April 25, 2013

Kusmi Tea BB Detox Private Launch

Hi ladies! I know you have heard of BB creams, but what about BB teas? Let me tell you that I was just as surprised as you when I was invited to attend the launch of the first ever BB tea on the market - BB Detox from Kusmi Tea! This event was held yesterday at the very cozy Kusmi Tea boutique on St. Denis in Montreal.

The boutique’s atmosphere is inspired by the one of Paris. Its design creates an ambiance in which shades of red and white, in line with the company logo, come together harmoniously with the modern white and transparent furniture. The decor is the perfect setting for the multi-coloured Kusmi tea boxes as well as the cups and teapots specially created for Kusmi by artist Maurice Filipozzi. The boutique also carries all indispensable tea accessories: teapots, kettles, cups, and of course, several treats.

The focal point of the boutique is the Tea Bar. The menu offers over 30 teas,  from bergamiot and citrus to red fruits and caramel, and from green tea to black tea, that gourmets can enjoy with a variety of treats including macaroons and biscuits. Those who want to indulge themselves and take a break in a friendly environment can enjoy their tea on the spot while the busy enthusiasts can take their tea to go in a colorful Kusmi cup.

Since detox courses, green tea and beauty go together hand in glove, Kusmi Tea has drawn inspiration from its now famous Detox tea by inventing a beauty tea in the shape of BB Detox, the very first BB tea! Following the example of BB creams, this Beauty Beverage caters to all your skin’s daily needs.

The combination of mate and green tea, recognized for its effectiveness in eliminating excess fluid from the body, also improves your skin’s appearance by boosting toxin removal. Say hello to a radiantly healthy complexion! Along with green tea - already well-known for its powerful antioxidant properties - battle is joined by a potent hand-picked team of two plants: dandelion and rooibos, a South African plant with a sweet, fruity flavour. This delicious blend of maté, green tea and rooibos, flavoured with a subtle hint of grapefruit, may be enjoyed hot or iced at any time of day.

My mother and I (:

As we mingled, we were treated to savoury and sweet bites from Olivier Potier, hot and cold BB Detox tea bar (the tea was even served with Perrier, yum!) and makeup touchups from the Marcelle team. Of course, we were also offered a goodie bag including the BB Detox, Marcelle BB Cleanser and BB Cream (definitely a favorite of mine!), Olivier Potier macaron and Loulou magazine March issue.

Kusmi Tea
3875, St. Denis, Montreal


  1. That tea sounds delicious!

    I love the jacket you're wearing.

  2. ah sérieux le terme ''BB'' est tellement rendu galvaudé que s'en est ridicule

    ps.: vous êtes cute toi et ta mère sur la photo :)

  3. Sounds delicious!!! Cute picture of you and your mama =)

  4. Thanks for the intro to something I had never heard of before. That boutique looks great, I love Montreal.