February 18, 2010

My Avon order + FOTD + tutorials (2)

Yesterday night, around 5:00, I heard knocking at the door, and my brother told me I've recieved my Avon order! The thing is... I placed it like two days ago! That was quick (=

I've always hated the way they pack our orders. It's so messy and unprofessioanl!

They didn't even included a brochure this time! At least, there's the mark. one...

I bought Advance Techniques Daily Results 2-in-1 anti-dandruff shampoo & conditioner for my boyfriend, because for around 2$, I guessed I could give it a try instead of always buying the pricey Head & Shoulders one.

Moisture Therapy Intensive Treatment Extra Strength Cream for extra dry skin was also on sale and I thought it would be good for the winter.

I've been eyeing this big pot of Extra Hydration Face Cream for some times now, waiting for it to go on sale, and it did! I also plan to use it in the winter.

I have three looks to show you today, because I was so thrilled to try all of the Annabelle Trio Eyeshadows I've received!

Look #1 (FOTD) Annabelle Trio Eyeshadow in Holy Smoke (discontinued)

 It's a sweet mix of light purple (lavender-like), pearly white-beige and soft brown.

It's sheer, but you can still see a little the darkest shade.
I love what L'Oréal Double Extend Mascara does for my lashes!

Marcelle Concealer Palette - Universal Beige

CoverGirl Tanfastic Bronzer - Soleil 315
mark. Good Glowing Custom Pick Powder Blush - After Glo

Annabelle Cosmetics Glitter Studio Pigment in Aurora
Maybelline Unstoppable Eyeliner - Onyx
L'Oréal Double Extend Mascara - Blackest Black


Look #2 Annabelle Trio Eyeshadow in Grafix

 It's a basic palette for classic smoky eyes: pearly white, grey and black.

 Swipe the lightest shade on all the lid.
Use the medium shade on half of the lids toward the outer corner.
Add the darkest shade on the outer corner, blend, and voilà!
These are pictures of the finished look with flash:  

I didn't think I would be so happy with this palette! When I first looked at it, I was like, "Yeah, another smokey eyes palette, so what?" But it is so greatly pigmented and shimmery, and it is perfect for a soft smokey eye (but you can build the color as much as you like).

Look #3 Annabelle Trio Eyeshadow in Amazon (discontinued)

 A mix of two slightly different shades of perly brown and soft kaki green.

Swipe the lightest shade on all the lid.
Use the medium shade on half of the lids toward the outer corner.
Add the darkest shade on the outer corner, blend, and voilà!
As for Holy Smoke (which has been discontinued too), all you can see (besides shimmers) is the darkest shade. I don't know the reasons why they both have been discontinued, but my guess is that they weren't pigmented enough, if you compare them with the new formula, which I will be reviewing soon.


  1. Awesome post!
    Love the looks – will definitely try to do them myself  
    Jealous of your eye colour ms gaby !


  2. Those palettes are so pretty! xx

  3. Gaby!!!! J'ai enfin un 2e follower!!! =D

    J'utilise photobucket parce que j'ai besoin de rapetisser mes photos pcq depuis que j'ai mon laptop je n'ai jamais installé de programme de quoi que ce soit pour modifier des photos. Pis la taille des photos sont souvent gros, ce qui fcuk tout.
    Mais bon, je vais surement aller voir le rayon de Make Up Forever a La Baie ^^ hehe

    Tu est tjrs representante pour Avon? C'est vrai que le package est pas super! Y'avait meme pas de rembourage??
    Moi , a la maison, pcq c ma mere qui commande, on utilise " Lotion pour le cors, avec aloes. de Care Deeply de Avon basics, genre la grosse bouteille de 1 litre!

    Ah, J'ai regardé les circulaires tantot, et puis il y a une palette de 8 ombres a paupiere je crois (ou 10) pour 15$ de NYX. je vais aller voir s'il y a d'autre couleurs!

  4. Moi il y a juste le mardi que mon cours commence a 8h30, alors je prend celui de 6h34 parce celui d'apres, rendu au metro, c'est packter et j'aime pas ca!

    Ah ouais, tu pourrais demander a ton pere a propos des shippings au Etats-Unis, pcq c'est vrai qu'avec toute les affaires de douanes aussi! C'est compliqué!

  5. Moi non plus j'ai jamais essayer NYX, mais j'ai vu que le monde en parle beaucoup dans leur blog, alors je me disais que ca devait surement pas etre cheap!
    Et Make Up Forever non plus jai jamais essayer. Mais si j'achetais de cette marque, ca serait probablement pour un rouge, et rien de plus, ca doit tellement etre cher -_-

    Et oui, on recoit tjrs des produits vraiment cool au Dollarama. Voila pas longtemps c'etais des nettoyants Dove pour 2$. Je sais pas s'il en reste encore, mais j'en ai profité pour en acheter 4 bouteilles. Parce que j'ai deja acheté avant un au nectarine, pis je l'avais full aimé et apres il en avait pu au magasin. Hmm. Qu'est-ce qu'on a en ce moment..On a des trucs de Neutrogena me semble.. Pis beaucoup de pate a dents haha! Souvent les grandes marques populaires sont a 2$ et en nombre limité! Mais 2$ ca vaut vraiment la peine! On a deja eu du mascara pendant un bout!

  6. Thanks for the FOTD. The palettes
    are nice but the green does not really show ya..

  7. I hope you review the products you bought from Avon. I would love to hear it... hehe~

    By the way, all the looks look great on you! :)

  8. How weird. Avon here in the States packs things VERY well. My orders always arrive in perfect condition with tons of packing paper.

  9. That's quick for your Avon order to arrive!
    I love the khaki green colour in your last FOTD. The colour really stands out nicely on you :)