April 29, 2013

KissPat Faux Feather Hair Extensions

I have always been curious about feather hair extensions but of course, there was no way I would be encouraging the massacre of thousand of roosters for the sake of beauty, so after trying some NuMe Faux Feather Extensions and being impressed with the results, I knew I had to get some more! When I was given the opportunity to try some faux feathers from KissPat Feather Store, I did not hesitate a second!

I was very kindly sent a selection of synthetic Grizzly feathers and neon hair extensions along with some micro rings and a hair hook, and after struggling for a few days, I finally managed to get some in my hair - the process is actaully quite simple when you get used to it.

Start by separating a small section of hair a bit higher than your crown but not too high on your head if you don't want the end of the extensions to show. Be careful not to place the extensions too low on your hair though if you don't want to have to trim it for it to fit with the rest of your hair.

The next step would be to pull the small section of hair through the micro ring with the hair hook, then simply position the micro ring at or near the roots of hair (I put it just a bit below the roots as I have found that if I position it at the roots, my hair tugs quite a bit and it hurts) and insert the end of the hair extensions into the micro ring. Carefully - I pinched my fingers a couple of time - pinch the micro ring closed using a crimping tool (or, in my case, small pliers). Do not apply too much pressure because you might break the ring! To remove the extensions, carefully pinch the micro ring the reversed way - you want to open it instead of closing it.

I do miss my long hair sometimes...

I would not recomment sleeping with these extensions in since they tend to poke my head and I would wake up in the morning to a headache, but overall, I am very happy with these faux feather hair extensions.

You can easily get your feathery fix with KissPat's colorful variety of faux-rooster hair extensions available in a vaiety of colors and style.

Disclaimer: One or more products were sent to me for consideration to review. I am not affiliated with this company and the fact that the products were free absolutely does not influence my opinion.


  1. They look amazing in your hair! :) x

  2. They look really cool! Poor roosters xx

  3. Those are so cute!! I love your hair like that, looks so long!!

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