April 05, 2013

Project Pan Them All | March Empties

Hi ladies! I am so proud to be doing so well on my Project Pan Them All! It just feels so liberating to use up so many products in such a short time. I even used up a makeup product this month, which never happens, but I am not happy about it at all! I don't even understand how this happened but when I went to use my favorite bronzer, 100% Pure Cocoa Pigmented Bronzer in Brown Sugar, it was totally broken in pieces! I absolutely don't remember taking it somewhere with me or dropping it on the floor, so this will remain a mystery... the worst part is that I thought I could fix it with alcohol, but I only had a solution of 50% on hand, and I guess this was not enough because when I went to use it the day after, I thought it was fixed but no, it crumbled into a powdery mess, so I figured out I would just throw it away. I have been wanting to try Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer for a while anyway, which seems similar...

I received KQC Thermal Shine from Flat Iron Experts when I was sent very kindly sent a Babyliss Pro Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron for consideration to review. This protective spray smells a bit like men's cologne to me - which is very pleasant - and it really leaves my hair shiny, non greasy and lightweight, and it ensures that my flat iron glides on very smoothly.

I am usually disappointed to receive drugstore products in a subscription box, but I must say I was happy when I saw Curel Foot Therapy Soothing Cream in my May 2012 GLOSSYBOX because I really needed a new foot cream. This one has a nice thick consistency, it's absorbed quickly in the skin and it smells amazing - a bit sweet but not overpowering. It leaves my feet extremely soft and smooth after only a few use!

It seems I have had L'Oréal Professionnel Intense Repair Cuti Liss System Intense Nutrition Masque for dry hair* since forever, even though I used it every time I washed my hair instead of normal conditioner, and I finally managed to use it up! This masque has a really nice thick texture and my hair really feels nourished and properly mositurized after use, but I won't repurchase since L'Oréal tests on animals, so I will have to try and find a proper cruelty-free alternative... please let me know if you have any suggestions!

I can't say I was amazed by Eucerin Professional Repair Extremely Dry Skin Lotion since it just did not seem to really moisturize my skin - I constantly felt the urge to re-apply after a few hours! I am glad I used it so fast though!

I am not really sure what is the difference between the Body Butter and the Butter Lite from SPAresource, but I know I really enjoyed SPAresource Butter-Lite Sunrise Energy! This smells like nothing I have smelled before - floral with a hint of cucumber, I guess? Despite being lightly whipped, it has a nice thicker texture that is quickly absorbed into the skin, leaving it super soft, smooth and properly moisturized all day. No wonder this is such a nice and inexpensive alternative to The Body Shop body butters with ingredients such as aloe vera, shea butter and cocoa butter!

Earthen InstantPeel is a product that will probably never cease to amaze me - it's really super easy to use and I still think it's truly awesome to be able to actually see the peels of dead skin, it's like a proof that the product is working. I have never used something like this before! This product is great for dry and sensitive skin as it didn't leave my face irritated or even drier - I could feel my skin being softer and smoother. The only things I dislike about this product is the price - at $10 an application, it can be getting quite pricey - and the messy packaging.

The eczema on my hands was going really well until I experienced a huge flare-up for unknown reasons, just when I ran out of my thrusty Ratio-Clobetasol Propionate Ointment 0.05% w/w! This is basically topical corticosteroid, the strongest steroid I have been prescribed to use on my eczema, and the only thing that really works. 

Despite it's scrumptious coconut scent, I was a bit disapppointed by Bomb La Bon Bon Coco Choco Brown Sugar Scrub since it is the type of scrubs that makes a terrible slippery mess in the shower - because it is so oily, it falls everywhere before I have the time to properly rube it on my body, and I have to wash the shower after each use to ensure no one will fall and get hurt!

