January 25, 2011

100 Things: Part I

One of my goals for 2011 is to dress a list of 100 things that make me happy. I have seen these posts on quite some blogs (like Sofia's Journal) and I find it very inspiring. I will be posting ten things every month until I reach 100 things.

o1. beauty products

o2. blogs

o3. perfume

o4. tea

o5. books

o6. long baths

o7. dessert

o8. scented candles

o9. dogs

RIP Balou, I miss you so much ♥

1o. magazines

Pictures are from weheartit, except Balou.


  1. Awww, the picture of Balou and your comment is so bitter sweet Gaby
    I love all the things in this post too. Tea is great - I love green tea (loose leaf) and peppermint tea the most! What is your favourite tea(s)?
    Reading is good...but haven't had much time to get started into a good novel lately with all the other readings I have going on :S
    Long baths are nice! Ah, I've been taking time out for a long bath more often than ever before I think...I'm mostly a shower girl usually - just in and out!

  2. Ooh i love these posts, i always enjoyed writing them and reading them! Great choices! x

  3. Love it, Im going to start a list now too :)

  4. Super cute pictures there especially Balou! :) x

  5. I love all of these photos! I love tea too :) x


  6. I love all of these photos! I love tea too :) x


  7. I love all of these photos! I love tea too :) x


  8. I love this post! everything you mentioned i like ;-)

  9. I love all of these things!

    Kisses, Melanie

  10. cute! ^^

    jai pense de faire ce genre de post

  11. Love reading these...Balou was a beauty :)

  12. stunning images :)
    Balou looks adorable x

  13. This is a great idea for a post! Love the pics :D

  14. Wow! C'est tellement chouette comme article! C'est super beau les photos en plus! :) Et c'est une super résolution, ça nous montre que le bonheur se trouve dans les petites choses.

  15. Lovely photos, and a very similar list to what would be in my top 10! :) xx

  16. Love this post! :) xx

  17. Love these posts.. And the picture of Balou, so sweet..

  18. What a sweet idea - may do something similar! Nice choices. x

  19. check out my blogg??
    Big fan of yours lol :)
    Keep smiling :)
    izzy xx

  20. @Karen: Awww I know, but I had to include him. He will stay in my heart forever ),=

    I'm getting more and more addicted to tea! I'm not sure if I prefer tea or coffee... sometimes I crave coffee, but after, I want tea LOL! I don't really have a favorite tea, but I won't ever purchase Lipton tea for sure as they test on animals. I'm currently enjoying orange pekoe tea from a random brand.

    I love baths, but with the cold weather, electricity is getting more expensive, so I'm not allowed to take baths LOL. But it's OK because I enjoy my LUSH soaps when I take a shower (=

    @Christina Marie: I'm glad you like it!

    @superslickgloss: Aww thanks! I miss him so much )=

    @Alex: I can't wait to see it!

    @Harrriiiet : Aww thanks! He was a beauty )=

    @Susanne @Beauty Addict @@Poppy xx @Keirasluckycharm : I'm glad you like this post!

    @Beauty meets Kawaii : Yey!!

    @petitechouxx: Tu devrais, c'est le fun et c'est joli (=

    @Tracy D: I'm glad you like it!

    @♥ Sammi ♥ : Thanks for letting me know! I made the mistake to change my URL once too, when I was new at blogging... nerver again!!

    @..R May A.. : Aww thanks! He was the cutest )=

    @DinaXYYan : Thanks! I'm glad you like it!

    @Alex-Fashion-Beauty: Je suis contente que tu aimes! C'est pas très original parce que pas mal de monde s'y est mis mais bon, ça me tentait quand même ahah!

    @Ellie @Sriya @Jennifer Leigh @Emma : I'm glad you like this post (=

    @Thedreamsofanizzyinabigwildworld:) : Thanks! I'm glad you like my blog! =D


  21. I love following along with poeples 100 things. They are so inspiring. desserts and long baths are deffiently two of my favorites, even better when combined.

  22. @Life of a girl called hawaiianpunchelsea : The same for me! It's always interesting and inspiring (=