December 18, 2013

Project Burgundy Hair | Echosline Seliàr Synergy Color in Chestnut Violet

Hi ladies! It was about time I update you all with my Project Burgundy Hair! I had not dyed my hair myself in a while since I had some Groupon to use before their expiration date, but now I am back with a product I have never used before - Seliàr Synergy Color.

Seliàr Synergy Color by Echosline is the first permanent, professional and ammonia- and pPd-free hair colour offered in drugstores. Formulated with keratin, Argan oil, linseed oil and silk proteins, Synergy Color gently dyes your hair while providing perfect coverage of grey. It also claims to not fade over time, which I am very sceptical about, especially since I chose the shade Chestnut Violet...

L - R: before and after

When I started pouring the dye in a bowl to mix it with Seliàr Synergy Cream Activator (I chose 30 vol.), I was surprised at how creamy it was! I did not particularly enjoyed the scent (although it is advertised to be "pleasant") but the drip-free formula was super easy and quick to apply on my hair, with no mess at all! I could not wait to see how the color would develop on my hair since it turned an amazing deep purple when I mixed it with the cream activator.

the results

After rinsing the color and applying conditioner, I was left with very soft, shiny and dark hair - the purple is noticeable only with a flash or in direct lighting, but I guess it will peek through a bit more after a few washes. Maybe next time I should use 40 vol.?

Echosline Seliàr Synergy Color is available for $16.48 in 24 rich shades exclusively at Uniprix.

Disclaimer: One or more products were sent to me for consideration to review. I am not affiliated with this company and the fact that the products were free absolutely does not influence my opinion.


  1. Hi Gaby. I've missed your blog - as well as your hair posts. Lovely color, first of all. Also, cool review. Hope to visit more often, as soon as we are settled. See you soon.

  2. This colour is stunning on you, love how subtle and shiny it is.