May 10, 2013

Project No 'Poo | Hair Care Routine

Hi ladies! It has been around three months now since I started the no 'poo regimen, and I am happy to report that the worst is now behind me - I am not scared anymore to wake up to a greasy mess on my head and I almost don't freak out if I don't have any baking soda on hand. The transition period lasted a bit longer than expected for me (around three months), but it's nothing I could not overcome if I made sure to take proper precautions, and in this post, I want to share with you the products I have been relying on since the start of this journey.

In my first month update post, I mentionned that my preferred way of applying the baking soda and water mixture was my Roots Only Hair Color Applicator Comb, since the comb allow the right amount of mixture to be applied directly to the scalp and roots trough hollow teeth, not touching the rest of the hair. Since it is guaranteed not to leak, it is virtually 100% mess-free!

I have had Raw Gaia Shikakai Hair Wash in my stash for some times now but to be honest, I tried it only once (more than a year ago, probably) and I thought it was just too messy so I totally forgot about it, until last month! Shikakai means "fruit for hair" and is a 100% natural shampoo powder. It is an excellent cleanser, naturally removing the dirt and excess oil accumulated on the scalp, but it does not strip the hair of its natural oils. Moreover, it detangles the hair and works wonders as a natural conditioner. Shikakai also provides new life to hair strands, strengthens hair roots, increases bounciness and silkiness of hair, promotes hair growth and slightly darken hair.

Now that I am used to non-traditional ways of washing my hair, I thought it was time to give this product another try, and I can only be mad at myself for not using it regularly sooner! Of course it is a bit messy, just like washing with baking soda, but once you get used to it, it is really simple and easy to use. You simply create a thick paste by mixing a small amount of Shikakai powder with water, gently massage it into the scalp and hair using your fingertips, wait 2 to 5 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with water. Each time I use this product, my hair is left super soft and full of volume - what more can I ask for?

Another product I am sorry I did not use regularly sooner is Marc Anthony Salon Expert Sea Kelp Extreme Rescue Mud, which is a weekly deep repair for extra dry, damaged hair. It is formulated with sea kelp to correct, hydrate and strengthen, while the power of antioxidants, protein and silk amino acids promote healthy, rich color. Advanced Color Care Technology prevents hair from dulling.

Now this is not your typical hair mask - since it is made with mud, it feels very runny and it has a rather interesting grey-brown color. It is designed to be used on damp scalp and hair after shampooing and conditioning, one to three times a week. It feels really good to massage into the scalp and I like to leave it on for as long as I can, usually when I take a bath. I swear my hair has never felt this soft or looked this glossy after using this treatment!

After washing my hair with baking soda or with water, of course, I never skip conditioner, but since they are always on rotation in my shower, I chose not to feature a specific one in this post, and to write about two of my favorite leave-in conditioners instead. I have had Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Leave-In Conditioning Cream* in my stash for such a long time (before going cruelty-free!) and in an attempt to use it, I try to use it after each wash on the ends of my hair.

I like to spray Marc Anthony Salon Expert Keratin Miracle Frizz-Smoother Leave-in evenly on my damp hair to ensure easy detangling and super smooth hair - it never fails to leave it incredibly soft, hydrated and manageable. I have been using it every time I wash my hair since I got it, and I can really certify that it is a miracle product! This is really my favorite product of the Salon Expert range.

I try to apply oil on the ends of my hair every night before bed and my current favorite is Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco Argan Oil Treatment, which is a daily, lightweight oil for strong, glossy, frizz-free hair. I only need one small drop for my shoulder-length hair, but even though I sometimes use too much product, it never leaves greasy residue! The day after, I wake up to extremely soft, smooth, shiny and tangle-free hair - the first times I used this product, I could barely believe how well it worked!

I hope you enjoyed this post and stay tuned for my next no 'poo update in a month!

*Please note that this product is NOT cruelty-free


  1. thanks for your update, I have been looking into no poo method just a few weeks ago too and tried it a few times but gave us. I used the baking soda as shampoo and also did the apple cider vinegar as what they recommended as conditioner...your bottle applicator thing seems really cool, I did not find good enough of bottles for them and i guess that made application really hard and a mess, part of the reason I gave up :( the hair powder you used seems really interesting, I want volumes too!! need to look into that product!

  2. Love your hair! I need a new hair routine. My hairstylist is getting irritated with my split ends. HAHA. I need to start taking care of my colored hair. Great post!

  3. Wow! Tas vraiment reussi a faire marcher la technique pour toi! Belle persévérance Gaby!

  4. Your hair looks great, I don't know if I could get my head round doing this myself! xx

  5. This is a really great post, and super helpful, too! I wish I could deal with my greasy hair other way than just washing it. :( x

  6. crazy you are this far along now! I still give you credit for this because I am too scared to try lol
    ok ok wait maybe I want to try the baking soda part if it gives you volume!!!
    Do you find your hair feeling healthier or the color lasting longer? Sorry if I am mis reading but I swear you didnt say that in this post, my eyes are gonna bleed they are so tired lol.
    this will come in handy for your upcoming journeys =)

  7. @Lulu : I totally understand, but most people give up because they do not try long enough - I am not even 100% sure if I am done with the transition period and it has been more than 3 months! I can't give up now though because I would have gone through all of this for nothing.

    Finding good bottle for your 'shampoo' and 'conditioner' is primordial since it can be a bit awkward to properly pour baking soda on your scalp at first, but I guarantee you get used to it!

    @Jasmin: I only very recently started adding apple cider vinegar to my routine as a conditioner, but I have been told it is wonderful for dry hair!

    @Stephanie B: Je ne peux pas dire que je suis complètement satisfaite encore, mais je ne lâche pas! Merci Steph!

    @Sian: The hardest part is always to start!

    @Summer: I can totally relate, I have always had super oily hair since I can remember, and I only worsen it by washing it everyday since I was what, 14? Going no 'poo definitely helped with the oiliness, and now I can skip 3 to 4 days of washing!

    @*MoNtseR GiRl*: Yes my hair does feel halthier and more 'natural', it also seems to have more volume naturally! I rarely use my flat iron anymore. As for the color, I do think it lasts longer (it starts to fade by the second week after I got it dyed, but I have the worst hair color to begin with - red just doesn't stay in your hair!), but I'm not sure if this is due to the baking soda or simply because I wash my ahir less frequently.

  8. Your hair looks great! I'm glad it's working well for you!