July 24, 2010

Shopping: Giant Tiger, Wal-Mart and Dollarama

I went to Giant Tiger and Wal-Mart before going on vacations and I've found some interesting things.

Giant Tiger:

I lost my invoice, but if I remember well, most of the articles were $12.97 and $14.97.

Just One Three-quarter sleeves grey cardigan: I've been wanting one forever! I like that's it's grey; it just goes with everything (=

Blue Crush Long sleeves baby blue cardigan: I love the design in the back!

Bizz Girl Belted black and white striped top: I was looking for some long tops that would go well with my leggings, and this one is perfect (=
Sorry for the crappy quality, I couldn't get a nice picture -_-

Bizz Girl Belted black and navy blue striped top: I love the studded belt!


725 Originals Yellow bikini - $5 each piece : I've been wanting a yellow bikini for some times now, and at this price, I couldn't resist! It's a very basic bikini though, so there's not a lot of padding or support.


I like to wander in the beauty aisle of my local Dollarama, as I always find some interesting things at such a bargaineous price.

 Super Mario Gummies and crunchy candies - $1.25 : I have a fascination for everything from Nintendo, and I often find some of those things at the dollar store. Most of the candies are not good, but I buy them for the figurine. Those were for my boyfriend (=

 Epsom Salts Bath Crystals - $1 : I was looking for something more abrasive than sugar or salt to mix with olive oil to make my own body scrub, and I think this would be perfect.

Alberto VO5 Deep Nourishing Moisture Intensive Mask 3 Minute Mask - $2 : This was on the lowest shelf, so if I hadn't look down, I wouldn't have seen it! I haven't heard about this product before, but it's labelled "NEW". I needed a good hair mask for my fried ends, so I can't wait to try it!


  1. The bikini looks great on you!:D Loving the color!:D

    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie.

  2. @Marie: Thank you! I've been wanting a yellow bikini for so long!

  3. wow, you have an amazing body :) and those yellow bikini is super cute and only 5 bucks? omg! i better hit up my local walmart :)

    also, i love those cargigans. they are so in style right now :)

  4. Moi aussi jai acheter les bonbons Super Mario!! quand je les ai vu, fallait trop que jles achete.. mais jtrip pas pour les bonbons dure.. les gummy jai pas gouter encore..

  5. i like your new clothes!!! :D

    <3, Mimi

  6. you are awesomely fit ! i envy you

    the back of the cardigan is REALLy nice ,, i love it

    and the striped top ,, looks pretty ,, i love to wear these type of shirts with leggings =)

    and also cool studded belt ,, rock it =D

  7. J'aime trop ton cardigan :)



  8. I love your outfits in this post (^_^)


  9. Love the first cardigan!


  10. oooh I love the cardigan with the back detail !!

    I also love your belt, and your bikini, and your tattoo =D

    I've always wanted a tattoo there, but I gotta lose some fat in the front first, LOL =D

  11. I love shopping at Giant Tiger. They always have great prices, especially for cute summer dresses.

  12. love the back to that top & your cardigan. i could literally live in cardigans

    stop by sometime <3

  13. love the cardi~ really pretty detail~

    ah! i wish i had a hot body to flaunt~ha~ i need to work harder~ xx

  14. @EveryDay Makeup (becky): Thank you! And yes that's a total bargain for only $10! I must have been the last one to finally get some cardigans LOL.

    @VaLili: Moi non plus je tripe pas trop sur les durs (j'aime pas vraiment les bonbons durs de toutes façons) mais les mous sont pas pires!

    @Mimi: Thank you =D

    @Princess Feef: Aww thank you, but this is only genetic! I just couldn't pass by the cardigan with that pretty details on the back. Yes I bought those tops to wear with my leggings (= And I love studs!

    @liloo: Merci beaucoup! ^^

    @Becky: Thank you (=

    @siwing: Isn't it pretty? I just couldn't pass it by I'm glad you liked the rest of the stuff I got! ! I'm sure a tattoo would be pretty one you too (=

    @Michelle: Absolutely! I think this is becoming my favorite store LOL.

    @Anna Katrina: Thank you! I'm glad I finally found some great cardigans.

    @kalai: I love the details, too ^^

  15. ton bikini est magnifique
    et le jaune est parfait pr l'été

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  17. @Beautylicieuse: Merci! En effet, j,adore le jaune, c'est une couleur joyeuse qui fait très été!

  18. You're in such great shape Gaby :) The bikini is such a good bargain at $5 a piece! I like the yellow colour as it stands out.
    Looking forward to your review of the V05 hair mask. I use to use their hot oil treatments but they didn't really work for me :\
    That's a good idea with the Epsom salts and making your own scrub. I see the same Epsom salts in my local Dollar store...I use sugar for my main homemade body scrub :)

    Nintendo is cute! I love Yoshi and the Prinecess (although she's not there in the candy). So nice of you to collect the figurines for your boyfriend :)
    I love grey cardigans and yours is nice! It goes with everything. And I like the lace on the back of the baby blue cardigan :)