However, I was really impressed by Bomb La Bon Bon Cookies N Cream Bath Bomb - it really smells like Oreo cookies, and I can really feel the sweet almond oil in the bath and on my body - it leaves my skin sooooo amazingly soft, like nothing I have ever used! I swear I could even skip moisturizer after a bath with this product. It does leave the bath very slippery though, but this is minor since it works so well!

Just like every LUSH product I have, I took way too long to use Abombinaball Bath Bomb before it looses its smells, but oh well, it was still amazing! I used only one half and it was really long lasting once dropped in the water - it would not stop fizzing and foaming! The bomb started by releasing frothy white foam, then it released blue and green colorings, which finally left the water a gorgeous sea color - heavenly! After use, my skin was left smooth and moisturized - such a shame I can't talk about the scent though! Maybe next year?

Göt2b Rockin' It Dry Shampoo is probably my all-time favorite dry shampoo, for many reasons - its extra strong spray - seriously, I was blown away! - makes it easier to target your roots without spraying product all over your hair, it perfectly cleans my hair within minutes and it lasts a while - after 4 days, my hair is still clean!, it really infuses tons of volume and bounce, and I love its fresh and citrusy smell. What more can I ask for?

I still can't belive I found Nivea Visage Natural Beauty Beautifying Eye Care at Dollarama for only $2! I don't think I have really tried something from Nivea before and I don't really know why, maybe because none of their products really appealled to me and because they tend to be a bit on the pricey side for drugstore products. I liked to use this eye cream in the morning since it is a bit pearlescent so it does wake up my eyes a bit.

*Please note that L'Oréal Professionnel Intense Repair Cuti Liss System Intense Nutrition Masque for dry hair is NOT cruelty-free


  1. le truc pour l'eczéma, c'est une prescription?!

  2. J'aime tellement ces articles-là! :D Ceux-là et ton mois en photos c'est mes préférés, hihi! C'est à cause de toi d'ailleurs que j'ai commencée à filmer les produits que je termine. C'est tellement motivant!

  3. J'aime tellement ces articles-là! :D Ceux-là et ton mois en photos c'est mes préférés, hihi! C'est à cause de toi d'ailleurs que j'ai commencée à filmer les produits que je termine. C'est tellement motivant!

  4. mmm une bath bomb qui sent les biscuits oreos :D

  5. Wow, that's a lot of products! The dry shampoo sounds amazing, I'm definitely going to have a search for it in the UK. x

  6. @Kathy: Oui, c'est une prescription!

    @Alex-Fashion-Beauty : Contente que tu les aimes, et que je t'ai inspiré! Je trouve ça tellement motivant (:

    @Fashion Vanity: Oui, c'est vraiment... MIAM!!! Et elle hydrate trop, trop bien en plus!

    @LilyLipstick: I don't know if you have got2b in the UK but if you can find it, definitely give it a try - it's like nothing I have ever used!

  7. I really need to do one of these! I have so many unfinished products and am quite a make-up hoarder haha. xox

  8. WHOA! I am set to do my first empties soon! I finally finished off some stuff, lol. Happy Weekend. XOXO

  9. So many empties, i feel I'm slacking with using my products up, definitely going to have a look out for the dry shampoo though, sounds fab!

  10. Cruel is great stuff! Is your Curel also made in Japan, or made elsewhere? Just curious......

  11. J'aime aussi les beurres SPARessource, j'En avais un au monoi, mmmmmmmmmm!
    Les produits Nivéa, en général je les aime bien, fait en Allemagne, on se trompe pas!

  12. Wow impressive Gaby! That's a shit load of products used up.. too bad about the bronzer =(
    lol I agree the got2b dry shampoo seriously blows your hair off your scalp! But smells too much like pledge for me.
    Keep up the pan them all!

  13. You are an empties machine!
    I like the subtle scent if the Curel foot cream too.

  14. @ Venus Loves Virgo: I can't wait to read your post!

    @Jacq H: Hmmmm I really have no idea hun!

    @ BooBooNinja: Ahahah I an go by that name now if you'd like ahah