December 30, 2013

OOTD | I can't escape this now unless you show me how

Hi ladies! I recently attended a birthday party and I was not sure how everybody would be dressed so I figured out it would be better to wear something classy than to be underdressed. I opted for a cute, simple yet classy black dress I recently ordered from ROMWE.

Lace Panel Sheer Black Dress - ROMWE | cardigan - Suzy Shier

Made of polyester, this dress is super comfy! It is beautifully fitting and super flattering, and the lace panel and see through back are simply stunning. For some reason, I always like to pair dresses with cardigan - OK, I am always cold, but don't you agree it amps up the sexiness factor?

I totally forgot to take a picture of my outfit with FRAAS Holiday Metallic Scarf, which I chose to bring with me in case I got cold, because I always end up being cold anyway! I had the chance to receive this scarf in the Metallic Zebra style and I have worn it countless times to accessorize a simple tee or to keep me warm with a dress. Its pretty use of metallic yarns (mixed with acrylic and viscose) combines with the always popular animal print, to create a 12x80 inch accessory that works beautifully as both a wrap and scarf for day, evening and holiday events. Three color ways are featured including a black combo, as well as gold and silver. Great for dress up, special occasions' or just for fun, it retails for $35.

As for my hair, I recently had the chance to try Echosline Seliàr Synergy Color in Chestnut Violet. After rinsing the color and applying conditioner, I was left with very soft, shiny and dark hair - the purple is noticeable only with a flash or in direct lighting, but I guess it will peek through a bit more after a few washes. Maybe next time I should use 40 vol.?


Lyrics are from Demons, by Imagine Dragons


  1. I do like the new hair color. Very sexy. And of course, you've always had shiny hair.

    Yes, the dress is very fitted. Looks great on you.

    Happy New Year to you!

  2. Love the floral lace on this!! It looks great on you, can never go wrong with a little black dress ;)

  3. Absolutely stunning dress! Love the whole outfit! Happy New Year Gaby! :)

  4. Happy New Year!!! Love the outfit. Beautiful!

  5. dresses and cardigans is my daily uniform! You look great!