July 14, 2010

June empties


☑ Pantene Pro-V Brunette Expressions Daily Color Enhancing Shampoo (10 ml)

I can't say I have seen results with the use of this shampoo (it's supposed to help enhance depth for rich, luminous shine), but I have 2 more samples so I will continue using it. I'm loving the Liquid Crystals technology, though; it gives the shampoo an interesting shimmering brown color.

Repurchase? no.

What I'm currently using to replace it: L'Oréal EverPure Moisture Shampoo

☑ Pantene Pro-V Brunette Expressions Daily Color Enhancing Conditioner (10 ml) x2 

I guess it does the job, but I haven't seen anything special. 

Repurchase? no.

What I'm currently using to replace it: L'Oréal EverPure Moisture Conditioner

☑ Biotherm AquaSource Skin Perfection (1 ml)

Well, I can't say much about this product as I had enough for only 2 uses... but it was refreshing.

Repurchase? no.

What I'm currently using to replace it: Cellnique Vital Cellular Repair Emulsion

I'm getting a little better as time goes by, but still, I see and hear my beloved Balou everywhere. It's just an habit, I guess. I miss him so much.


  1. I see you're using your samples ;)

    I hardly use my samples, LOL
    I keep thinking that I can give it as extras in swaps/giveaways or that it's too miniature and cute XD

  2. Hi Gaby :)
    I've tried the Pantene Brunette Expressions a number of times and John Freida also has a similar concept which I have bought full size. I think it's just a marketing ploy since neither of them enhanced my hair colour :\ Maybe my hair is too dark a shade of brown bordering black? But Pantene in general is not bad - I've gone through a number of their hair products before to rotate with my other hair products. And I personally haven't tried any full size biotherm products...it's hard to tell from a sample sometimes. But the latest sample I got for this Aveeno lifting and firming night cream, I really love it and I think I could see a difference after using the sample for three nights in a row. I'll be purchasing the full size version to see :)
    Awww Gaby, I know what you mean about Balou :( When my family dog Brady passed away, I swear I could hear him panting and walking around downstairs in my parent's house when I was staying there right after he passed away. I would walk downstairs at night and stay in the living room or kitchen...I even turned on the lights outside my parent's house for the front porch. I know it sounds crazy to other people but I thought maybe his spirit was there to say hi to me again. This was in November. And now once in a while, my family and I have made references of our fond memories of Brady and it still brings tears to us. But I'll always cherish my memories of him and I know you will too of Balou :)

  3. I had the blonde version of the Pantene hair products...I don't think it made much difference to my hair. Sample sachets are a good way to try new things without buying a whole bottle of something :) x

  4. @~Lisa: Yes, I love samples! And they are easy to use up, so they motivate me as well LOL.

    @LilyLipstick: I also had my mother try the blonde version, and I tried the brunette version, and it didn't do anything -_- But yes, I love samples!

  5. Hi Gaby..i just saw your blog..its nice and you are also very pretty..about the product...i have used the Pantene hair products but it disappointed me...

  6. Your dog was really sweet! Think about it as he is in a better place now (with lots of bones and green areas) :)

  7. @Rakhshanda: Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm glad you like it. The Pantene hair products disappointed me, too. I haven't noticed anything different from other shampoo and conditioner.

    @Helena: Yes, he was. Thanks for your support, Helena.