June 04, 2010

Mail of the week (and last week)

So instead of writing a post each time I receive something by mail, I have decided to do the following: once a week (generally on Friday or in the week-end), I will do a "Mail of the week" post: I will write about all the items I got by mail in the week.

Let's start by last week:

$5.00 certificate from Revlon: I told them I was really disappointed with the quality of their nail polishes. I never take the time to write to a company when I'm upset about one of their products because most of the time, they don't even care to write back. I'm glad Revlon listened to my complaints.

Coupons from Save.ca: a free Mars chocolate bar and a free box of multi-grains Cheerios.

This week:

Incoco package: as a member of the Super Shimz Program on myshimmer.com, I received my first products to review. I'm not sure if I have heard of Incoco before, but I received a set of French Manicure dry nail appliqués and another in Red Velvet. I can't wait to try these out!

June issue of Allure

Coupons from WebSaver.ca: the only coupon that really interested me was the $2 off any L'Oréal Telescopic Explosion mascara, but with WebSaver, you have to choose at least 6 coupons, so I choose other coupons for L'Oréal products, a $2 off a Secret deodorant my friend Gen always uses, and a rebate on baby things from my friend Sara.

U by Kotex samples: I got:
  • 1 CleanWear Regular Pad
  • 1 Barely There Liner
  • 1 Click Regular Tampon


  1. I like your blog! Check out mine!



  2. I joined myshimmer.com. Hope I get some awesome products to test out. Thanks :).


  3. @DaedaeLfashion: Thank you! I follow your blog (=

    @Stephine: Me too! =D

    @Satisfied....but Still Not Complete: Great! Hope you will have fun (=

  4. can u check out my blog to and how do u sigh up to review products i have an account there but how i sigh up? awesome post i got 2 deodorant dove and secret! blog link : http://piinkisntmycolor.blogspot.com/follow me having a giveaway soon :)

  5. Hi Gaby :)
    I got (and used) my Kotex U samples- the same you got. And I'm happy with the quality of the pad/tampon. It's as good as my Always pads or Tampax pearl tampons for me.
    I got a good sized sample of the Secret Clinical Strength deoderant some time ago and I must say it's actually really good deoderant! I can see why Gen likes it.
    I really like the dry french manicure you got to try out. French manicures are flattering on anyone :) I haven't tried a dry manicure yet so I'm looking forward to your review on it - particularly how long it stays on and how it looks once applied.
    And that's neat that Revlon sent you a coupon. I know, I have wrote a few complaints about products or customer service in the past and it didn't get me anywhere :\