December 05, 2009

FOTD: my first FOTD!

I haven't done a FOTD post before because I never have time in the morning to take pictures of my makeup, but last night, I had some free time before joining friends for dinner, so I decided to post some pictures of the makeup I was wearing in the day. I was wearing a bright pink shirt, so I opted for a more neutral makeup, and I went with gold eyeshadow. Oh and excuse my extra chapped lips! The only thing I've been wearing on my lips for the whole week is lipbalm -_-

Close-up of my eye makeup:

And finally, here's what I used:

CoverGirl Tanfastic Bronzer in Soleil 315
mark. Good Glowing Powder Blush in After Glow
Marcelle Concealer Palette in Universal Beige

Avon Astonishing Lenghts Mascara in BlackA01
Maybelline The Colossal Volum' Express Mascara in Glam Black
L'Oréal Paris ColorAppeal Trio Pro Hazel Eyes in Honey Brown 317
Maybelline lash curler
Maybelline Great Lash Clear Mascara (used as eyebrow gel)
Avon Glimmersticks Eye Liner in Blackest Black G01


  1. Gorgeous! I love the gold! :D


  2. You know, you have that "fresh" look about your face. Like you wake up in the morning and the first thing you do is take a whiff of fresh air and smile. You're very pretty. You'd be a great mark. model. You've seen them, right? They always have that dewy complexion and nice glow. I like how we can still see your skin. I have bad skin so I do find that I need to apply a ton of concealer to hide my acne scars. I've been needing a good heavy moisturizer. I think I'll go ahead and order one of those Winter Solutions cream. Sorry to hear the Glow Xpert isn't available yet. It's a nice product. But you already have that glow going on so you don't really need it =)

  3. You are so pretty! youre so blessed that you have gorgeous skin that you dont need to wear a full face of foundation!! x

  4. you have such a cute nose :) love the look xxx

  5. Very pretty FOTD! I love gold shadow, I find it's a very flattering shade. Cute nose ring, too!

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  7. u're so pretty! I love ur nose ring btw:) I've wanted one for a long long long time...

  8. aww.. you're a natural girl! :) I love it, I wish I looked as lively and fresh as you with natural makeup on! LOL, I just look like a little kid o_O!!!

    I haven't landed on your blog in so long! I think it stopped following after you changed the url link :( BOO!

    How is the mascara HG status?!?! I could see how it would be on fuller lashes, but you say you have sparse lashes :( I like the intensity of the black, but I don't like how it looks on my inner lashes because they're straight and it kinda goes down so you can see it on my eyeball LOL!

  9. very natural and beautiful makeup; i really love this kind of makeup^^
    you look very pretty :)

  10. hi dearie !! must tell u i really love your eyes colour!very nice neutral makeup ~