October 08, 2013

LUSH Let The Good Times Roll - Back By Popular Demand!

Hi ladies! If you did not already know, I am happy to announce that this best-seller was a holiday product that’s now a permanent part of LUSH's cleansers range – thanks to its legions of fans! A luxuriously soft and sweetly-scented cleanser (think caramel popcorn, or even, cookie dough - yum!), Let The Good Times Roll is made with maize flour and corn meal to gently exfoliate, and a dash of cinnamon powder to cleanse and warm cold winter skin. Its rich, velvety texture leaves your skin perfectly balanced and glowing. No wonder this cleanser is so popular!

I remember trying a LUSH cleanser a loooooong time ago but I could not remember the proper way to use them - but it is really simple! Simply dampen your face with warm water, then place a pea-sized chunk in the palm of your hand and add water to create a paste (it is surprisingly easy to get the right consistency). Apply to your face using small, circular motions, rinse thoroughly and pat dry. 

Since I have dry and eczema-prone skin, I was happy to learn that, despite providing deep exfoliation, Let the Good Times Roll is gentle enough for everyone to use - my skin was not left tight or drier, instead, I could feel it being super soft and refreshed!

Let the Good Times Roll is available for $12.95 (100g) and $28.95 (250g) and it will remain fresh for up to three months.

Disclaimer: One or more products were sent to me for consideration to review. I am not affiliated with this company and the fact that the products were free absolutely does not influence my opinion.


  1. This cleanser sounds amazing! I can't believe I haven't tried it yet!

  2. That cleanser is so good! I really do like it and am so glad it's permanent.

  3. This stuff sounds amazing! I want to try this for myself! The smell sounds like it would be amazing!

  4. This sound amazing!!Need to try some products from Lush.., and this one just entered my list dear!! ;)

  5. It sounds like it's to die for! *runs off to order some*

  6. I got this last year and it is amaze but mine had a few bits of popcorn in it that were surplus to requirements. I'm so annoyed that Lush isn't doing Glogg again this year - that's two years in a row now! Meh