December 19, 2011

Clairol Natural Instincts Vibrant in 4 Dark Brown

You can get up to 8 weeks of vibrant, healthy-looking hair color from Natural Instincts. Natural Instincts Vibrant delivers stunning color with 100% gray coverage—and comes with an exclusive Color Refresher to give your hair a complete boost two weeks in.

  • Permanent 10 minute-formula with antioxidants for healthy-looking hair color
  • Lasts up to 8 weeks
  • 100% gray coverage
  • Includes Natural Instincts Week 2 Color Refresher, a nourishing crème formula that deposits color pigments 15 days after coloring
  • Includes Color Treat™ Conditioner for radiant and healthy-looking color

I've always been curious about the original Natural Instincts range which promises shiny, healthy-looking hair color in an ammonia-free formula, but the problem is that this hair dye is semi permanent. When they came out with the permanent version, Natural Instincts Vibrant, which even included Week 2 Color Refresher, a crème formula that deposits color pigments 15 days after coloring, I jumped at the chance to try it!

What is included in the box

The first thing I noticed is how annoyingly runny the formula is - I have never experienced this before! It was a complete mess to use as it would always drips off my hair. I had to act quickly if I didn't want to dye the entire bathroom brown!

My hair was left shiny and darker than my previous color, which I was expecting. I'm pleased with the results, however, I was expecting much more from the Week 2 Color Refresher, which didn't seem to do much for my hair. I didn't notice the color being super dull or anything but after using the refresher, it didn't appear shinier or richer. Hmm.

Clairol Natural Instincts Vibrant is available for around $10 in the following shades:

*This product is NOT cruelty-free


  1. ive been loving loreal's hair dyes lately !! xo

  2. J'ai utilisé longtemps la teinture Garnier Fructis et je l'aimais beaucoup. Maintenant je vais en salon mais je pense recommencer à faire ma teinture à la maison.

  3. Ick that sucks that it's so runny! But your hair looks really healthy and shiny :)

  4. Hmm, I've never used the permanent version of this range, but I used to use the semi-permanent! The last time I colored my hair at home, I used Ion, a brand from my local beauty supply store, and it was so vibrant! If you're like me and always try different hair color products, it might be worth checking out.

    At any rate, this color is really lovely on you, it's such a rich chocolatey color!

  5. Allo :) C'était juste pour te dire que je t'ai taggué dans mon Top 10 Award :)


    xoxo Josianne

  6. Wow! Fantastic results! I can totally see the difference.


  7. The colour looks really nice so its a shame about the runny formula because that would totally put me off. I'm messy enough as it is and I use the foam dye haha! :-) xx

  8. When I first started dying my hair a million years ago it seemed like every store bought dye was a runny disaster. I'm so glad some of the companies fixed that problem because it was a nightmare.. I'd be wiping up dots of dye days later. Even though you had a hard time with it, it still looks great though ;)

  9. Woah, it made your hair look amazing! It looks so healthy and shiny! I am trying to stay away from dying my hair at all, but these are great alternatives to perm hair dye. It came out fantastic!

  10. Hi Gaby! Your hair looks really nice in the after picture but it would annoy me also with the running formula...not only would it be a mess on the floors/walls but I would be worried it would run down my face into my eyes :S I haven't used any of the Clairol Natural Instincts hair colour before....and I've only used L'oreal Feria for the most part which is great :)