 03, 2010

Mail of the week (August 30 - September 3)

Not much in the mail this week, but keep reading for freebies!

Free sample of Purex 3-in-1 Laundry Sheets + $2.00 off coupon: Get yours here.

Free sample of GoodNites Boys Underwear for nightime: This is for the little Samuel, when he will be older, of course =P Get your sample here.

 Jergens Replenishing Vitamin E Gentle Exfoliating Moisturizer from Glow Magazine: I have recently become a reviewer for the Glow Magazine Testing Panel, and this is the first product I received. I have never heard of an exfoliating moisturizer before, so I can't wait to try it out!


  1. thank you for being a part of my giveaway :)


  2. I love Jergins. Such a great product. :) Nice post.

  3. @Ansa: I haven't tried lots of products from Jergens but this one seems great!

  4. Hi Gaby!
    oh wow, very cool I haven't heard of an exfoliating body moisturizer either. Always nice to try something new on the market :) I wonder if the grainy beads in the lotion will dissolve? That would be annoying if exfoliating grains stayed on my skin after :\
    What a coincidence with the Got2B product and review on it for the both of us ;)
    Oh I have to blow dry my hair with this product or else my hair is just damp and sits even flatter after I spray it in. Are you spraying this in wet/damp hair instead of dry hair?
    This product is really great for the price. That's nice that you and Sara share beauty tips :)

  5. i love Jergens lotions ,, especially the musk scented one <3

    but i never tried this hmm ,, interesting ,, let us know how u like it ,,

  6. @Princess Feef: I haven't tried lots of products from Jergens and so far I'm not really a fan... but it's a little too soon to tell about this one so we'll see!

  7. What an eventful month for you, Gaby!:D

    Thanks for sharing these pictures with us.:D

    Happy Monday!:D

    ***** Marie *****

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