May 09, 2013

Truth or Dare? Schick Dares Canadians In A National Twitter Contest!

Hi ladies! Most of us can recall the laughs (and embarrassing moments!) shared with friends while playing Truth or Dare. Schick Quattro for Women will be daring Canadians all month-long in a virtual Truth or Dare Twitter contest running April 29 – May 29. The prizes alone will make telling the truth or doing a dare all worthwhile!

Over the course of the contest, @SchickQ4W will pose daily Truths and weekly Dares for participants to answer. Each daily response is an entry to win a variety of fantastic prizes - including Visa gift cards! Just for fun, here is this week's dare: "Wear a crazy accessory (like a tiara) out in public and tweet us a photo!"

This contest is sure to be a blast! To join the fun, visit the Schick Quattro for Women Twitter page and participate in the Truths and Dares!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post


  1. Haha, j'aime bien le principe! Je pense que je vais essayer de participer! :)

  2. Thx for the heads up.