March 23, 2013

Guest Post | Keeping Your Hair Extensions Looking Fab

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When maintained properly, hair extensions will remain in good condition for up to four months. Taking good care of extensions involves proper brushing and cleaning. Here is everything you need to know about keeping your hair extensions looking fabulous.

Proper Washing

Keeping hair clean is very important for the longevity of extension. Sweating and pollution can lead to the accumulation of dust that will make the extensions tangled and difficult to brush.

Choose the best shampoos. Cheap shampoos lack nutrients and thus, they will make the extensions look dull. Refrain from using shampoos that contain alcohol among their ingredients.

Be very gentle when applying the shampoo. Refrain from applying shampoo over the sink. For best results, you need to be in the shower and you need to make sure that all of the foam is washed off the extensions. Traces of shampoo will make the hair look dull and they will also do some damage.

For added hydration, you may apply some conditioner to the ends of your hair and extensions. Refrain from washing and conditioning the hair every day. The extensions will get loosened prematurely, if you wash hair too frequently or too aggressively.

Combing and Brushing

When it comes to styling your hair, you will have to be gentle and careful. Though brushing is essential to keep extensions in excellent condition, you should never pull on knots or use too much force.

Always hold your hair at the base, close to your head, when trying to comb or brush it. This way, you will make sure that the extensions stay in place. Work your way downward but remember to be patient. Untangle knots before you try to brush them.

(image: Pinterest)

Drying Your Hair

Refrain from drying your hair and extensions immediately after you get out of the shower. The habit is a bad one because it will cause damage. Instead, let your hair dry naturally. You can use products and styling appliances when your hair becomes semi-dry.

Blow drying and the use of the straightening iron will damage the extensions and you need to be sparing with such procedures. If you need to use the blow dryer, adjust the heat to medium. Start from the roots of the hair and work your way towards the ends.

You will need a straightening iron that has temperature control. Apply a heat protection spray to the extensions before styling them.

Several Additional Tips and Considerations

To look good, luscious and healthy, extensions need a lot of care.

Do you plan to go on a vacation that will involve swimming? Talk to your stylist to learn everything that you need to know about keeping your extensions in excellent condition. Wearing a swim cap is the best option for ladies that have extensions.

You will have to do re-tightening during the lifetime of your extensions, no matter how careful you are. The stylist that put the hair weave in is also going to offer professional extension re-tightening

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