March 25, 2013

LUSH Easter Collection - These Springtime Treats For The Tub Are Bound To Put A Hop In Your Step!

You may have noticed that I very rarely shop at LUSH, but when I do, it is mainly around Christmas time to snag a few 2 for 1 deals on their limited-edition products, but I never really had the opportunity to try their Easter products before - except for the Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb that was so big that I manage to get, what, five baths out of it? - so when two of them landed on my doorstep, I guess you can imagine my excitement! Along with their returning favorites, LUSH have come up with three wonderful new inventions: Heñata Bath Bomb, The Brightside Bubble Bar and Easter Egg Hunt soap. Each has a cheerful, fruity scent to celebrate the joys of more sunlight and warmer weather.

I absolutely adore the concept of reusable bubble bar so of course, the product that was at the very top of my whishlist was Carrot Re-usable Bubble Bar ($7.95)! I did not really know what to except it to smell like but I hoped it would not smell like, well, carrots, but no, it has a nice subtle fruity and lemony smell. To use the Carrot, simply swish it around the bath by its green top, make your bubbles and then pop it on the side for another time -  this beauty is good for 7-10 baths! How great is that? I like how there is also a little bit of nutritious carrot oil in there though, which is rich in vitamins and an extraordinary skin soother and rejuvenator - perfect for my eczema-prone skin!

Isn't Heñata Bath Bomb ($7.95) the cutest thing ever? Quite simply, this bath bomb is like a piñata for the bath - but it’s a hen, so it’s a Heñata (get it? awwww!). I am not even sure if I will be able to smash this cutie against the side of my bath without feeling guilty, but apparently, it is her destiny to lay bath bomb egg just for you, surrounded in soap paper flower petals to scrub up with - how exciting! Perfumed with fresh and citrusy tangerine, bergamot and mandarin oils - yum! - Heñata is a fiesta for your tub.

 Enjoy an egg-ceptional pampering experience this Easter with LUSH!

Disclaimer: One or more products were sent to me for consideration to review. I am not affiliated with this company and the fact that the products were free absolutely does not influence my opinion.


  1. oh wow 7-10 baths! That;s really good.. I never would have guessed that. Now I have a Lush craving =)

  2. Hi Gaby! I love the Lush carrot bubble bath bar - it's sooo cute! And that's nice that it doesn't smell like carrots LOL Like Taygan said, it's good to know that the bubble bath bar is good for 7-10 uses which is not typical with most of LUSH products which are one time use. Great review :)

  3. These are super cute! I love the "Heñata" bath bomb. It sounds like a real treat for a fun batht time experience! :)

  4. I love LUSH products especially the limited edition ones for the holidays!

  5. Heñata! lollll j'aime ça!

    Tout ça me donne le goût d'aller faire un petit tour chez Lush!

  6. I love Lush but they are not near me boohoo :)