March 27, 2010

Review: Noxzema The Original Deep Cleansing Cream with Eucalyptus Oil

Price: around 9$ for 50 ml 10.75 OZ (304 g)

The claims:
There's clean, and then there’s way down deep clean. The Noxzema Original Deep Cleansing Cream is specially formulated to break down and remove dirt, oil and makeup – and it conditions while it cleans, so it leaves your skin feeling soft and refreshed – all with that classic Noxzema tingle.
What it does:
  • Dissolves dirt, oil and makeup
  • Refreshes skin with its one-of-a-kind tingle
  • Conditions as it cleans
+ skin feels fresh and clean
+ refreshes skin with tingle
+ big jar of product
+ a little goes a long way

- I didn't feel like it conditioned my skin
- I didn't feel my skin was softer after use
- I feel like it dried my skin after several use

What I think:
I love cleansers that leaves your skin feeling fresh and squeaky clean, and I didn't know a cream cleanser could achieve it! Since this one contains menthol, you can really feel that your skin is refreshed and it will smell great for some times after washing it with this product. Also, I love the tingle. The downside is that I was so overwhelmed with this product that I used it morning and night - which I usually don't do in the winter - and my skin began to feel dry some days ago. Maybe the Plus Moisturizers Deep Cleansing Cream with Eucalyptus Oil + Moisturizers would have been better for winter use...

 I must mention that I was confused with the texture of this product at first. I thought it would be creamy, you know, just like a body cream, but no, it's more like a solid cream. I even thought I had picked an expired jar xD

I hope this helps you understand what I mean about the texture. This is what it looks like after a few uses.

 It looks chunky...

 but it melts into a milky texture when you start massaging it onto wet skin.

I'm not sure if that's the reason why this product landed in a Dollar Store, but the look of the packaging is changing:

Repurchase or recommend? yes



  1. The Plus Moisturizers version is magical. Waaayyy better than the original version!

    When I first bought a jar of this stuff, the texture also freaked me out but that's pretty much the way it's supposed to be, I think.

    Also, in the summer, I put a thin layer of Noxzema on sunburns because the eucalyptus oil soothes my aching skin so well :)

  2. Oh wow! I 'd love to try it!! But too bad it's unavailable here :( booo...

    Yes, those jeans by Zara are jeggings, but the material is very thick and they almost don't strech, so they're more like jeans with elastic in the waist, instead of the zipper. I hope you know what I mean lol

  3. I used to love this! Unfortunately after prolonged use I find that it dried my skin out a good amount too. I haven't tried the Plus Moisturizers one, but I'm very tempted!

  4. I used to have a lot of pimples in high school and i would use noxema a lot.I love how it made me face feels fresh and tingly. On the other hand, it made my face really dry :(

    nice review.

  5. Heard such good things about this..now after reading yr review I'm sold :)


  6. This was my HG cleanser in high school, loved it. I still keep a jar in the fridge for the hot, humid summer days. It is perfect to cleanse your face and cool you down when your skin feels over heated.

  7. Another great review Gaby. Yah maybe it's better to use Noxema once a day to avoid dry skin? I remember when I bought it and it's not like a creamy texture (not like your Avon night cream) - so I don't think you got an expired version at all. I remember that's how the texture is like...I do love the smell though. It's a unique smell :)

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