April 06, 2013

FASHION Magazine Beauty Panel | How are you incorporating the ’90s look with your hair and makeup?

Hi ladies! You have probably noticed that the 1990s are back in a big way. Minimalist and grunge designs have dominated the catwalk for spring (and fall!) and unsurprisingly this trend has crossed over into beauty as well. 1990s beauty is tricky in that it can easily go from relaxed to messy. The question that was posed to FASHION Magazine Beauty Panel this week was "How do you try the 1990s beauty trend without looking like Courtney Love’s darker days?"

Head over to FASHION Magazine to read my post!


  1. Good job! Gaby, I'm so proud of you. As you know, I'm Seattle, and grunge is our "thing." Grunge may not be a pretty word, but it's an effortless style that translated by fashion and beauty as well. Imperfection is perfection, right? Loved your article.

  2. Love your interpretation Gaby. :]

    Imperfect beauty is definitely tricky, because that effortless look generally requires a bit more work than it first appears. You pulled it off so well!

  3. Loved this article. The 90's look is my favourite - done right it looks effortless!

    Love Zoe x

  4. Wow! Congratulations on being featured on Fashion, that's amazing!

  5. @Beauty Fashion Skin Care Blog - Girlie Blog Seattle: Awww thank you so much nice, I really appreciate your support!

    @Beauty Thesis: Absolutely! It's always a lot of work to not look overdone ahah!

    @Zoe Dubs: I'm so glad you liked my article!

    @Nastia: Thanks so much Nastia!

  6. @Betzy's Makeup : Thanks so much Betzy!