April 10, 2014

March In Pictures

decadent chocolate fondue / Peach ready to travel  / pesto & cheese pastas / my first ever game of Risk! / mac & cheese and salad with friends / detox lemon water / toasts with raspberry jam, oranges & apples / my current favorite sweater / french toasts with bananas

biggest breakfast plate I was ever served! / gaming fun with my brother / scrumptious vegetarian homemade sushis! / party with friends / vegetarian Santa Fe wrap @ McDonald's / beginning my TSW journey / poutine from Benny&Co / chilling while my friends are ice fishing / peanut butter & bananas on bagels, clementine, cereals and tea / 

toasts with peanut butter & bananas, muffin and tea / selfie! / homemade poutine @ my brother's / taking a walk in the woods / Peach enjoying her walk in the snow! / perks from Converse / February empties / Nintendo 64 with friends / open face avocado, tomato & brie sandwich


  1. Ca l'air bon tes pates au pesto!

  2. Je regrette vraiment de ne pas avoir essaye la poutine quand je suis allée au Québec!