March 28, 2010

FOTD + OOTD + NOTW + Wal-Mart finds

Friday, I went to school, and at night I met with some friend to have dinner and we ended up going to some place to do karaoke (no, I didn't sing xD). Here are my simple FOTD and OOTD, ans also a NOTW I did on Thursday.

Joe Fresh Style Duo Concealer - Light
CoverGirl CG Smoothers All Day Hydrating Make-Up - 710 Classic Ivory (used as concealer)
CoverGirl Tanfastic Bronzer - Soleil 315
Marcelle Minerals Powder Blush - Natural Glow

Maybelline Great Lash Clear Mascara (used as eyebrow gel)
Marcelle Dome Eye Shadow - Tourmaline
Maybelline Expert Wear Eyeshadow Single - Vanilla (used as highligther)
Maybelline Lash Stiletto Mascara - Very Black
Maybelline Unstoppable Eyeliner - Onyx

Burt's Bees Beeswax Lipbalm

pink shirt: Stitches
cami: Jean Bleu
skinny jeans: Sirens
necklace: Etsy

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lycra Wear - Black Satin
Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear - Tangerine
Sally Hansen Ultimate Shield Fortifying Base & Top Coat

Sunday is the day my mother and my little brother spend driving around to make my brother practices for his driving exam, so to make the most out of this, they stop at shops where my mother needs something. I like to go with them sometimes, as my mother and I like to browse through Dollarama, drugstores like Jean Coutu, Shoppers Drug Mart, Uniprix, Brunet and sometimes, Wal-Mart and Giant Tiger. Today I finally found some cute flats (I've been wanting new ones since the end of last summer!) at Wal-Mart and I also needed anti-slip pads for one of my pairs of high heels.

I love the design! And they were only $15.

The anti-slip pads are made of gel. They costed $5.98. I needed them for those shoes:

I love them, but the heels is so high, my feet always slip to the front, and it makes my toes hurt! I hope those pads will solve the problem.


  1. That eyeliner makes your hair and eyes pop! And I love those flats <3

  2. Ooh interesting, please keep us updated on those shoe pads. I have the same problem with my peep-toe pumps!

  3. Yes yes yes, what everyone before me said! Give us updates about those anti-slip pad things. I never knew those existed! It's like the skies have opened up. Love the eyeliner on you as well.

  4. Hey Gaby!!

    Yeah the Sally Hansen nail polish is called Strobe Lights. I love it, you should totally buy it. :)

    I love your makeup!!!! You look so pretty hehe. & your flats + heels ahhhhh I love shoes too much lol. Love your fashion style. ^_^

  5. Love this look :)


  6. i found some cute moccasins/flats at walmart too this weekend! i will post about them soontime :P

  7. Love your nails!!
    And the flats are cute :D

  8. prettiful!!!

    i loveeee your flats and your heels!!! that reminds me, i need to get some of those anti slip pads. i can't wear heels without a strap i always end up walking out of them lol! does the pads feel awkward ??

  9. Sont full bo tes talons hauts!!
    Pis pour les shoes pad, une fois jai été acheter des talon hauts au Labaie, pis la madame ma donnée des shoe pad comme ca aussi, elle a dit ke c mieux pour pas glisser dans les souliers!

  10. @Carrsky: Thank you!

    @Fern: Thank you!

    @Chels: Thank you! I'm so glad I finally found some flats, just in time for spring!

    @D's Beauty Corner: As this is my first experience with anti-slip pads, I will be happy to keep you updated on how they work in an upcoming post (=

    @Posey: I knew they existed, but I've never tried some! I'll keep you updated in an upcoming post (=

    @Pixy Ela: I have the nail polish in Rockstar Pink and I love it, so I'm thinking about getting Stroblight as well. Thank you!

    @Ire A: Thank you!

    @Jenny: Wal-Mart always carry nice shoes at such great prices! I'm never disappointed (=

    @Fifi: Thank you!

  11. that is a very nice flat !!! and the nails are really pretty too!

    too sad we don not have Wal Mart here!

  12. I am a big fan of shoes and especially the abllerinas attarct me like crazy. :D YOu look very pretty. :)

  13. Oooo I'm just like you Gaby - I love Sirens especially their skinny jeans. They actually fit so well at like $15-$20 a pair!
    I don't understand the Asian Karaoke hype. I've been a few times and actually did a shitty duet with a friend LOL. Yah pretty bad! But I don't go often for Karaokes at all - I hope you had a fun time and some good singers at least.
    Great job with the polka dots - esp since you used a regular nail polish brush and not a pen kind of polish.
    I hope those comfort pads for your shoes work too! It sucks when pretty shoes hurt :|

  14. So pretty! I love both pairs of shoes too! :-)

  15. @Jessying: Thank you! I always complain that it's sad we don't have Rite Aid, Walgreens or CVS here in Quebec, but not having Wal-Mart must sucks 0=

    @Rati: Thank you! I'm a big fan of ballerinas too ^^

    @LipGlossGossip: Thank you!

  16. i'm really liking that black nail polish:D

    Will now follow your blog. Follow mine too? :)


  17. You look gorgeous from head to toe!

  18. You look beautiful!! I love both of those shoes!!

  19. @Carrie: Thanks for following =D

    @The Makeup Snob: Thank you!

    @emily☆: Thank you!