April 01, 2014

Guest Post | How to Store Your Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes are the first step toward any good makeup collection. The caliber of your brushes determines how well your makeup goes on and how your makeup looks. An effective set of brushes will also makeup applying makeup easier, so it’s no wonder that many women will spend lots of money on acquiring just the right group of makeup brushes.

With all the trouble that people go to in finding the right brushes, it’s important they are properly stored. Proper storage of your makeup brushes will ensure that they last the maximum period of time possible.

Good storage technique begins with ensuring that your brushes are clean. It’s important to clean your makeup brushes periodically, either with a store-bought brush shampoo or baby shampoo, to rid them of bacteria buildup. After washing your makeup brushes, spread them out to dry on a towel and allow to air dry.

After you have clean, dry makeup brushes you can put them away. There are lots of ways to store makeup brushes. From a makeup brush holder that’s similar to a toothbrush holder and stands around roll and tie cases, the choices really have huge variations. However, most beauty professionals do not suggest storing your brushes standing upright. Storing your brushes standing up runs the chance of any leftover makeup caking on them and can bend the bristles.

A roll and tie case which contains individual compartments for each of the brushes is an ideal solution. The case provides ample space so that your brushes don’t touch, which is extremely important. But it’s also compact and portable since it rolls up and can easily fit in a big purse or overnight bag. Another good option is a train case. Many train cases have small elastics internally walls that are perfect for holding brushes. You can find some train cases at thesalonoutlet.com.

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