January 12, 2012

Elegant Effects Permanent Hair Colour Cream in 002 Dark Brown

Is COLOUR right for me?  
Colour is perfect for you if you want:  
- Beautiful, natural colour that stays true until the next time you colour.
- Perfect gray coverage even on the most resistant greys.
- Conditioning for smooth and shiny hair.
- Colour that is easy to apply and takes only 30 minutes
Hair Colour rich radiant and beautiful  
- Perfect gray coverage, a rich deep and even color.
- Permanent hair colour, will not wash out until new hair grows out.
- Achieve your favorite hair colour after only 30 minutes.

Dying my hair with a box of hair color from the dollar store? Check! Yes, I got this for only $2 at my local dollar store called Dollarama. It's not the first time I walked pass by these Elegant Effects boxes of hair dye but as much as I love Dollarama, I kept thinking that they were... well... dollar store hair colours! I even searched the net for info on this brand because all I could find on the box was "Dollarama, made in China" - no company info or anything! - but I found absolutely nothing on internet either.

I'm not the kind of girl to snob the cheaper stuff and honestly, I don't even know why I didn't try these sooner. I'm not scared to play with my hair and well, I guess the worst thing that could happen is that the color wouldn't be the one I expected, but it's not the end of the world!

I can't remember all of the shades available but I know they had light brown, black and some kind of red, but I picked up dark brown even though I wasn't fond of the model's hair color on the box - it just didn't appear dark brown to me - but I know the results you get are rarely the ones advertised on the box anyway.

In the box, you get the same items as in your usual box of hair dye, but instead of a tube of conditioner that you can re-use a couple of times, you get a sachet that you have to use all at once.

I haven't tried a lot of color creme hair dye in the past - I'm not even sure I used one? - but I must say I was very surprised by the nice texture of this one as it doesn't drip everywhere and it's very easy to apply. I didn't have any product left in the bottle when I was done applying it on my hair which has never happened to me before - I barely had enough dye to cover my whole hair and it's only slightly pass shoulder length, which made me think that the bottle was smaller than "regular" hair dye, and it is. The bottle from Elegant Effects is 1.4 FL OZ while the bottle from the last hair dye I've tried before that, Clairol Natural Instincts Vibrant, was 1.86 FL OZ. It doesn't really matter to me because I mostly concentrate dye at the roots as there is no need to re-dye my hair dark brown unless the color has faded - which normally doesn't happen to me, or if so, only slightly - but if you are, for example, blonde or light brown and you want to go dark brown, definitely get two boxes of this stuff!

It is recommended to wash the dye after 30 to 45 minutes which seems pretty long to me but I guess it's worth it, and 45 minutes is not that long when you have to catch up on blogs or play Zelda =P The dye was also very easy to wash in the shower and again, I was surprised to see that the water only slightly turned brown and that the dye didn't stain the shower walls or floor.

The conditioner isn't the nicest I've used, but at this price, I wasn't expecting much and I don't really care about the conditioners that come with a box of hair dye anyway - I usually just use it when I wash the dye out and then I just give it away to my mother. Because it's called a "Luxurious conditioner", I guess I was expecting it to be thicker but it's very runny and it drips everywhere.

Before and after

Can I just say - wow! I seriously didn't expect this hair dye to properly cover my roots and to be that dark! I do think it's strange that my roots look slightly red and paler than the rest of my hair when they catch the light, but otherwise, I'm really pleased with the results! My hair was left very shiny and smooth! I will be sure to stock up on this hair dye and maybe I will even try the black shade?


  1. Oh nice that it stuck! I mean for only 2 dollars! wow! awesome.. I'd like to see that post too with the black one! <3

  2. Congratulations on finding afforable hair color that works for you! It can be so nerve-wracking trying a new brand of hair color... At least for me! This looks lovely.

  3. Nice job! I was afraid to try boxed dye as well, but when I did, the results all turned out well.


  4. pour ce prix la, wow!!!! il faut que je passe par dollarama!!

  5. Ayoye c'est impréssionant :P haha

    Je t'ai tagué :)

  6. @MissTwist : I wasn't really afraid it wouldn't stick but I didn't know what to expect... I'm glad it turned out well!

    @Sari : I'm not sure I will make it my go-to hair dye because there's not a wide shade selection and the dark brown is not dark enough for me, but it does a great job anyway!

    @Girlie Blogger : I wasn't afraid of trying this hair dye, I have tried many boxed hair dye in the past, just not one from Dollarama, but it turned out great (:

    @petitechouxx : C'est sûr que c'est pas la meilleure, mais tout dépendant ce que tu recherches, ça vaut la peine de l'essayer (:

  7. I think you were brave to try it and it looks like a great result. Will be interested to hear how long it lasts in your hair.

  8. Iam so glad you tried this!!I have seen it a few times and always questioned how crappy I might think it is..but it sounds pretty good for $2! I'm surprised. Do you think it is better then the clariol one for $5? I am so in love with that dye its soo nice!
    I have never used an entire bottle either, so I guess if you had long hair you would for sure need two boxes!
    How was the smell of the dye?

  9. Hi Gaby,

    I saw that you posted your blog on January 12, 2012 and was wondering if you've had any side effects to this particular hair dye since you've applied it to your hair?

    I'm asking that coz I read other people's posts on this particular brand and a lot of them said their hair started falling out, had bald spots and/or rashes. They started noticing those side effects a week or so after applying the dye, (more hair in the tub or on the brush than usual, etc).

    Have you had any side effects???

    Thanks in advance for your reply :)

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  10. @SuperstitiousBlackCat : Hey hun! Yes I have came accross these articles while searching the net for info on this hair dye but I decided that I had to try it anyway. I haven't experienced any of these side effects, I actually think this is a pretty good hair dye for the price! These ladies should have done a patch test before (I never do one but oh well!) Hope it helps! x

  11. Thanks for the reply Gaby :)

    I never do a patch test either, never had a problem before. It's just that my hair is really fine and by the way ppl commented, sounds like this hair dye is really strong compare to other store bought hair dyes.

    Well, I guess I'll never know if the product is right or wrong for me if I don't try it. Hopefully I won't have any adverse effects lol.

    I'm wondering what's the hair condition of everybody who tried it and posted comments (damaged hair, fine or thick hair, etc)? Wonder if it has any influence on ppl loosing their hair or even having bald spot.

    Anyway, I thank you again for being straight forward in your reply. I really appreciate it! :) xoxoxo

  12. I bought the black dye of this brand today and applied it to my hair.. It covered my roots very well.. I wasn't expecting that from a dye that I got at the dollar store.. My hair is soft and shiny.. Seems To be like the dye u get from any other store.. I found that the bottles they come in are small.. But I Do have thick hair.. Overall I'm pleased with the dye

  13. I bought the brown one... It sucks It left my hair green when it was fading i am soo mad ..

  14. @Anonymous: Glad it worked well for you too!

    @Anonymous: Oh wow, are you serious? I'm sorry to hear that... I guess I'm lucky to have not experienced any side effects!

  15. Je viens d'en faire l'essai à l'instant même et le résultat est parfait!
    Je vais en faire provision dès demain pour la prochaine année.

  16. @Anonymous : Wow, je suis vraiment contente que ça fonctionne bien pour toi, après en avoir entendu des vertes et des pas mûres à propos de ce produit! Dommage qu'il ne se fasse pas en bourgogne, ma nouvelle couleur ;)

  17. I'm about to see the results from Medium Brown 002...back soon. So far so good.

  18. i just bought the aqua blue one and am going to try it

  19. I just tried the lightest blonde and it didn't stick at all and I've never had a problem like this before.