May 27, 2010

Tag: "Would You Rather" + Miley Cyrus "Can't Be Tamed" + OOTD

I've been tagged by the lovely Fern for the "Would you rather" tag!


Be extremely beautiful or extremely intelligent?
- extremely beautiful

Go without brushing your teeth for a year or go without washing your hair for a year?
- go without brushing my teeth (there's always mouthwash!)

Be rich or famous?
- rich

Have an amazing shoe collection or an amazing makeup collection?
- shoes

Be able to sing or be able to dance?
- dance

Be stranded on a desert island or in the desert?
- desert island

 Have a computer or a TV?
- computer
Wear spots or stripes for the rest of your life?
- stripes

Drink out of a teacup or a mug?
- mug

Receive a bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates?
- a box of chocolates

 Have a hug or a kiss from someone you love?
- hug

Wear Converse or stilettos?
- stilettos

 Meet Johnny Depp or Robert Pattinson?
- Johnny Depp

 Be a fairy or a mermaid?
- fairy (I wish I could fly!)

A coffee or a cup of tea?
- coffee
Pink nails or blue nails?
- pink

Live somewhere sunny or somwhere cold?
- sunny
Have an amazing house or an amazing car?
- amazing house (I want a ranch)

Be kind or funny?
- funny

Eat sweets or cake?
- cake

Hold a tarantula or a snake?
- snake

Wear a necklace or a ring?
- necklace

Laugh or smile?
- laugh

Be hated or be a hater?
- a hater

Wear pearls or beads?
- pearls

Lose your sight or lose your hearing?
- hearing

Have lots of money or lots of friends?
- money ( I only need a few good friends)

Love or be loved?
- be loved

Images are from weheartit and Google Images.

I love this song. Is it lame? I don't care. In my opinion, Miley Cyrus has such a unique voice, just like Avril Lavigne and Rihanna. Don't get me wrong, I'm absolutely not into teen stars like Justin Bieber (I could punch him!) but I can recognize true talent. I only hope Miley will not turn into a slutty girl like so many did before her.

I'm supposed to go to Montreal with the boyfriend this afternoon. Here's my very simple OOTD:

cami: Forever 21
shorts: Stitches (old jeans I cut into shorts)
necklace: Avon
Sunglasses: my mom's


  1. thanks for doing the tag :) xx

  2. Wow some of those questions are pretty hard... I don't know about Miley's vid or song. Eh, maybe it'll grow on me. I'm ashamed to say this but Justin Beiber is growing on me a bit.... AHH!!

  3. Hello Gaby =) nice outfit! Oh, Miley's grown up now, i love the mv especially her wings haha~ have a great weekend! xoxo

  4. some of those questions are tough! I'm not a Miley fan, but I do like some of her songs and I adore this music video. It's gorgeous.

  5. Great stuff!

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    Thank you!

  6. @Fern: I love tags =D

    @ndoodles: I'm not a Miley fan, but I think she has such an amazing voice for her age! But I just hate Justin Bieber, don't really know why. He is just so annoying! -_-

    @locke: Thanks for the outfit! Yes her wings are incredible! I have such a huge things for wings... I want to tattoo some on my shoulder blades =D

    @Chels: I'm not a Miley fan neither, but like you, I like some of her songs. And her voice... wow! I think she has an amazing voice for her age.

    @Imsu: Thanks for letting me know about your giveaway, but I just had a CSN Stores giveaway some days ago =P

  7. Hi Gaby! How have you been?! I hope you had a great time in Montreal yesterday. I thought you lived in Montreal actually - is it far from you?
    Love your casual summer outfit. I'm a big fan of F21 tank tops like you :)
    That's a neat tag. Most of the answers I would have chosen myself!

  8. i love the song can't be tamed too. its just so catchy. :)

  9. Great stuff!

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    Thank you!

  10. @Viva La Fashion: Exactly!