June 06, 2010

Clair Nice 'n Easy 131 Rich Dark Brown + Incoco teaser + new family member + books

I finally dyed my hair Thursday after having skipped a month, because my roots weren't that obvious (I noticed, but not others).

So here's my hair before:

Even after 2 months, you can't see my roots that much. Maybe I will start skipping a month - it can only be good for my hair.

Clair Nice 'n Easy 131 Rich Dark Brown

I never realized, but this shade is actually designed for dark hair. I wish they would make a purple-burgundy hair dye designed for dark hair, because that color just won't show up on my hair - except if I bleach it, which causes it to turn orange in two weeks -_-

Waiting time (around 25 minutes):

I look like a goblin xD

I like to twist my hair up so that the dye doesn't stain my tee or neck. I also try to not put dye on my ends to prevent them from frying.

Final result:

excuse my swollen eye, I think I have allergies or something -_-

It looks almost black when I'm inside, but the sun makes it appear more brown.

Balou looked at me during the whole process (=

In my last post, I showed you the package I received as a member of the Super Shimz Program from MyShimmer.com (you can read more on how to become a Super Shimz here). I have applied the French Manicure appliqués, and I wanted to share with you a teaser picture of my upcoming review:

I want to test drive them to see if they really last up to 14 days (which I highly doubt because I can already see some chips), so it's a little too soon to write an honest review. I will have to keep you waiting a little longer =P

I went to the pet store yesterday and I came home with this little one:

I was looking for a rat similar to Dorothé (white and beige fur) but there wasn't any so I went for this cute guy with white and grey fur. He is super cute with his big ears! He is around 4 months old. 

This picture was taken when he arrived home - I meant to not activate the flash to not scare him even more, but I actived it by mistake -_- You can see that he is all tense from the car trip... poor little thing. At least he doesn't always hide in his box, but he is still a little nervous when we are around.

I went to the library with my mother today because I nearly ran out of books. I'm already at the half of the last of the three Vampire Diaires book, so I needed some backup!

Here is what I picked up:

  • If I Stay, by Gayle Forman
  • Mes amis, mes amours, mais encore?, by Agathe Hochberg
  • Shining, by Stephen King
  • Lipstick Jungle, Candace Bushnell
  • Scarlet, si possible, by Katheinre Pancol
  • Shopaholic and Sister, by Sophie Kinsella
  • Size 14 Is Not Fat Either, by Meg Cabot


  1. OMG Gaby your new pet rat is soooo adorable :) I love the lighter colour fur on him. And he's so small! Do you have ideas for his name yet?
    The french manicure looks really nice! Was it like a sticker and easy to stick on? Maybe with the dark red dry nail applique, you could try using a top coat to extend the life of the manicure? It's good to test it first without a top coat to see how good it is though. Yeah, 14 days sounds too optimistic LOL
    Thank you for your blog template advise. I switched to the Minima Stretch template but when I upload a picture, there is no option to upload in "x-large"...it only goes up to large :( Do you have an option to upload a picture "x-large"? Thank you so much in advance.
    Balou is so cute looking at you. My family dog use to look at me strange like he didn't recognize me if I put curlers in my hair ;) You're lucky your roots don't show through after 2 months. When I colour my hair, my roots show through very easily because my hair is so dark and I usually colour it 2-3 shades lighter.
    I've been wanting to colour my hair a nice red shade like mahogany or even a dark purple colour. It would look so cool esp for the Fall/Autumn :)

  2. Ah ha! 40 minutes later and now I know how to do the large image picture LOL (so please ignore my question above regarding that). Okay I was in the old blogger settings. Thanks so much for letting me know about the template Gaby :)
    Have a great day!

  3. This little guy is adorable. He reminds me of ratatouille, the disney character !

    I read the Meg Cabot book, it's funny ...a good summer book. I have a thing for Katherine Pancol, I adore the way she whrites (my favorite from her : une dernière dance ...Freaking amazing destructive love story !)

    I need to die my hair too, not because of roots but white hair (GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR)

    Caro xxx

  4. @Louise: He is the cutest ^^

    @MUA: I haven't seen Ratatouille, but he most be cute! I've started reading the book from Meg Cabot, but I haven't ready a book from Katherine Pancol.

  5. He's so cute! We want more pics when he'll be more relaxed and used to his new surroundings. Does he have a name yet?

  6. @Miss IPP: I think I will name it imply... Dorothé IV! I know Dorothée is supposed to be a girl's name, but Dorothé III was supposed to be a girl but he was a boy, so I only removed the "e" at the end to make Dorothé (=

  7. Aww ton chien est trop cute!
    Pis Moi jai déja toute lu les Confessions d'une accro du shopping. C'est vraiment trop bon!!
    En tk, t'as l'air de vrm lire beaucoup, tu me diras si tu connais d'autre livre dans le meme genre! J'aime vrm ce genre de livre où il a présence d'un mec. hahaha