August 28, 2013

OOTD | Still I’d trade all my tomorrows for just one yesterday

Hi ladies! My brother and my sister in law recently hosted a sushi dinner at their place with both of our families, and it was tons of fun! It is alwasy great to gather together for some quality time - isn't it such a rare thing nowaday? I was really happy to see everyone since I knew I was not in Montreal for long - I left for Lyon on August 12, and I am currently in Rome! I think I'm "addicted" to travelling - new places, new experiences, new people... how could I get ever get enough? 

It was nice to take some time to pamper myself for once, since this has not really happened since I got back in Montreal, two weeks ago - things have been so hectic for me! I always enjoy picking my outfit for a special occasion, and it was nice to finally put some makeup on, which I did not do in so long it seems!

dress - ROMWE | cardigan - Giant Tiger

This dress is one of my all-time favorite - despite being super sexy and a bit short, it is super comfy! I totally fell for the zipper in the front. I knew it would get colder at night so I decided to pair the dress with that grey cardigan, and I absolutely loved the results!

Please excuse the state of my hair - I dyed it dark brown two months ago before leaving for Ireland to not have to deal with the ugly copper/orange shade that would result from the fading of the burgundy hair dye, but I have not touched it since. Surprisingly, my roots are not so bad - they actually blend well with the dye - and I actually like how the dark brown faded in the sun of Spain. I also realized that longer and whispier bangs suit me better, so now I am afraid of cutting them! I am also in urgent need of an haircut (which won't happen until I get back from Europe probably) so I got into the habit of wearing my hair in a messy bun, and I quite like it!

Lyrics are from Just One Yesterday, by Fall Out Boy


  1. You look gorgeous and I love the color of your hair!

  2. actually the hair color on you is flattering if that makes sense

  3. The print on the dress is lovely & the hair color really suits you :) xx

  4. Très jalouse de ton bronzage! Et de tes cheveux!

  5. Gaby, those bangs really do suit you. You're gorgeous, though, so maybe you can pull off any hairstyle, no? ;)

  6. @Miranda: Aw thank you so much!

    @katie m: Thanks Katie! Yes it does make sense, I guess it's because it's getting closer to my narual hair color.

    @Gauri: Thank you, I think this is my favorite dress!

    @ Gaelle@LipstickErgoSum: Ahhh ça c'est un bronzage d'Espagne, que veux-tu! Ahhh la plage de Barcelone... nostalgie!

    @Sarah S.: Awww thank you Sarah!

    @elodiebourque: Merci beaucoup Elodie!

  7. Love that dress on you and the hairstyle XOXO

  8. Wow!!! You look so sexy and def gorgeous! Love the dress and the idea of putting on the cardigan. Great choice! Love it!

  9. I love the messy hair up style simply goes perfectly with the sexy outfit.

  10. Tu es magnifique!

    J'aime bien le combo de ta robe qui fait très colorée et été, avec ton cardigan plus neutre, plus long qui rappelle carrément la saison plus froide!

  11. What dye did you use? It is such a flattering color on you!