August 14, 2013

June/July In Pictures

delicious pastas @ La Posada de Huertas Youth Hostel in Madrid / me in Dublin / beautiful cliff in Étretat / horseback riding with new friends @ Cany-Barville / the only day I was in Lisbon ): / tapas & drinks @ Café Oz Montpellier / scrumptious 3 cheeses jebne @ Arousse / enjoying some Kilkenny in Ireland / amazing view in Dublin

magic fountain in Barcelona / Starbucks break @ the airport / my brother's motocross / wine & cheese in Ireland / I found some rupees in Cork! / enjoying the beautiful beach @ Collioure / Steph & I on the ferry toward Le Havre / Whisky enjoying some fresh air @ Oka / tasting some Strongbow cider in Ireland for the first time... still unsure about it!

camping in Fécamp / awesome surprise from Hawaiian Tropic - thank you so much! / wine tasting on the ferry toward Liverpool / pub crawling with new friends in Madrid / Peach ♥ / Dublin / spanish potato tortilla in Bilbao / windmills in Fécamp / Bilbao BBK Live ticket - I got to see Green Day for the first time!

hiking trail toward Saint-Valery-En-Caux / Bassano Hard Soda - thanks mom! / enjoying some sunshine in France / healthy breakfast / beautiful Madrid / yummy Smithwick's in Dublin / with gorgeous Nestor! / tasting French coffee in Le Havre / a lake @ Oka

Montpellier / Backpackers Citi Hostel in Dublin / delicious Guinness / super cute Hawaiian Tropic samples / relaxing at the lake / wine & cheese in Ireland (again!) / VIP food on the ferry toward Liverpool / Mike, Melanie & I in Madrid / amazingly blue water @ Fécamp

Le Havre / tasting some Murphy's - yum! / hiking trail toward Fécamp / scrumptious potato veggie burgers / having fun with new friends in Barcelona / Peach enjoying some fresh water at the lake / amazing view at Fécamp / McDonald's craving in Dublin / the view from the plane's window

enjoying the sun in Normandy with new friends / easy & quick iced coffee latte (instant coffee, milk & ice) / camping in Étretat/ bus ride toward Belfast / cute swans / yummy Kilkenny / cutie pie Peach / Steph & I in Cork / stunning water @ Collioure

Amazing friends I met in Barcelona - I will treasure these precious memories and crazy moments forever!


  1. Waah! Chanceuse, tu es allée en Irlande! :) J'ai déjà visité Barcelone et Montpellier. Tu me rends nostalgique avec tes photos hihi on fait tellement de belles rencontres en voyage!

  2. belles photos